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2007-07-05 Gabor GreifHere is the bulk of the sanitizing.
2007-07-03 Owen AndersonRemove BFtoLLVM. It was old, and a poor example becaus...
2007-05-06 Chris Lattnerswitch this to bitcode instead of bytecode
2007-03-06 Reid SpencerRevert last patch. The examples build now.
2007-03-06 Reid SpencerAdjust for changes in GenericValue type.
2007-03-06 Chris Lattnertemporarily disable this until Reid has a chance to...
2007-02-13 Chris Lattnereliminate vector-related ctors
2007-01-19 Reid SpencerFix a #include to resolve IntegerType class.
2007-01-19 Reid SpencerAdd a #include to resolve IntegerType class.
2007-01-07 Chris Lattneradd some casts to support a change in the getOrInsertFu...
2006-12-31 Reid SpencerFor PR950:
2006-12-23 Reid SpencerFor PR950:
2006-12-07 Bill WendlingChanged llvm_ostream et all to OStream. llvm_cerr,...
2006-12-01 Reid SpencerFor PR1019:
2006-11-29 Bill WendlingReplacing std::iostreams with llvm iostreams. Some...
2006-10-20 Reid SpencerFor PR950:
2006-09-04 Chris LattnerUse llvm-config to determine what to link in
2006-07-28 Chris LattnerWriteBytecodeToFile actually can't throw.
2006-07-28 Chris LattnerWriteBytecodeToFile throws, so this needs EH info.
2006-06-01 Reid SpencerUse archive libraries instead of object files for VMCor...
2006-06-01 Reid SpencerSupport correct build:
2006-05-29 Reid SpencerCorrect some grammar and describe current reality.
2006-05-14 Chris LattnerCatch a potentially thrown exception.
2006-03-24 Jeff CohenMinor corrections.
2006-03-03 Chris LattnerUpgrade this to use the new intrinsic names
2005-10-23 Jeff CohenWhen a function takes a variable number of pointer...
2005-08-24 Reid SpencerFor PR616:
2005-07-27 Jeff CohenEliminate all remaining tabs and trailing spaces.
2005-07-13 Reid SpencerGet rid of warnings on Alpha
2005-07-12 Reid SpencerCorrect the file title.
2005-07-12 Reid SpencerFor PR418:
2005-05-06 Chris LattnerDon't forget these are calls
2005-05-06 Chris LattnerThese are legal for tail calls
2005-04-22 Misha BrukmanConvert tabs to spaces
2005-04-20 Misha BrukmanRemove trailing whitespace at the end of lines
2005-03-15 Chris Lattneradd missing copyright header
2005-03-15 Alkis EvlogimenosStop using abegin and aend.
2005-03-15 Alkis EvlogimenosStop using abegin.
2004-11-29 Reid SpencerUse LLVMLIBS=JIT to get JIT libraries
2004-11-25 Reid SpencerAdd LLVMbzip2 library, now required.
2004-11-18 Reid SpencerFix PR456:\
2004-11-05 Misha BrukmanClean up code layout, delete extra blank line, say...
2004-11-04 Chris LattnerFix typeo
2004-11-03 Chris LattnerCleanup this example, simplifying it and making it...
2004-10-27 Reid SpencerChange Library Names Not To Conflict With Others When...
2004-10-14 Misha BrukmanUse the shared Makefile.JIT for JIT-enablement, which...
2004-10-05 Brian GaekeBuild BFtoLLVM example front-end by default
2004-10-05 Brian GaekeAdd BFtoLLVM example front end
2004-09-11 Reid SpencerCorrect the file header to reflect the new "examples...
2004-09-11 Reid SpencerAdd library LLVMsystem.a because the JIT now needs it.
2004-08-23 Reid SpencerMoved small examples from /projects/SmallExamples to...
2004-08-23 Reid SpencerFix Title line
2004-08-20 Chris LattnerMake people explicitly add dirs to this. Remove Module...
2004-08-19 Reid SpencerAdd the fibonacci example provided by Valery Khamenya.
2004-08-19 Reid SpencerMake the SmallExamples programs compile in their new...
2004-08-15 Chris LattnerSwitch to using the JIT now that it can directly call...
2004-08-15 Chris LattnerSimplify code, make it print the constructed module...
2004-08-10 Reid SpencerFix a copy & paste error .. correct the description...
2004-08-10 Reid SpencerAdding a simple example of how to use the JIT.
2004-07-04 Reid SpencerAdd #include <iostream> since Value.h doesn't include...
2003-11-25 John CriswellConfigure script for ModuleMaker.
2003-11-25 John CriswellAuto-confed ModuleMaker.
2003-11-25 John CriswellAuto-conf'ed the ModuleMaker code.
2003-11-11 Brian GaekePut all LLVM code into the llvm namespace, as per bug...
2003-10-20 John CriswellAdded LLVM copyrights to Makefiles.
2003-09-06 John CriswellCheckin of autoconf-style object root.
2003-08-21 Chris LattnerInitial checkin
2003-08-21 Chris LattnerInitial checkin of ModuleMaker project