More templatization.
[oota-llvm.git] / lib / Makefile
2007-05-06 Chris Lattnerbuild lib/Archive instead of lib/Bytecode
2007-04-22 Chris Lattnerbuild the bitcode dir
2007-02-02 Reid SpencerChanges to support making the shift instructions be...
2006-05-17 Reid SpencerMake some changes suggested by Chris:
2006-05-17 Chris LattnerUse DIRS here instead of PARALLEL_DIRS, as VMCore has...
2004-11-14 Reid SpencerAdd the Linker library
2004-09-15 Misha BrukmanWrap long line
2004-02-13 Chris LattnerCBackend is no longer here
2004-01-05 Chris LattnerAdd new dir
2003-10-20 John CriswellAdded LLVM copyright notice to Makefiles.
2003-09-29 John CriswellRemoved Support directory. It now lives in llvm/suppor...
2003-09-05 Brian GaekeAdd ExecutionEngine directory.
2003-08-21 Brian GaekeReoptimizer has moved to reopt cvs module.
2003-06-30 John CriswellMerged in autoconf branch. This provides configuration...
2002-09-18 Chris LattnerCompile sub-directories in parallel, because they don...
2002-08-27 Anand Shuklaadded Reoptimizer in Makefile DIRS
2002-05-08 Sumant Kowshik*** empty log message ***
2002-04-08 Chris LattnerMoved assembly writer library into its own top level...
2002-01-21 Chris LattnerMove stuff out of the Optimizations directories into...
2001-10-13 Chris LattnerCompile the transforms directory
2001-09-14 Chris LattnerMove the sparc target to a new lib/Target directory
2001-07-21 Chris LattnerMake sure we build all of the code!
2001-07-21 Chris LattnerMoved LLC subdir to the tools top level directory
2001-07-21 Vikram S. AdveAdded CodeGen, LLC, and Support.
2001-06-06 Chris LattnerInitial revision