Initial checkin
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2003-08-21 Misha BrukmanThe word `dependence' has no `a'.
2003-08-21 Misha BrukmanThe word `dependent' has no `a'.
2003-08-21 John CriswellAdding a copyright notice to each file is unnecessary.
2003-08-21 John CriswellFurther updates:
2003-08-21 John CriswellUpdated to reflect current work:
2003-08-19 Brian GaekeAdd ParseEnvironmentOptions documentation
2003-08-19 Brian GaekeAdd warning about how you have to put cl::init after...
2003-08-18 Misha BrukmanSpell `necessary' correctly.
2003-08-11 Misha Brukman* Added pointers to the README files in emacs/ and...
2003-08-11 Chris LattnerGeez, this misha guy is a _horrible_ speller. :)
2003-08-11 Misha Brukman* Added a section describing the hidden gems in llvm...
2003-08-08 John CriswellRemoved information on the Pool Allocator as it is...
2003-08-08 John CriswellAdded a FAQ about how to clean the directory if it...
2003-08-08 John CriswellUpdated for the 1.1 pre-release.
2003-08-07 Chris Lattner* Fix <>'s in code to be &lt;&gt;'s
2003-08-06 Chris LattnerLoop unroller doesn't necessarily need to be profile...
2003-08-05 Chris Lattner"fix" coding style stuff
2003-08-01 Chris LattnerFix a bug
2003-08-01 Chris LattnerUpdate information about the new DEBUG_TYPE macro
2003-08-01 Chris LattnerFix <>'s in HTML
2003-07-28 Misha BrukmanMade many paragraphs fit into 80 characters per line...
2003-07-28 John CriswellAdded two tasks:
2003-07-28 Misha BrukmanAdded comma after `i.e.'
2003-07-25 Chris LattnerChange reference to assert.h to mention cassert
2003-07-25 Chris LattnerBrian implemented the static compiler, take it off...
2003-07-22 Brian GaekeAdd documentation for runOnMachineFunction()
2003-07-21 John CriswellUpdated from the discussion on July 21, 2003.
2003-07-17 Brian GaekeAdded bits about MachineFunctionPass
2003-07-14 Misha BrukmanThe word `separate' only has one `e'.
2003-07-14 Misha BrukmanFixed: </pre</p> => </pre></p>
2003-07-08 John CriswellCorrected the Table of Contents.
2003-07-07 John CriswellFixed the directions for building the C front end.
2003-07-07 John CriswellAdded information about how to unpack the distribution...
2003-07-03 John CriswellFixed an error in the pathname to LLVMGCCDIR for the...
2003-07-03 John CriswellAdded information on software requirements for unpackin...
2003-07-03 Misha Brukman* Reworded a bit about JITs (I don't like acronyms...
2003-07-03 John CriswellAdded another remark on how building the C front end...
2003-07-03 John CriswellPerformed a major update for the pre-release.
2003-07-03 John CriswellAdding a web page on how to start a new LLVM Project.
2003-07-02 John CriswellUpdated prior to the pre-release.
2003-07-01 John CriswellFixed a broken hyperlink.
2003-06-30 John CriswellAdded John Criswell to the contributors list.
2003-06-30 John CriswellRemoved the --enable-profiling and --enable-verbose...
2003-06-30 John CriswellMerged in autoconf branch. This provides configuration...
2003-06-26 Brian GaekeHere are the notes from our Reoptimizer meetings.
2003-06-25 Chris LattnerRemove completed tasks
2003-06-21 Chris LattnerClarify that variables must be global
2003-06-18 Chris LattnerDiversify examples
2003-06-18 Chris Lattnerfix incorrect anchor
2003-06-12 John CriswellReverted back to hand-made HTML.
2003-06-11 John CriswellUpdated the documentation to reflect changes in the...
2003-06-08 Chris LattnerFix bug in environment setting
2003-06-03 Chris LattnerFix minor bug
2003-05-31 Chris Lattner* Correct title
2003-05-31 John Criswell*** empty log message ***
2003-05-26 Misha BrukmanChanged tank... => http://llvm, and removed an extraneo...
2003-05-23 Brian GaekeSuggest -save-temps instead of -S, -E.
2003-05-23 Chris LattnerFix a problem brian identified.
2003-05-22 Chris LattnerAdd documentation for the new cl::CommaSeparated modifier
2003-05-21 Chris LattnerNew document
2003-05-21 Chris LattnerNew graphic for web page
2003-05-20 Misha BrukmanHopefully, the final fix for `[Pp]ropogate'.
2003-05-11 Chris LattnerAdd info about the LLVM_LIB_SEARCH_PATH envvar
2003-05-08 Chris Lattnerva_start only takes on argument now.
2003-05-08 Chris LattnerUpdate information about the switch instruction
2003-05-08 Chris Lattner* Add information about LLVM intrinsics
2003-05-07 Misha BrukmanFixed syntax error (in documentation!): missing parenth...
2003-05-07 Misha BrukmanGrammar fix: `of course' is separated from the sentence...
2003-05-06 Chris LattnerAdd a new open project
2003-04-28 Chris LattnerRemove implemented project, add a new one
2003-04-26 Chris LattnerSwitch insns actually DO work.
2003-04-23 Chris LattnerRemove documented problem that is now fixed
2003-04-23 Chris LattnerProperly convert some &'s to &amp;'s
2003-03-08 Misha BrukmanThe word 'independent' has no 'a'.
2003-03-04 Chris LattnerInitial checkin of AliasAnalysis doc
2003-02-26 Chris LattnerRemove implemented projects
2003-02-26 Chris LattnerUpdate programmers manual for renamed method
2003-02-14 Chris LattnerClarify the Makefile.config settings
2003-02-07 Chris LattnerAdd notes from Vikram's email
2003-02-07 Chris LattnerRemove obsolete page
2003-02-06 Chris LattnerNew "open projects" document
2003-01-23 Chris LattnerAdd notes about LLVM and CygWin from Brian Gaeke
2002-12-13 Chris Lattnergetelementptr uses long instead of uint indexes
2002-11-20 Chris Lattner - Eliminated the deferred symbol table stuff in Modul...
2002-11-17 Chris LattnerAdd more numbers
2002-11-15 Nick HildenbrandtUpdates
2002-11-12 Chris LattnerAdd new numbers
2002-11-12 Chris LattnerAdd new numbers
2002-11-11 Chris LattnerMore numbers
2002-11-10 Chris LattnerAdd more info
2002-11-10 Chris LattnerAdd more numbers
2002-11-09 Chris LattnerAdd highlighting of changes fields
2002-11-08 Chris LattnerAdd numbers for array folding
2002-11-08 Chris LattnerAdd a bunch more numbers
2002-11-08 Chris LattnerAdd some numbers
2002-11-08 Chris LattnerAdd some notes about DEBUG flag
2002-11-07 Nick HildenbrandtUpdateCVS: ---------------------------------------...
2002-11-07 Nick HildenbrandtMore updates, more test work
2002-11-07 Nick HildenbrandtUpdated test results.
2002-11-07 Chris LattnerUpdate info now that bugfixes have been applied