* llvm.spec.in: update blurb
[oota-llvm.git] / projects / sample /
2007-06-29 John CriswellConvert .cvsignore files
2007-02-18 Chris Lattneravoid collision with /usr/bin/sample if this ever gets...
2006-11-03 Reid SpencerMake sample project -pedantic clean.
2006-08-07 Reid SpencerFor PR780:
2006-06-01 Reid SpencerFor PR786:
2006-04-18 Reid SpencerHave the AutoRegen.sh script prompt the user for the...
2006-03-23 Reid SpencerIgnored generated files.
2006-01-06 Robert BocchinoFixed Makefile so it does, indeed, build a dynamic...
2005-07-05 Andrew Lenharthoops
2005-07-05 Andrew Lenharthupdates
2005-04-23 Jeff CohenEliminate tabs and trailing spaces
2005-02-24 Reid SpencerUpdate to reflect various changes in the autoconf direc...
2005-02-24 Reid SpencerRemove auxilliary files that are now picked up from...
2005-02-24 Reid Spencer* Move all the "standard" configuration stuff to the...
2005-02-24 Reid SpencerDon't put generated files into CVS.
2005-02-24 Reid Spencer* Fix an output message
2005-01-16 Reid SpencerUpdate per new Makefile requirements for projects
2005-01-05 Reid SpencerIgnore autoconf/aclocal generated stuff.
2005-01-05 Reid SpencerCleanup configuration for Cygwin
2005-01-01 Reid SpencerUpdate to autoconf 2.59 standards.
2004-10-26 Reid SpencerMake sure the include files get distributed.
2004-10-23 Reid SpencerFix nightly build by avoiding shared library construction.
2004-10-22 Reid SpencerAdjust to changes in Makefile.rules
2004-09-01 Reid SpencerChanges For Bug 352
2003-10-21 John CriswellRemoved LLVM copyright from sample Makefile.
2003-10-21 John CriswellRemoved LLVM copyright notice from sample Makefile.
2003-10-20 John CriswellAdded LLVM copyrights to Makefiles.
2003-10-17 John CriswellAdding license information for the sample project.
2003-10-17 John CriswellModified the Makefile so that the sample library is...
2003-10-16 John CriswellAdding autoconf support to the sample project.
2003-10-16 John CriswellAdding autoconf support for the sample project.
2003-10-16 John CriswellAdding autoconf support for the sample project.
2003-09-06 John CriswellCheckin of autoconf-style object root.
2003-08-21 Chris LattnerRemove commented out declaration
2003-07-23 Chris LattnerDisable sample project until it works
2003-06-30 John CriswellAdding in sample project tree.