Preparing scripts for TP-Link plug.
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2020-01-11 rtrimanaPreparing scripts for TP-Link plug.
2019-09-11 rtrimanaChanging ON/OFF skipped packet analyses options into...
2019-06-04 rtrimanaModifying and adjusting all scripts for release.
2019-06-03 rtrimanaReordering items in scripts; fusing off the router...
2019-05-31 rtrimanaAttempting to add router's MAC address as a reference...
2019-05-29 rtrimanaChecking in MadIoT script for router's firewall; bug...
2019-05-01 rtrimanaFixing parameters in layer 2 matching.
2019-04-30 rtrimanaPreparing scripts for UNB/UNSW negative control experiment.
2019-04-29 rtrimanaCompleting the scripts with the latest devices and...
2019-04-10 rtrimanaFixing bug in script.
2019-04-10 rtrimanaUncomment script.
2019-04-10 rtrimanaFixing input argument bug.
2019-04-09 rtrimanaSkipped-packet correlation.
2019-03-27 rtrimanaCleaning up scripts for negative control experiments.
2019-03-15 rtrimanaTrying to remove EPS bounds and do strict matching...
2019-03-15 rtrimanaScript for Layer 2 negative control test.
2019-03-14 rtrimanaCleaning up scripts and making things consistent.
2019-02-05 rtrimanaAdding PacketLevelSignatureExtractor.