Hack to fix naming issues.
[repair.git] / Repair / RepairCompiler / structextract / dumpstructures.c
2005-11-04 bdemskyHack to fix naming issues.
2005-10-17 bdemskyreturn reasonable error codes
2005-10-05 bdemskyAdded minimum size analysis.
2005-09-30 bdemskyName typedefs
2004-11-09 bdemskyAdded support for dynamically allocated arrays.
2004-10-24 bdemskyMake recursion a command line option.
2004-07-14 bdemskyChanges:
2004-07-13 bdemskyAllow list of important structs
2004-07-13 bdemskyUpdate to add padding at the end of structs.
2004-07-13 bdemskyfixes to size computation.
2004-07-13 bdemskyFixed arrays some more...
2004-07-13 bdemskyimproved structure layout generation
2004-07-10 bdemskystructure extraction tool...works on binaries with...