Cleanup some comments in the OCaml bindings.
[oota-llvm.git] / docs /
2008-02-29 Nick Kledzikupdate to document new lto API
2008-02-26 Nick Kledziktest svn commit capability
2008-02-22 Gordon HenriksenImproving wording.
2008-02-22 Gordon HenriksenAdding a note about IR generation to the LLVM FAQ.
2008-02-22 Chris Lattnerfix some bugs in tutorial, patch by Erick Tryzelaar
2008-02-21 Andrew LenharthAtomic op support. If any gcc test uses __sync builtin...
2008-02-20 Anton KorobeynikovAdd documentation for cl::sink stuff
2008-02-18 Duncan SandsClarify that 'sret' only applies to pointers, and
2008-02-18 Owen AndersonMake the definition of the noalias attribute clearer.
2008-02-16 Duncan SandsTry to clarify which compilers can be used for the
2008-02-16 Andrew Lenharthllvm.memory.barrier, and impl for x86 and alpha
2008-02-15 Chris Lattnersimplify this.
2008-02-14 Duncan SandsRename CFEBuildInstrs.html to GCCFEBuildInstrs.html.
2008-02-13 Chris Lattnergcc 3.2.3 is also bad.
2008-02-13 Duncan SandsAdd notes on Ada compilers that can be used for
2008-02-12 Duncan SandsNote that these instructions are for x86-32 linux
2008-02-12 Duncan SandsAdd more spacing.
2008-02-12 Duncan SandsAdd instructions for building Ada and Fortran.
2008-02-12 Bill WendlingMore violation fixes.
2008-02-12 Bill WendlingFix validation errors: di -> dt.
2008-02-12 Bill WendlingReformatting. Adding "doc_code" divisions for code...
2008-02-12 Chris Lattnerrip out llvm 2.2 stuff in preparation for llvm 2.3
2008-02-12 Chris Lattnerheavily refactor this to have less duplication between...
2008-02-12 Chris Lattnerremove unknown details
2008-02-12 Tanya LattnerAdd 2.2 release tag.
2008-02-11 Scott MichelAdded blurb for CellSPU progress
2008-02-11 Chris Lattnertweaks from dale.
2008-02-11 Chris Lattnerupdates from Evan
2008-02-10 Gabor Greifcorrected some spellings
2008-02-10 Chris LattnerVarious updates from Sam Bishop:
2008-02-10 Dan GohmanRename MRegisterInfo to TargetRegisterInfo.
2008-02-10 Chris Lattnerclose an li tag
2008-02-10 Duncan SandsAdd some Ada info and correct a few buglets.
2008-02-10 Chris Lattnerremove the in progress marker.
2008-02-10 Chris Lattnervalidation fixes
2008-02-10 Chris Lattnerfinal set of major updates
2008-02-10 Chris Lattnermore prose, some organization improvements.
2008-02-10 Chris Lattnerrandom notes
2008-02-09 Chris Lattneradd some more notes, still not ready for review :)
2008-02-09 Chris Lattnerscoped_ptr.h was removed.
2008-02-09 Gabor Greifexplain that NumElements in alloca and malloc defaults...
2008-02-06 Chris Lattnersome more notes.
2008-02-06 Chris Lattnermake it clear :)
2008-02-06 Chris Lattneradd a bunch of random notes and fix some issues noticed...
2008-02-06 Chris Lattnera starter shell for 2.2 release notes
2008-02-05 Chris Lattnerdump the module *before* we delete it, not after.
2008-02-01 Evan ChengUpdate llvm.dbg.func.start.
2008-01-29 Chris Lattnerllvm.sqrt(-0.0) is defined.
2008-01-28 Chris Lattnermake handling of overflow and undefined results much...
2008-01-27 Chris LattnerAlways for PACKAGEVERSION to 'mainline' for teh llvm...
2008-01-15 Anton KorobeynikovAdd description of 'llvm.trap' intrinsic. Also, minor...
2008-01-15 Chris Lattnerclarify that byval is valid for any pointer argument.
2008-01-11 Chris Lattnerdocument the byval parameter attribute.
2008-01-09 Chris Lattnermany cleanups and fixed, contributed by Sam Bishop
2008-01-06 Chris Lattnerimprove description of alignment, patch by Alain Frisch.
2008-01-06 Chris LattnerFix typo noticed by 'Danny' in PR1901
2008-01-04 Bill Wendlingdoc_code-ify some code in this doc.
2008-01-04 Chris Lattnerfix nesting issues.
2008-01-04 Chris Lattnerfix validation issues.
2008-01-04 Chris Lattnerimprove the description of types, patch by Alain Frisch
2008-01-03 Chris Lattneradd info on walking preds/succs of a block.
2007-12-31 Chris Lattnerupdate a couple of references to SSARegMap.
2007-12-29 Chris Lattnerremove attributions from the rest of the llvm makefiles.
2007-12-29 Chris LattnerDon't attribute in file headers anymore. See llvmdev...
2007-12-25 Chris Lattnerupdate to llvm 2.0 syntax.
2007-12-25 Gordon HenriksenNoting and enforcing that GC intrinsics are valid only...
2007-12-22 Gordon HenriksenUndo a wrong bit in that last patch.
2007-12-22 Gordon HenriksenDocument a more robust implementation of performCustomL...
2007-12-19 Chris Lattnerfix formatting
2007-12-19 Chris Lattnerfix more table abuses.
2007-12-18 Chris Lattneravoid confusing terminology (what is a "word"?), fix...
2007-12-17 Christopher LambMake it clear in the LangRef that allocation instructio...
2007-12-13 Dan GohmanMake it more clear that some things that can't be done...
2007-12-12 Christopher LambImplement part of review feedback for address spaces.
2007-12-11 Christopher LambAdd information on address space qualifiers for pointer...
2007-12-11 Gordon HenriksenCollectorMetadata and Collector are rejiggered to get...
2007-12-10 John CriswellFix some wording.
2007-12-10 Gordon HenriksenFix a typo spotted by Nick Lewycky.
2007-12-10 Gordon HenriksenAdding a collector name attribute to Function in the...
2007-12-03 John CriswellFixed typo.
2007-12-03 Chris LattnerDescribe the notion of 'owners' of the code.
2007-12-03 Nick Lewyckylli -trace was removed back in 2003.
2007-12-03 Nick LewyckyType::IntTy hasn't existed for a while. Just sub in...
2007-12-03 Chris Lattnerexplain what I need to grant commit access.
2007-12-02 Chris Lattnerfix typo noticed by Joshua Pennington
2007-11-28 Chris LattnerAdd a note
2007-11-28 Tanya LattnerFix typo
2007-11-28 Tanya LattnerModified instructions to configure llvm-test by configu...
2007-11-27 Duncan SandsFix PR1146: parameter attributes are longer part of
2007-11-23 Chris Lattner!< is >=, not >. Thanks to Max Hailperin for pointing...
2007-11-22 Duncan SandsRename the 'const' parameter attribute to 'readnone',
2007-11-19 Owen AndersonTeach me to do stuff late at night.
2007-11-19 Owen AndersonFix a factually incorrect statement pointed out by...
2007-11-17 Nate BegemanAdd support for vectors to int <-> float casts.
2007-11-16 Anton KorobeynikovThese were implemented
2007-11-16 Chris Lattnerfix a typo
2007-11-15 Chris LattnerImport the boost scoped_ptr class to LLVM. This patch...
2007-11-15 Chris Lattnermany edits, patch by Kelly Wilson!
2007-11-14 Duncan SandsTweak the descriptions of the new 'const' and 'pure...
2007-11-14 Anton KorobeynikovDocument pure/const parameter attributes