Disabling -g for ocaml builds; it's not downwards compatible.
[oota-llvm.git] / tools /
2007-12-20 Devang PatelRevert my previous check-in.
2007-12-20 Devang PatelAdd lto version check mechanism.
2007-12-17 Christopher Lambregenerate.
2007-12-17 Christopher LambChange the PointerType api for creating pointer types...
2007-12-11 Christopher LambImplement address space attribute for LLVM pointer...
2007-12-09 Chris LattnerFix accidental commit by Bill.
2007-12-08 Bill WendlingReverting 44702. It wasn't correct to rename them.
2007-12-03 Duncan SandsRather than having special rules like "intrinsics cannot
2007-11-30 Duncan SandsAdd a convenience method for modifying parameter
2007-11-28 Duncan SandsAdd some convenience methods for querying attributes...
2007-11-27 Ted KremenekAdded quotes around $(NM_PATH) argument to GenLibDeps...
2007-11-27 Duncan SandsFix PR1146: parameter attributes are longer part of
2007-11-14 Nick LewyckyAllow the block extractor take to take a list of basic...
2007-11-13 Chris LattnerMake llvm2cpp better, patch for PR1794, contributed...
2007-11-05 Gordon HenriksenDeleting redundant copy of block extractor pass. See...
2007-10-24 Chris LattnerFix PR1739.
2007-10-22 Chris Lattneradd a 'don't use me' marker.
2007-10-17 Gordon HenriksenSwitching TargetMachineRegistry to use the new generic...
2007-10-15 Dan GohmanFix a typo in a comment.
2007-10-08 Dan GohmanMove the space in overview output for commands out...
2007-09-28 Dale Johannesenminor long double related changes
2007-09-12 Dale JohannesenRevise previous patch per review comments.
2007-09-11 Dale JohannesenAdd APInt interfaces to APFloat (allows directly
2007-09-08 Owen AndersonTurn GVN on by default.
2007-09-07 Dale JohannesenApply feedback from previous patch.
2007-09-06 Dale JohannesenNext round of APFloat changes.
2007-09-04 Devang PatelEnable loop index split pass.
2007-09-04 David GreeneUpdate generated files.
2007-09-04 David GreeneRevert this because the interface hasn't been updated...
2007-09-04 David GreeneFix typo.
2007-09-04 David GreeneUpdate GEP constructors to use an iterator interface...
2007-08-27 David GreeneUpdate InvokeInst to work like CallInst
2007-08-15 David GreeneUpdate .cvs file
2007-08-13 Reid SpencerDon't build llvm-stub twice.
2007-08-08 Reid SpencerSeparate program name from error message with a :
2007-08-08 Reid SpencerTerminate an error message with a newline.
2007-08-07 David GreeneMake this code more efficient
2007-08-04 Chandler CarruthRegenerating.
2007-08-04 Chandler CarruthThis is the patch to provide clean intrinsic function...
2007-08-02 Reid SpencerAdjust for new CallInst constructor interface.
2007-08-01 Owen AndersonRename FastDSE to just DSE.
2007-08-01 David GreeneUpdate generated files.
2007-08-01 David GreeneNew CallInst interface to address GLIBCXX_DEBUG errors...
2007-07-30 Dan GohmanRemove a FIXME comment that wasn't removed when the...
2007-07-23 Reid SpencerRemove dead option.
2007-07-18 Reid SpencerFix a sys::Path API error caught by a gcc 4.2 warning.
2007-07-17 Owen AndersonTurn on FastDSE by default.
2007-07-17 Evan ChengChange sroa threshold back.
2007-07-17 Evan ChengTemporarily set SROA threshold to 512.
2007-07-11 Anton KorobeynikovEmit correct linkage. Patch by Roman Samoilov.
2007-07-10 Reid SpencerSimplify the handling of the --*flags options. The...
2007-07-10 Reid SpencerMakesure the -cppflags also uses the CPP.BaseFlags...
2007-07-06 Gabor Greiffinishing touches of bytecode -> bitcode changes. also...
2007-07-06 Gabor Greifeliminate residual cruft related to recognizing bytecode
2007-07-05 Chris Lattnerupdate the .cvs files.
2007-07-05 Gabor GreifHere is the bulk of the sanitizing.
2007-07-05 Devang PatelFix PR1539. Add LoopPassPrinter.
2007-07-04 Gabor GreifPretty straightforward replacement of "bytecode" by...
2007-06-29 John CriswellConvert .cvsignore files
2007-06-28 Devang PatelFix PR 1526.
2007-06-28 David GreeneAdd support for building with _GLIBCXX_DEBUG. New...
2007-06-27 Lauro Ramos Venanciollvm-nm must print the alias symbols.
2007-06-25 Reid SpencerFix PR1525:
2007-06-19 Chris LattnerFix pr1448
2007-06-16 Reid SpencerFix PR1517:
2007-06-16 Reid SpencerFix PR1516:
2007-06-16 Nick LewyckyCall the correct function name. Patch from Stephane...
2007-06-06 Lauro Ramos VenancioFix bugpoint to run -llc-safe with -Xlinker.
2007-06-06 Chris Lattnerif internalize is disabled, don't run the pass at all!
2007-06-05 Zhou ShengCommit first round work of PR1373. "noalias" is now...
2007-05-18 Reid SpencerRegenerate.
2007-05-07 Reid SpencerInitialize variable to null so it has a value in the...
2007-05-06 Chris Lattneruse the new MemoryBuffer interfaces to simplify error...
2007-05-06 Chris Lattnerremove dead option
2007-05-06 Chris LattnerFix a buggy conversion from bytecode to bitcode
2007-05-06 Chris Lattnermake sure the ofstream for opt's output file is destroy...
2007-05-06 Chris Lattnerswitch tools to bitcode from bytecode
2007-05-06 Chris Lattnerswitch tools to bitcode instead of bytecode
2007-05-06 Chris Lattnerthis doesn't directly depend on bytecode
2007-05-06 Chris Lattneradd bitcode support.
2007-05-06 Chris Lattnerarchive library already depends on bc reader
2007-05-06 Chris Lattneradd bitcode support, optimize reading to not read all...
2007-05-06 Chris Lattneruse an auto_ptr to avoid an explicit delete
2007-05-06 Chris Lattneradd bitcode support
2007-05-06 Chris LattnerRemove the -emit-bytecode option. Noone in the llvm...
2007-05-06 Chris Lattneradd bitcode reading support to llvm-nm
2007-05-06 Chris Lattnerbitcodify, remove eh cruft
2007-05-06 Chris Lattnerdebugger depends on bcreader, not llvm-db
2007-05-06 Chris Lattnerremove EH cruft, add bitcode support
2007-05-06 Chris Lattneradd bitcode reading support, remove eh stuff
2007-05-06 Chris Lattneradd bitcode reading support. Remove EH cruft.
2007-05-06 Chris Lattnerbitcodify
2007-05-06 Chris Lattnersimplify code
2007-05-06 Chris Lattneradd support to llvm-prof for reading from a bitcode...
2007-05-06 Chris Lattnerif -bitcode is specified, read and write a bitcode...
2007-05-06 Chris Lattneradd inline asm code
2007-05-06 Chris Lattneradd a denser encoding for null terminated strings,...
2007-05-05 Chris Lattneremit spiffy little histograms of codes, if enabled...
2007-05-05 Chris Lattnerdo not charge subblock sizes to the parent block.
2007-05-05 Chris Lattnerupdate to new APIs, make output a bit (haha) nicer