Remove useless .debug_macinfo section setup.
[oota-llvm.git] / lib / Target / NVPTX / NVPTXTargetObjectFile.h
2015-03-02 Paul RobinsonRemove useless .debug_macinfo section setup.
2014-11-12 Rafael EspindolaRemove a bit of dead code.
2014-08-13 Benjamin KramerCanonicalize header guards into a common format.
2014-07-14 David MajnemerCodeGen: Stick constant pool entries in COMDAT sections...
2014-04-28 Craig Topper[C++] Use 'nullptr'.
2014-03-02 Craig TopperSwitch all uses of LLVM_OVERRIDE to just use 'override...
2014-02-08 Rafael EspindolaPass the Mangler by reference.
2014-02-08 Rafael EspindolaAdd LLVM_OVERRIDE to a few declarations.
2013-11-19 Juergen Ributzka[weak vtables] Remove a bunch of weak vtables
2013-11-18 Alexey SamsonovRevert r194865 and r194874.
2013-11-15 Juergen Ributzka[weak vtables] Remove a bunch of weak vtables
2013-10-29 Rafael EspindolaMove getSymbol to TargetLoweringObjectFile.
2013-06-24 NAKAMURA TakumiNVPTXTargetObjectFile.h: Initialize some pointers as...
2013-03-30 Justin Holewinski[NVPTX] Run clang-format on all NVPTX sources.
2012-05-08 Eric ChristopherRemove excess semi-colons to quiet warnings.
2012-05-04 Justin HolewinskiThis patch adds a new NVPTX back-end to LLVM which...