Stop calling the flat out insane ARM target parsing code unless the
[oota-llvm.git] / lib / Support / Triple.cpp
2015-08-30 Chandler CarruthStop calling the flat out insane ARM target parsing...
2015-08-30 Chandler CarruthTeach the target parsing framework to directly compute...
2015-08-30 Chandler Carruth[Triple] Stop abusing a class to have only static metho...
2015-08-17 Dan Gohman[WebAssembly] Don't default to ELF in the triple.
2015-08-17 Dan Gohman[WebAssembly] Make getArchTypePrefix return "wasm".
2015-08-14 Pat GavlinAdd a target environment for CoreCLR.
2015-07-30 Matt ArsenaultAdd amdopencl environment to triple
2015-07-06 Benjamin Kramer[Triple] Add a helper to switch between big/little...
2015-06-30 Dan GohmanDrop the OS from the WebAssembly target triple for...
2015-06-29 Dan Gohman[WebAssembly] Initial WebAssembly backend
2015-06-12 Douglas KatzmanAdd 'shave' processor name to Triple
2015-06-05 Alexei Starovoitov[bpf] rename triple names bpf_be -> bpfeb
2015-06-04 Artyom SkrobovSimplify ARMTargetParser::getArchSynonym
2015-06-04 Alexei Starovoitov[bpf] add big- and host- endian support
2015-06-01 David Majnemer[Support] Simplify Triple::getOSVersion
2015-06-01 David Majnemer[ADT] Add Triple::getEnvironmentVersion
2015-05-27 Renato GolinARMTargetParser: Make BSD Thumb/BE armv6 work
2015-05-24 Renato GolinMove parseSubArch to ARMTargetParser. NFC
2015-05-22 Renato GolinAdding profile and version parsers to ARMTargetParser
2015-05-21 Renato GolinMake Triple::parseARMArch use ARMTargetParser
2015-05-21 Renato GolinRemove unnecessary FIXME comment
2015-05-20 Renato GolinGet Triple::getARMCPUForArch() to use TargetParser
2015-05-08 Renato GolinTargetParser: FPU/ARCH/EXT parsing refactory - NFC
2015-05-08 John Brawn[ARM] Reject invalid -march values
2015-05-05 Ismail DonmezFix regression in parsing armv{6,7}hl- triples. These...
2015-05-01 Douglas KatzmanFix omission from adding sparcel (original reviews...
2015-04-29 Douglas KatzmanNew architecture name - 'sparcel' for Sparc little...
2015-04-02 Vladimir Sukharev[ARM] Rename v8.1a from "extension" to "architecture...
2015-04-01 Ulrich Weigand[SystemZ] Support transactional execution on zEC12
2015-03-26 Derek SchuffDefault to armv7 cpu for NaCl when march=arm
2015-03-26 Vladimir Sukharev[AArch64, ARM] Add v8.1a architecture and generic cpu
2015-03-19 Rafael EspindolaNote that we don't support COFF on PPC.
2015-03-18 Rafael EspindolaTeach getDefaultFormat that we only support ELF on...
2015-03-18 Yaron KerenRemove many superfluous SmallString::str() calls.
2015-03-17 Renato Golin[ARM] Add support for ARMV6K subtarget (LLVM)
2015-03-09 Ed SchoutenAdd support for Nuxi CloudABI.
2015-03-03 Dan AlbertMake Triple::getOSVersion make sense for Android.
2015-02-13 Reid KlecknerTriple: Make setEnvironment not override the object...
2015-02-10 Bradley Smith[ARM] Add armv6s[-]m as an alias to armv6[-]m
2015-01-26 Joerg SonnenbergerThe canonical CPU variant for ARM according to config...
2015-01-25 Alex RosenbergAdd the triple for the Sony Playstation®4.
2015-01-24 Alexei StarovoitovBPF backend
2015-01-06 Tom StellardTriple: Add amdgcn triple
2014-12-02 Tom StellardTriple: Add AMDHSA operating system type
2014-11-17 Renato GolinFix ARM triple parsing
2014-09-19 Matt ArsenaultAdd hsail and amdil64 to Triple
2014-09-12 JF BastienAdd support for le64.
2014-09-09 Ed MasteUse armv6k default for FreeBSD/ARM
2014-09-05 Matthew GardinerRemoved white-space
2014-09-05 Matthew GardinerAdding kalimba variants as Triple sub-architectures.
2014-08-14 Rafael EspindolaDelete support for AuroraUX.
2014-08-09 Saleem AbdulrasoolADT: remove MinGW32 and Cygwin OSType enum
2014-07-25 Rafael EspindolaRemove dead code.
2014-07-23 Tim NorthoverAArch64: remove "arm64_be" support in favour of "aarch6...
2014-07-23 Tim NorthoverAArch64: remove arm64 triple enumerator.
2014-07-18 Daniel SandersAdd MIPS Technologies to the vendors in llvm::Triple.
2014-07-18 Renato GolinRefactor ARM subarchitecture parsing
2014-07-17 Yi KongFix the prefix for arm64 triple
2014-07-11 Argyrios KyrtzidisMove the API and implementation of clang::driver::getAR...
2014-07-10 Eric ChristopherAdd the CSR company and the Kalimba DSP processor to...
2014-07-09 Daniel SandersAdd Imagination Technologies to the vendors in llvm...
2014-07-08 Benjamin KramerFix some Twine locals.
2014-07-08 Renato GolinRevert "Refactor ARM subarchitecture parsing"
2014-07-07 Renato GolinRefactor ARM subarchitecture parsing
2014-04-14 James Molloy[ARM64] Add big endian target arm64_be.
2014-04-07 Craig Topper[C++11] Make use of 'nullptr' in the Support library.
2014-03-31 Saleem AbdulrasoolSupport: generalise object type handling for Windows
2014-03-30 Tim NorthoverARM64: remove -m32/-m64 mapping with ARM.
2014-03-30 Saleem AbdulrasoolSupport: correct Windows normalisation
2014-03-29 Tim NorthoverARM64: initial backend import
2014-03-28 Christian PirkerAdd ARM big endian Target (armeb, thumbeb)
2014-03-27 Saleem AbdulrasoolCanonicalise Windows target triple spellings
2014-03-09 Bob WilsonFix inconsistent whitespace.
2014-03-06 Saleem AbdulrasoolSupport: split object format out of environment
2014-02-24 Christian PirkerAdd AArch64 big endian Target (aarch64_be)
2014-01-20 David Woodhouse[x86] Support i386-*-*-code16 triple for emitting 16...
2013-12-16 Joerg SonnenbergerRecognize EABIHF as environment and use it for RTAPI...
2013-12-10 Tim NorthoverDarwin: update default iOS version to 5.0
2013-11-16 Jim GrosbachX86: Encode the 'h' cpu subtype in the MachO header...
2013-07-26 Bill Schmidt[PowerPC] Support powerpc64le as a syntax-checking...
2013-07-25 Rafael EspindolaRemove the mblaze backend from llvm.
2013-06-21 Justin Holewinski[NVPTX] Add support for selecting CUDA vs OCL mode...
2013-05-14 Jakob Stoklund OlesenRecognize sparc64 as an alias for sparcv9 triples.
2013-05-03 Richard Sandiford[SystemZ] Add llvm::Triple::systemz
2013-01-31 Tim NorthoverAdd AArch64 as an experimental target.
2013-01-22 Eli BenderskyInitial patch for x32 ABI support.
2012-12-04 Eli BenderskyMake NaCl naming consistent. The triple OSType is calle...
2012-12-03 Chandler CarruthUse the new script to sort the includes of every file...
2012-11-15 Guy BenyeiAdd support for SPIR64 target - the 64bit counterpart...
2012-11-14 Eric ChristopherRemove the CellSPU port.
2012-10-31 Rafael EspindolaRemove Triple::getArchTypeForDarwinArchName. I lives...
2012-10-12 Duncan SandsAdd powerpc-ibm-aix to Triple. Patch by Kai.
2012-10-02 Andrew KaylorSupport for generating ELF objects on Windows.
2012-10-01 Micah VillmowAdd in support for SPIR to LLVM core. This adds a new...
2012-09-02 Logan ChienRename ANDROIDEABI to Android.
2012-08-28 Hal FinkelAdd the Freescale vendor to Triple.
2012-08-06 Eric ChristopherAdd support for the OpenBSD for Bitrig.
2012-06-28 Benjamin KramerEnable automatic GCC<->LLVM intrinsic translation for...
2012-05-24 Justin HolewinskiRemove the PTX back-end and all of its artifacts (tripl...
2012-05-09 Chad RosierSet the default iOS version to 3.0.