2015-12-15 Teresa JohnsonFix template parameter pack handling in ThreadPool
2015-12-15 Weiming ZhaoBump up MAX_SUBTARGET_FEATURES
2015-12-15 Vaivaswatha... NFC: Fix typo in comment
2015-12-15 Quentin Colombet[ShrinkWrapping] Do not choose restore point inside...
2015-12-15 Dan Gohman[WebAssembly] Use an immediate OperandType for offset...
2015-12-15 Nico WeberTry to let r255604 have an effect.
2015-12-15 Mehdi AminiAdd specific header for MSVC to be able to build with...
2015-12-15 Dan Gohman[WebAssembly] Remove .import printing.
2015-12-15 JF BastienWebAssembly: test global array indexing
2015-12-15 Mehdi AminiInstcombine: destructor loads of structs that do not...
2015-12-15 Reid Kleckner[llvm-readobj] s/FunctionName/LinkageName/ for codeview...
2015-12-15 Cong HouLet operator/ with uint32_t rhs operand be a member...
2015-12-15 Mehdi AminiAdd a C++11 ThreadPool implementation in LLVM
2015-12-15 Mehdi AminiRevert "Add a C++11 ThreadPool implementation in LLVM"
2015-12-15 Mehdi AminiAdd a C++11 ThreadPool implementation in LLVM
2015-12-15 Xinliang David Li[PGO] make profile prefix even shorter and more readable
2015-12-15 Quentin Colombet[X86] Add relaxtion logic for SBB instructions.
2015-12-14 Mike Aizatskysancov: coverage can be reported by multiple functions.
2015-12-14 Rafael EspindolaYet another missing include.
2015-12-14 Rafael EspindolaA better attempt to add a missing include
2015-12-14 Rafael EspindolaTrying to fix the build in a bot.
2015-12-14 Xinliang David Li[PGO] Shorten profile symbol prefixes
2015-12-14 Justin BognerLoopRotate: Convert the methods of LoopRotate to utilit...
2015-12-14 Justin BognerLoopRotate: Reorder some method implementations. NFC
2015-12-14 Rafael EspindolaUse diagnostic handler in the LLVMContext
2015-12-14 Quentin Colombet[X86] Add relaxtion logic for ADC instructions.
2015-12-14 Pete CooperFactor out some duplication. NFC.
2015-12-14 Dan Gohman[WebAssembly] Add type prefixes to call instructions
2015-12-14 Dan Gohman[WebAssembly] Implement a new algorithm for placing...
2015-12-14 Dan Gohman[WebAssembly] Avoid adding redundant EXPR_STACK uses.
2015-12-14 Reid KlecknerRevert "Don't create unnecessary PHIs"
2015-12-14 Chih-Hung Hsieh[X86] Part 2 to fix x86-64 fp128 calling convention.
2015-12-14 Sanjay Pateladd fast-math-flags to 'call' instructions (PR21290)
2015-12-14 Ben CraigReordering fields to reduce padding in LLVM. NFC
2015-12-14 Dan Gohman[WebAssembly] Add an assert to sanity-check dead flags.
2015-12-14 Pete CooperStart implementing FDE dumping when printing the eh_frame.
2015-12-14 Pete CooperPrint the eh_frame section in MachoDump.
2015-12-14 Krzysztof Parzyszek[Hexagon] Add "const" to function parameters in Hexagon...
2015-12-14 Diego NovilloFix formatting. NFC.
2015-12-14 Krzysztof Parzyszek[Packetizer] Add AliasAnalysis as a parameter to the...
2015-12-14 Pete CooperAdd missing vtable anchor's.
2015-12-14 Krzysztof Parzyszek[Packetizer] Make endPacket virtual
2015-12-14 David Majnemer[ConstantFold] Fix bitcast to gep constant folding...
2015-12-14 Yaron KerenSave several std::string constructions using llvm:...
2015-12-14 Peter Collingbournedocs: Correct wording in LangRef relating to available_...
2015-12-14 Cong HouRemove the successor probabilities normalization in...
2015-12-14 Sanjoy Das[MergeFunctions] Use II instead of CI for InvokeInst...
2015-12-14 Sanjoy DasTeach MergeFunctions about operand bundles
2015-12-14 Sanjoy DasTeach haveSameSpecialState about operand bundles
2015-12-14 Krzysztof ParzyszekAdd "const" to function arguments in DFAPacketizer
2015-12-14 Xinliang David Li[PGO] Value profiling text format reader/writer support
2015-12-14 David Majnemer[IR] Remove terminatepad
2015-12-14 Paul RobinsonFastISel needs to remove dead code when it bails out.
2015-12-14 Petar Jovanovic[Power PC] llvm soft float support for ppc32
2015-12-14 Matt ArsenaultAMDGPU: Use generic bitreverse intrinsic
2015-12-14 Sanjay PatelgetParent() ^ 3 == getModule() ; NFCI
2015-12-14 Geoff BerryRemove dead function AArch64TargetLowering::getFunction...
2015-12-14 Matt ArsenaultAMDGPU: Fix splitting vector loads with existing offsets
2015-12-14 Sanjay Patel[InstCombine] fold trunc ([lshr] (bitcast vector) ...
2015-12-14 Krzysztof Parzyszek[Hexagon] Subtarget features/default CPU corrections
2015-12-14 Chad Rosier[PPC] Early exit loop. NFC.
2015-12-14 Adhemerval... [sanitizer] [msan] VarArgHelper for AArch64
2015-12-14 James MolloyDon't create unnecessary PHIs
2015-12-14 NAKAMURA TakumiReformat to untabify.
2015-12-14 David Blaikie[llvm-dwp] Deduplicate type units
2015-12-14 David Blaikie[llvm-dwp] Remove some unused test code
2015-12-14 Akira Hatanaka[Docs] Fix underlines that were too short or too long.
2015-12-13 Michael ZuckermanI Added a triple flag for x86-evenDirective test.
2015-12-13 Cong HouRevert r255460, which still causes test failures on...
2015-12-13 Michael Zuckerman[X86][inline asm] support even directive
2015-12-13 Cong HouFix a type issue in r255455. Should not use unsigned...
2015-12-13 Cong Hou[LoopVectorizer] Refine loop vectorizer's register...
2015-12-13 Simon PilgrimFix line endings
2015-12-13 Cong HouReplace <cstdint> by llvm/Support/DataTypes.h for the...
2015-12-13 Cong HouAdd the missing header file <cstdint> needed by uint64_t
2015-12-13 Cong HouRevert r255454 as it leads to several test failers...
2015-12-13 Cong HouNormalize MBB's successors' probabilities in several...
2015-12-13 Cong Hou[LoopVectorizer] Refine loop vectorizer's register...
2015-12-13 Saleem AbdulrasoolARM: only emit EABI attributes on EABI targets
2015-12-13 Nico WeberRevert r255444.
2015-12-12 Mehdi AminiAdd a C++11 ThreadPool implementation in LLVM
2015-12-12 Davide Italiano[llvm-objdump/MachoDump] Simplify.
2015-12-12 Simon Pilgrim[X86][AVX512] Added support for VMOVQ shuffle comments
2015-12-12 Manuel JacobPartially fix memcpy / memset / memmove lowering in...
2015-12-12 Xinliang David Li[PGO] Stop using invalid char in instr variable names.
2015-12-12 Sanjay Patel[InstCombine] canonicalize (bitcast (extractelement...
2015-12-12 Simon Pilgrim[X86][AVX] Tests tidyup
2015-12-12 David MajnemerTry to appease sphinx
2015-12-12 David MajnemerMove catchpad-phi-cast.ll to the X86 specific subdirectory
2015-12-12 David MajnemerTry to appease a buildbot
2015-12-12 David Majnemer[IR] Reformulate LLVM's EH funclet IR
2015-12-12 Hal Finkel[PowerPC] OutStreamer cleanup in PPCAsmPrinter
2015-12-12 Chen Li[X86ISelLowering] Add additional support for multiplica...
2015-12-12 Hal FinkelFix test/CodeGen/PowerPC/ppc-shrink-wrapping.ll after...
2015-12-12 Sanjay Patel[InstCombine] allow any pair of bitcasts to be combined
2015-12-12 Hal Finkel[PowerPC] Add Branch Hints for Highly-Biased Branches
2015-12-12 Derek Schuff[WebAssembly] Update test expectations
2015-12-12 Chen LiRevert rL255391: [X86ISelLowering] Add additional suppo...
2015-12-12 Sanjay Pateluse FileCheck for better checking
2015-12-11 Derek Schuff[WebAssembly] Implement prolog/epilog insertion and...