MergedLoadStoreMotion pass
[oota-llvm.git] / include / llvm-c / Transforms / Scalar.h
2014-07-18 Gerolf HoflehnerMergedLoadStoreMotion pass
2013-11-22 Richard SandifordAdd a Scalarizer pass.
2013-11-16 Hal FinkelAdd a loop rerolling pass
2013-08-23 Richard SandifordTurn MipsOptimizeMathLibCalls into a target-independent...
2012-03-21 Gregory SzorcOrganize LLVM C API docs into doxygen modules; add...
2011-07-25 Rafael EspindolaAdd LLVMAddLowerExpectIntrinsicPass to the C API.
2011-04-13 Rafael EspindolaAdd the alias analysis to the C api.
2011-04-07 Rafael EspindolaExpose more passes to the C API.
2010-10-11 Chris Lattnerremove dead prototype, PR8351
2010-03-11 Nate BegemanWhoops this already existed.
2010-03-11 Nate BegemanAdd a handful of additional useful pass manager things...
2009-11-11 Chris Lattnerremove the now dead condprop pass, PR3906.
2009-03-06 Chris Lattneradd a bunch more passes to the C bindings (PR3734)...
2008-03-20 Gordon HenriksenC and Objective Caml bindings for mem2reg and reg2mem.
2008-03-16 Gordon HenriksenC and Objective Caml bindings for several scalar transf...