Remove unused function parameter (NFC)
[oota-llvm.git] / tools / gold / gold-plugin.cpp
2015-11-19 Mehdi AminiRemove unused function parameter (NFC)
2015-11-19 NAKAMURA Takumigold-plugin.cpp: Fix diagnosticHandler corresponding...
2015-11-02 Teresa JohnsonClang format a few prior patches (NFC)
2015-10-20 Manuel KlimekMake class final to pacify -Wnon-virtual-dtor.
2015-10-19 Teresa JohnsonPass FunctionInfoIndex by reference to WriteFunctionSum...
2015-10-19 Teresa JohnsonConvert gold-plugin unnecessary unique_ptr into local...
2015-10-04 Teresa JohnsonSupport for function summary index bitcode sections...
2015-09-16 Teresa JohnsonDisable the second verification run when performing...
2015-09-01 Peter Collingbournegold-plugin: Implement parallel LTO code generation...
2015-08-05 Nick LewyckyReplace &vector[0] with to avoid invalid...
2015-07-24 Chandler CarruthUpdate for r243115 which changed the DataLayout API...
2015-06-15 Rafael Espindolagold-plugin: save the .o when given -save-temps.
2015-04-15 Duncan P. N. Exon... Fix build error from r234957
2015-04-15 Duncan P. N. Exon... uselistorder: Pull the bit through WriteToBitcodFile()
2015-04-09 Rafael EspindolaSimplify use of formatted_raw_ostream.
2015-04-09 Rafael EspindolaThis reverts commit r234460 and r234461.
2015-04-09 Rafael EspindolaUse the cast machinery to remove dummy uses of formatte...
2015-03-30 Rafael EspindolaFix PR23045.
2015-03-27 Rafael EspindolaWork around pr23045 and make it easier to reproduce.
2015-03-19 Peter CollingbournelibLTO, llvm-lto, gold: Introduce flag for controlling...
2015-03-13 Rafael EspindolaBe lazy about loading metadata in IRObjectFile.
2015-03-04 Rafael EspindolaFix the build of the gold-plugin and examples.
2015-03-04 Rafael EspindolaBring r231132 back with a fix.
2015-03-04 NAKAMURA TakumiRevert r231132, "Correctly handle -pass-remarks in...
2015-03-03 Rafael EspindolaCorrectly handle -pass-remarks in the gold plugin.
2015-03-02 Rafael EspindolaAdd r230655 back with a fix.
2015-03-01 NAKAMURA TakumiRevert r230655, "gold-plugin: "Upgrade" debug info...
2015-02-26 Rafael Espindolagold-plugin: "Upgrade" debug info and handle its warnings.
2015-02-21 Rafael EspindolaSet the datalayout in the gold plugin.
2015-02-13 Chandler Carruth[PM] Fix a compile error I introduced in r229094 and...
2015-02-13 Chandler Carruth[PM] Remove the old 'PassManager.h' header file at...
2015-02-12 Michael Kupersteingold-plugin: delete the output file for OT_DISABLE
2015-02-11 Jan Wen VoungGold-plugin: Broaden scope of get/release_input_file...
2015-02-02 NAKAMURA Takumigold-plugin.cpp: Fixup r227599 corresponding to r227685...
2015-01-30 Alexey SamsonovFixup gold-plugin after r227576.
2015-01-24 Sylvestre LedruUpdate of the gold-plugin.cpp code to match Chandler...
2015-01-15 Chandler Carruth[PM] Move TargetLibraryInfo into the Analysis library.
2015-01-14 Rafael EspindolaFix linking of shared libraries.
2015-01-14 Rafael EspindolaFix handling of extern_weak. This was broken by r225983.
2015-01-14 Rafael EspindolaHandle a symbol being undefined.
2015-01-10 Rafael EspindolaUse the DiagnosticHandler to print diagnostics when...
2014-12-23 Rafael EspindolaFix a leak found by asan.
2014-12-10 Rafael EspindolaSimplify the handling of aliases in the gold plugin.
2014-12-09 Rafael EspindolaRename createIRObjectFile to just create.
2014-12-09 Rafael EspindolaRemember the unmangled name in the plugin.
2014-12-09 Rafael EspindolaDon't lookup an object symbol name in the module.
2014-11-25 Rafael Espindolagold plugin: call llvm_shutdown so that -stats works.
2014-11-24 Rafael EspindolaAdd a disable-output option to the gold plugin.
2014-11-19 Duncan P. N. Exon... gold-plugin: Fix typo in error message
2014-11-01 Rafael EspindolaFix the build of the gold plugin.
2014-11-01 Rafael EspindolaRemove redundant calls to isMaterializable.
2014-10-30 Rafael EspindolaEnable the slp vectorizer in the gold plugin.
2014-10-30 Rafael EspindolaEnable the loop vectorizer in the gold plugin.
2014-10-29 Rafael EspindolaReplace also-emit-llvm with save-temps.
2014-10-25 Rafael EspindolaRemove unused variable.
2014-10-25 Rafael EspindolaUpdate the error handling of lib/Linker.
2014-10-24 Rafael EspindolaModernize the error handling of the Materialize function.
2014-10-24 Rafael EspindolaDon't ever call materializeAllPermanently during LTO.
2014-10-22 Rafael EspindolaFix a gcc warning.
2014-10-10 Rafael EspindolaFix gcc warning in gold-plugin.cpp.
2014-10-07 Rafael Espindolagold plugin: Handle gold selecting a linkonce GV when...
2014-10-07 Rafael Espindolagold plugin: create internal replacement with original...
2014-10-07 Rafael Espindolagold plugin: Remap function arguments when creating...
2014-09-18 Peter CollingbourneLTO: introduce object file-based on-disk module format.
2014-09-17 Rafael EspindolaInternalize common symbols when we can.
2014-09-10 Rafael EspindolaAdd doInitialization/doFinalization to DataLayoutPass.
2014-09-10 Rafael EspindolaRemember to eraseFromParent after replaceAllUsesWith.
2014-09-09 Rafael EspindolaHandle common linkage correctly in the gold plugin.
2014-09-03 David Blaikieunique_ptrify IRObjectFile::createIRObjectFile
2014-09-03 Rafael EspindolaPass a && to getLazyBitcodeModule.
2014-08-27 Rafael EspindolaDon't create a MemoryBuffer just to get the MemoryBuffe...
2014-08-27 David BlaikieConvert a few more cases of direct intialization of...
2014-08-27 Rafael EspindolaReturn a std::unique_ptr when creating a new MemoryBuffer.
2014-08-26 Rafael EspindolaPass a std::unique_ptr<MemoryBuffer>& to getLazyBitcode...
2014-08-25 Rafael EspindolaModernize raw_fd_ostream's constructor a bit.
2014-08-22 Rafael EspindolaAdd support for comdats to the gold plugin.
2014-08-21 Rafael EspindolaRewrite the gold plugin to fix pr19901.
2014-08-11 Rafael EspindolaFix using -plugin-opt=apiflie when also using -plugin...
2014-07-31 Rafael EspindolaRemove unused argument.
2014-07-30 Rafael EspindolaUse range loops.
2014-07-30 Rafael EspindolaConvert a few more function pointer calls to just ...
2014-07-30 Rafael EspindolaDon't duplicate the function name in a comment.
2014-07-30 Rafael EspindolaUse function pointers with just f(1,2) instead of ...
2014-07-29 Rafael EspindolaUse nullptr instead of NULL.
2014-07-29 Rafael EspindolaRemove unused includes.
2014-07-29 Rafael EspindolaDelete dead code.
2014-07-29 Rafael Espindolagold plugin: Fix handling of corrupted bitcode files.
2014-07-29 Rafael EspindolaSmall gold plugin simplifications.
2014-07-07 Rafael EspindolaUse raw_fd_ostream instead of std::ofstream.
2014-07-06 Rafael EspindolaUpdate the MemoryBuffer API to use ErrorOr.
2014-07-06 Rafael EspindolaDeclare variable on first use.
2014-07-03 Peter Collingbournegold plugin: move target initialization to the top...
2014-07-03 Peter CollingbourneLTO: rename the various makeLTOModule overloads.
2014-06-26 Tom RoederFix the new LTOCodeGenerator setup in gold to parse...
2014-06-20 Rafael EspindolaSmall clanups:
2014-06-19 Rafael EspindolaThe gold plugin doesn't need disassemblers.
2014-06-19 Rafael EspindolaSet gold plugin options in a sane order.
2014-06-19 Rafael EspindolaSimplify. No functionality change.
2014-06-19 Rafael EspindolaReduce indentation. No functionality change.
2014-06-19 Rafael EspindolaUse lib/LTO directly in the gold plugin.