Modifying the value DELETED_SEQUENCES_OFF in the script from 0 to 1 as per bug/error...
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2020-08-18 rtrimanaModifying the value DELETED_SEQUENCES_OFF in the script... master
2020-07-22 rtrimanaFixing the value for Arlo Camera's DELETED_SEQUENCES_OF...
2020-02-13 rtrimanaFurther cleaning up.
2020-02-13 rtrimanaUpdating scripts.
2020-02-12 rtrimanaCompleting files.
2020-02-12 rtrimanaAdding notes in the source code and scripts.
2020-01-10 rtrimanaImplementing relaxed matching for layer 2 and layer 3.
2019-12-20 rtrimanaCompleting scripts with new devices.
2019-09-12 rtrimanaAdding hue bulb into signature generation only since...
2019-09-11 rtrimanaAdding hue bulb into the signature generation cycle.
2019-06-04 rtrimanaModifying and adjusting all scripts for release.
2019-06-03 rtrimanaReordering items in scripts; fusing off the router...
2019-04-30 rtrimanaPreparing scripts for UNB/UNSW negative control experiment.
2019-04-29 rtrimanaCompleting the scripts with the latest devices and...
2019-04-23 rtrimanaFixing bug in skipped packet analysis.
2019-04-19 rtrimanaAdding more new devices.
2019-04-18 rtrimanaAdding new devices; Fixing bugs in concatenation.
2019-04-16 rtrimanaDifferent phone IP
2019-04-16 rtrimanaFixing script.
2019-04-16 rtrimanaFixing a bug in sort and compare; adding new devices...
2019-04-09 rtrimanaFixing scripts.
2019-04-09 rtrimanaAdding skipped packets correlation.
2019-03-28 rtrimanaAdding scripts for signature validation.
2019-03-27 rtrimanaMore clean-ups.
2019-03-27 rtrimanaModifying scripts to streamline the process: 1) signatu...
2019-03-25 rtrimanaCreating a proper command line and script for signature...