2003-10-23 John CriswellAdded new license information in preparation for LLVM...
2003-10-23 Chris Lattnerfix test
2003-10-23 Chris LattnerFix test
2003-10-23 Chris LattnerFix buggy test
2003-10-23 Chris LattnerFix an assertion failure in Bugpoint
2003-10-23 John CriswellDo not report errors if QMTest returns a non-zero value.
2003-10-23 Chris LattnerFix bug: instcombine/2003-10-23-InstcombineNullFail.ll
2003-10-23 Chris LattnerA new testcase for an instcombine miscompilation!
2003-10-23 Brian GaekeFix apparent typo in head-of-file comment.
2003-10-23 Chris LattnerMinor edits
2003-10-23 Chris LattnerMake this pass substantially stronger by having it...
2003-10-23 Chris LattnerTo say this file is obsolete to understate the obvious
2003-10-23 Misha BrukmanReally close the <li> tags.
2003-10-23 Misha BrukmanRemove extraneous comments.
2003-10-23 Misha Brukman* Quote a value in <font> tag.
2003-10-23 Misha Brukman* Use UTF-8 instead of ISO-8859-1
2003-10-22 Misha Brukman* Use UTF-8 instead of soon-to-be-extinct ISO-8859...
2003-10-22 Misha BrukmanWe will distributed this stylesheet with the documentat...
2003-10-22 Chris LattnerThis important patch fixes two warnings in the linker...
2003-10-22 Chris LattnerNew testcase for the deadreturnvalue deletion extension...
2003-10-22 Brian GaekeChange the type of FnAllocState.
2003-10-22 Brian GaekeDon't worry about converting each function's reg. alloc...
2003-10-22 Brian GaekeAdd prototype for verifySavedState().
2003-10-22 Brian GaekeDoxygenify method comments.
2003-10-22 Chris LattnerThis is a disgusting hack that improves code substantia...
2003-10-22 Brian GaekeClarify our testing experience.
2003-10-22 Brian GaekeDo not check for strings.h. This is an old, old, old...
2003-10-22 Brian GaekeI think this file is not included by anything.
2003-10-22 Misha Brukman* Changed URL referring to zion to use llvm instead
2003-10-22 Chris LattnerDo not add unreachable code to a natural loop!
2003-10-22 Chris LattnerMake sure to print labels on nodes without names
2003-10-22 Chris LattnerIf the basic block has no name, make sure to print...
2003-10-22 Chris LattnerImplement the Function::viewCFG* methods, for use in...
2003-10-22 Chris LattnerAdd two new function stubs for viewing the CFG of a...
2003-10-22 Chris LattnerDelete the -print-cfg pass from this file
2003-10-22 John CriswellAdded information on using Bugzilla.
2003-10-22 Misha BrukmanAdd comments to describe what these functions actually do.
2003-10-22 Misha Brukman* Use <cmath> instead of <math.h>
2003-10-22 Misha BrukmanRemoved completely duplicated function comment (an...
2003-10-22 Misha BrukmanNo, really, order the #includes correctly.
2003-10-22 Chris LattnerUpdate the 'used' flag correctly
2003-10-22 Chris LattnerLoop over the module, not the symbol table. This makes...
2003-10-22 Chris LattnerNew library needed
2003-10-22 Chris LattnerImplement FunctionResolve/2003-10-21-GlobalResolveHack.ll
2003-10-22 Chris LattnerNew testcase for fun hack that is absolutely necessary...
2003-10-22 Misha Brukman* Fix order of #includes to follow style guide
2003-10-22 Misha BrukmanConverted tabs to spaces.
2003-10-21 Chris LattnerFix bug: FunctionResolve/2003-10-21-GlobalTypeDifference.ll
2003-10-21 Chris LattnerNew testcase: globals should be linked if they are...
2003-10-21 Chris LattnerFix bug: Linker/2003-10-21-ConflictingTypesTolerance.ll
2003-10-21 Chris LattnerNew testcase. The linker should not consider it an...
2003-10-21 Brian GaekeAdd C/C++ build instructions, first draft.
2003-10-21 Chris LattnerFix message to make more sense and confuse Chris less
2003-10-21 Chris LattnerNew testcase, fixed in the C++ frontend
2003-10-21 John CriswellAdded the name of the public CVS repository.
2003-10-21 Brian GaekeFix off-by-one error in processing of libraries named...
2003-10-21 John CriswellAdding information on what testing support is provided...
2003-10-21 Misha BrukmanAdd dummy content for libgdbm.
2003-10-21 Misha BrukmanFix libm's name to be `libm'
2003-10-21 Misha BrukmanFix library name and fix line to fit within 80 columns.
2003-10-21 Brian GaekeAdd tools-only target, for bootstrapping the C/C++...
2003-10-21 Chris LattnerThis was not a lower-switch bug, it was a preselection bug
2003-10-21 Chris LattnerWhen linking the runtime libraries, do not link -lc...
2003-10-21 Chris LattnerFix strcpy implementation and trie
2003-10-21 Brian GaekeFix the first FIXME in this file: automatically pick...
2003-10-21 Chris LattnerMake sure to add a type for va_next operands, which...
2003-10-21 Chris LattnerFix problem which effected linking apache
2003-10-21 Chris LattnerHrm, unbreak stuph :(
2003-10-21 Chris LattnerFix preselection/lowerswitches bug
2003-10-21 Chris LattnerPull the PHI special case into it's own visit* method
2003-10-21 Chris LattnerThe lastOp operand is never used
2003-10-21 Chris LattnerAdd more space!
2003-10-21 Chris LattnerHrm, for some reason, my fingers like typing va_begin...
2003-10-21 Chris LattnerSyntax highlight the new operators
2003-10-21 Chris LattnerUpdate test to new style
2003-10-21 John CriswellRemoved LLVM copyright from sample Makefile.
2003-10-21 John CriswellRemoved LLVM copyright notice from sample Makefile.
2003-10-21 John CriswellAdded LLVM copyright notice.
2003-10-21 John CriswellAdded LLVM copyright header.
2003-10-21 Chris LattnerPreselection is _not_ a basicblock pass, because it...
2003-10-21 John CriswellAdded LLVM copyright notice.
2003-10-21 Vikram S. AdveWhen opcodes like ADD were split into reg. and immed...
2003-10-21 Vikram S. AdveWhy does g++ not even generate a warning when you miss...
2003-10-21 Vikram S. AdveImplement the new varargs instructions and intrinsics.
2003-10-21 Misha BrukmanOnly fails on the Sparc, only when run via the JIT.
2003-10-20 John CriswellAdded LLVM copyright to Makefiles.
2003-10-20 John CriswellAdded LLVM copyrights to Makefiles.
2003-10-20 John CriswellAdded LLVM copyright notice to Makefiles.
2003-10-20 Chris LattnerAdd a new map
2003-10-20 Chris LattnerConvert this code from using annotations to using a...
2003-10-20 Brian GaekeGoodbye, AddRegNumToValues
2003-10-20 John CriswellRemoved extraneous comment line.
2003-10-20 Chris LattnerRemove using declaration
2003-10-20 Chris LattnerThis #include is no longer necessary
2003-10-20 John CriswellAdded LLVM copyright header.
2003-10-20 John CriswellAdded LLVM copyright header (for lack of a better term).
2003-10-20 John CriswellOops. Typo.
2003-10-20 John CriswellAdded LLVM header notice.
2003-10-20 Misha BrukmanFixed the documentation to coincide with the code.
2003-10-20 John CriswellAdded LLVM notice.