2003-08-21 Chris LattnerInitial checkin
2003-08-21 Chris LattnerInitial checkin of ModuleMaker project
2003-08-21 Chris LattnerInclude the top-level Makefile.config from the LLVM...
2003-08-21 Chris LattnerProjects no longer need to specify LLVM_OBJ_ROOT. ...
2003-08-21 Chris LattnerRemove commented out declaration
2003-08-21 Misha BrukmanThe word `dependence' has no `a'.
2003-08-21 Misha BrukmanThe word `dependent' has no `a'.
2003-08-21 Chris LattnerFix spello
2003-08-21 Misha BrukmanThe word `dependence' and its derivatives have no `a'.
2003-08-21 Chris LattnerMake the tags rule tolerate lack of one of the standard...
2003-08-21 Chris LattnerOnly use :: rules for #included files
2003-08-21 Chris LattnerSimplify test
2003-08-21 Chris LattnerMinor cleanups: wrap at 80 lines. Convert file comment...
2003-08-21 John CriswellRegression test that verifies that the JIT passes the...
2003-08-21 John CriswellThe JIT now passes the environment pointer to the main...
2003-08-21 Chris LattnerRemove unused file
2003-08-21 Chris Lattner* Remove cleandeps target
2003-08-21 Chris LattnerChange all #include'd files to be :: rules instead...
2003-08-21 Brian GaekeReoptimizer has moved to reopt cvs module.
2003-08-21 Misha BrukmanMake build errors stand out by coloring them red.
2003-08-21 Chris LattnerImplement Assembler/2003-08-21-ConstantExprCast-Fold.llx
2003-08-21 Chris LattnerNew testcase
2003-08-21 Misha BrukmanTest case distilled from bash.
2003-08-21 Chris Lattnerremove invalid test
2003-08-21 Misha BrukmanTest case distilled from `bash'.
2003-08-21 Chris LattnerYet another testcase distilled from emacs by Misha!
2003-08-21 Chris LattnerNew testcase, distilled from emacs by Misha
2003-08-21 Chris LattnerFix warning on sparc build
2003-08-21 Chris LattnerStart testing SPEC as well as singlesource/multisource
2003-08-21 Chris Lattnerfix dependency
2003-08-21 John CriswellAdding a copyright notice to each file is unnecessary.
2003-08-21 John CriswellFurther updates:
2003-08-21 John CriswellAdded the ability to run the QMTests. It is currently...
2003-08-21 John CriswellUpdated to reflect current work:
2003-08-20 Chris LattnerUnless we CANNOT merge the arguments, do so
2003-08-20 Chris LattnerPoint to the RIGHT GCC library directory
2003-08-20 Chris LattnerPoint to the correct cc1/cc1plus binaries
2003-08-20 John CriswellAdded #include <cassert>. In GCC 3.3, we don't get...
2003-08-20 Misha BrukmanAdded dummy version of the `util' library.
2003-08-20 Misha BrukmanAdded dummy library `libutempter' for non-privileged...
2003-08-20 Misha BrukmanMake the bytecode file executable as well for LLEE...
2003-08-20 Chris LattnerSimplify testcase even more
2003-08-20 Chris LattnerNew makefile for new directory
2003-08-20 Chris Lattnernew testcase
2003-08-20 Chris Lattnernew testcase
2003-08-20 Chris Lattnernew testcase
2003-08-20 Chris LattnerWhoa, GCC accepts this. Whack.
2003-08-20 Chris LattnerNew testcase, distilled from bison
2003-08-20 Chris LattnerNew testcase, distilled from 'screen' by Misha
2003-08-20 Chris LattnerImplement testcase: Assembler/2003-08-20-ConstantExprGE...
2003-08-20 Chris LattnerNew testcase for GEP folding
2003-08-20 Chris LattnerCatch testing errors
2003-08-20 Chris LattnerFix bug where we printed the month number instead of...
2003-08-20 John CriswellModified the SUFFIXES pseudo targets so that we remove...
2003-08-19 Brian GaekeAdd ParseEnvironmentOptions documentation
2003-08-19 Brian GaekeAdd warning about how you have to put cl::init after...
2003-08-19 Chris LattnerMake testcase more interesting
2003-08-19 Chris LattnerMake assertion message more helpful in a case that...
2003-08-19 Chris LattnerFix bugs in tester
2003-08-19 Misha BrukmanX86.td has been moved out of this directory; these...
2003-08-19 Misha BrukmanSince we broke up SingleSource and MultiSource testing...
2003-08-19 Chris LattnerDo not force a runtimelimit! We were actually reducing it.
2003-08-19 Chris LattnerIncrease the size of the LOC chart
2003-08-18 Chris LattnerFix grammar, add comment
2003-08-18 Chris LattnerFix buggy testcase
2003-08-18 Chris Lattnerno-strict-aliasing redux
2003-08-18 Chris LattnerThe CBE generates code which violates the TBAA rules...
2003-08-18 Chris LattnerDo not even attempt to compute dominator information...
2003-08-18 Chris LattnerAdd new methods, update comments
2003-08-18 Chris LattnerMake the testcase more interesting
2003-08-18 Chris LattnerAdd new -disable-verify option
2003-08-18 Chris LattnerNew testcase distilled from mutt
2003-08-18 Chris LattnerRemove fixme
2003-08-18 Chris LattnerAdd the magic incantations to get a running LOC graph...
2003-08-18 Chris LattnerAdd in the running LOC chart
2003-08-18 Chris Lattnerno really, implement it!
2003-08-18 Chris LattnerAdd new cleandeps target, to allow easy cleaning out...
2003-08-18 Chris LattnerAdd support for casting any pointer to any integer...
2003-08-18 Chris LattnerFix linking bug in xboard
2003-08-18 Chris LattnerAdd support for the sig(set|long)jmp intrinsics
2003-08-18 Chris LattnerNew testcase, distilled from ed-0.2
2003-08-18 Chris LattnerAdd intrinsics for the llvm.sig(set|long)jmp functions
2003-08-18 Chris LattnerWrap line at 80 columns
2003-08-18 Misha BrukmanSpell `necessary' correctly.
2003-08-18 Chris LattnerFix minor bugs in the tester
2003-08-18 Chris Lattner* Split the programs table into MultiSource and SingleS...
2003-08-18 Chris LattnerThe CBE output is compiled at -O2
2003-08-18 Chris LattnerAdd docs for new column, native tests now run with -O2
2003-08-18 Chris LattnerNew testcase distilled from GNU Go
2003-08-17 Chris LattnerGive correct command line for making a shared object
2003-08-17 Chris LattnerFix ABI issue: Longs really do need to be only 4 byte...
2003-08-17 Chris LattnerMake sure that "newmain" gets names for its arguments
2003-08-17 Chris LattnerFix message
2003-08-17 Chris LattnerFix the bug that broke the nightly tester in McCat...
2003-08-17 Chris LattnerMake the check for a failed test run more robust!!
2003-08-17 Chris LattnerImplement folding of switch instructions.
2003-08-17 Chris LattnerNew testcase to ensure that switch folding happens...
2003-08-17 Chris LattnerFix bug: SimplifyCFG/2003-08-17-BranchFoldOrdering.ll
2003-08-17 Chris LattnerNew testcase
2003-08-17 Chris LattnerThe fixme is irrelevant: if that happens, the LLVM...