2009-08-01 bdemskycorrect master
2009-08-01 bdemskychange
2006-09-20 bdemskyforgot file
2006-09-08 bdemskysmall change
2006-09-08 bdemskyreturn flag to indicate errors
2006-09-06 bdemskyModify Generators to allow multiple specs
2006-09-06 bdemskysmall changes
2006-09-06 bdemskylet command line define flags optionally
2006-09-06 bdemskybuild with other copy
2006-08-30 bdemskycheck in changes to allow [this.length] into grammar
2006-05-13 bdemskychange
2006-05-12 rootchange
2006-05-12 bdemskychange
2006-05-12 root*** empty log message ***
2006-05-12 rootchange
2006-05-12 rootchange checked in
2006-05-12 rootRemove readme file...
2006-05-12 rootchecked in changes
2006-05-12 rootCheck in logging scripts
2006-01-30 rootinitial checkin
2006-01-30 rootinitial checkin
2005-11-09 bdemskyAdd option to remove conjunctions.
2005-11-09 bdemskyChanges to allow unique names
2005-11-04 bdemskyHack to fix naming issues.
2005-10-19 bdemskyFixed 0 case I think.
2005-10-17 bdemskyreturn reasonable error codes
2005-10-17 bdemskyHacks to allow repairs of fields used to define layouts...
2005-10-14 bdemskyNew option -printrepair added. Prints updates to data...
2005-10-12 bdemsky2 bug fixes to getRequiredConstraints
2005-10-12 bdemsky2 bug fixes to getRequiredConstraints
2005-10-10 bdemskydon't call the typemap with value 0
2005-10-10 bdemskyfix typo.
2005-10-10 bdemskystupid bugs in our realloc function fixed
2005-10-06 bdemskyfix generation of graph files
2005-10-05 bdemskyAdded minimum size analysis.
2005-10-02 bdemskyQuantifier bugs.
2005-10-02 bdemskyQuantifiers use relations!!!
2005-09-30 bdemskySmall changes to allow:
2005-09-30 bdemskyName typedefs
2005-06-02 bdemskyRewrote safetransclosure method so its obvious it is...
2005-06-01 bdemskySmall improvement.
2005-06-01 bdemskyFixed transitive closure computation.
2005-05-31 bdemskyAdded more comments. Fixed some bugs.
2005-02-20 bdemskyMake merging nodes an option.
2005-02-20 bdemskyMake merging nodes an option.
2005-02-04 bdemskyOptions to print prettier graphs...
2005-01-24 bdemskyCommitting pretty printer fix.
2004-12-09 bdemskyupdate readme
2004-12-09 bdemskyadd simple file benchmark for users.
2004-11-10 bdemsky1) Fixed some bugs in the redblack tree implementation...
2004-11-09 bdemskyFixed some bugs...
2004-11-09 bdemskyForgot to do the replacement
2004-11-09 bdemskyAdding Daikon related stuff.
2004-11-09 bdemskyAdded support for dynamically allocated arrays.
2004-11-09 bdemskyUpdates to check in.
2004-11-08 bdemskyImproved termination analysis so that daikon generated...
2004-11-07 bdemskySome embarrassing erros. The DNF conversion for negati...
2004-11-02 bdemskyFix grammar and Sum bug.
2004-11-02 bdemskyGeneralize definition of SumExpr a little...Lets sum...
2004-11-01 bdemskyFixed a memory leak in the runtime...Print neater text.
2004-11-01 bdemskybug..forgot to return value
2004-11-01 bdemskyVarious bug fixes related to the C switch.
2004-10-30 bdemskyAccidentally checked this file in...removing it now.
2004-10-30 bdemskyCompleted support for generating C code.
2004-10-30 bdemsky Checking in changes that:
2004-10-28 bdemskyrevert runtime file.
2004-10-28 bdemskyRevert changes.
2004-10-28 bdemskyAccidentally checked in code.
2004-10-28 bdemskyChecking in C runtime.
2004-10-28 bdemskyNew C Runtime.
2004-10-27 bdemskyGenerate code to compute the sum.
2004-10-27 bdemskyBug fixes for parsing sum expressions.
2004-10-27 bdemskyAdding support for sum expressions.
2004-10-25 bdemskyHad a bug in our implementation. If the list empties...
2004-10-25 bdemskyWant to zero next "next" pointer, not the one we just...
2004-10-24 bdemskyMake recursion a command line option.
2004-10-01 bdemskyHack grammar to add unary minus.
2004-09-30 bdemskyChecking in various changes...
2004-08-17 bdemskyBug in the freeciv spec.
2004-08-16 bdemskyBug with time instrumentation code.
2004-08-16 bdemskyChange to the spec...missed a consistency property...
2004-08-16 bdemskyOops..need a cast here.
2004-08-16 bdemskyoops...freeVars can return null.
2004-08-16 bdemskyRecord that we allocated a new object.
2004-08-16 bdemskyOops...forgot the grammar changes...
2004-08-15 bdemskyMake sure we create a reasonable large array...and...
2004-08-15 bdemskyImprove precision of interference analysis. Allow...
2004-08-15 bdemskyAbiword specification
2004-08-14 bdemskyAdd additional functionality to Simplehash.
2004-08-14 bdemskyUpdate virtual pointers for C++ code...Various fixes...
2004-08-13 bdemskyAdding the -cplusplus option. This option writes virua...
2004-08-12 bdemskyImproved precision of computation of maximum set sizes...
2004-08-10 bdemskyFixed some analysis problems...
2004-08-09 bdemskyRemoving various deprecated pieces of code...Fixed...
2004-08-04 bdemskyMore fixes
2004-08-03 bdemsky...
2004-08-02 bdemskyFixed some errors in the Repair Generator code.
2004-08-02 bdemskyUpdates to allow discovering of partial functions
2004-07-29 bdemskyUpdates to allow repairing backpointers.
2004-07-29 bdemskyUpdating size computation class.`