[WinEH] Update catchrets with cloned successors
[oota-llvm.git] / test / CodeGen / WinEH / wineh-cloning.ll
2016-01-02 Joseph Tremoulet[WinEH] Update catchrets with cloned successors
2015-12-15 David Majnemer[WinEH] Use operand bundles to describe call sites
2015-12-12 David Majnemer[IR] Reformulate LLVM's EH funclet IR
2015-11-19 Reid Kleckner[WinEH] Disable most forms of demotion
2015-11-09 Andrew Kaylor[WinEH] Re-committing r252249 (Clone funclets with...
2015-11-06 NAKAMURA TakumiRevert r252249 (and r252255, r252258), "[WinEH] Clone...
2015-11-06 Andrew Kaylor[WinEH] Clone funclets with multiple parents
2015-11-05 Peter CollingbourneDI: Reverse direction of subprogram -> function edge.
2015-10-16 Joseph Tremoulet[WinEH] Fix endpad coloring/numbering
2015-10-07 David Majnemer[WinEH] Remove unreachable blocks before preparation
2015-10-07 Joseph Tremoulet[WinEH] Set NoModuleLevelChanges in clone flags
2015-09-27 Joseph Tremoulet[EH] Create removeUnwindEdge utility
2015-09-11 Reid Kleckner[IR] Print the label operands of a catchpad like an...
2015-09-10 Joseph Tremoulet[WinEH] Fix single-block cleanup coloring
2015-08-31 Hans WennborgFix CHECK directives that weren't checking.
2015-08-28 Joseph Tremoulet[WinEH] Update coloring to handle nested cases cleanly