We actually don't have spiff anymore
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2004-04-13 Chris LattnerAdd a note
2004-04-13 Chris LattnerAdd notes about some of the code quality improvements...
2004-04-12 John CriswellCorrected the descriptions of the llvm.writeport and...
2004-04-12 John CriswellAdded initial design for the llvm.readio and llvm.write...
2004-04-10 Chris LattnerAdd note
2004-04-09 Chris LattnerExpand on adding an intrinsic. Move section to before...
2004-04-09 John CriswellFixed some spelling.
2004-04-09 John CriswellModified the prototypes of the llvm.readport and llvm...
2004-04-09 John CriswellAdded the llvm.readport and llvm.writeport intrinsics.
2004-04-07 Brian GaekeWe have a global reg. allocator now -- thanks to Alkis.
2004-04-06 Chris LattnerBugs fixed new features implemented
2004-04-06 Chris LattnerDocument new option
2004-04-06 Chris LattnerUpdate docs a bit
2004-04-06 Chris LattnerRemove some options that don't really have anything...
2004-04-06 Misha Brukman* Added link to newly written ExtendingLLVM.html document
2004-04-06 Misha BrukmanIncorporated Chris' comments.
2004-04-06 Misha BrukmanAdded notes on extending LLVM with new instructions...
2004-04-05 Chris LattnerPR82 is finally fixed!
2004-04-05 Chris LattnerUpdate getelementptr instruction description
2004-04-05 Chris LattnerPR305 is now fixed
2004-04-01 Chris LattnerBug fixed
2004-04-01 Chris LattnerBug fixed
2004-04-01 Chris LattnerClear out all of the changes. Reset version numbers...
2004-03-29 John CriswellMerged in RELEASE_12.
2004-03-29 Chris LattnerAdd a faq entry
2004-03-25 Chris LattnerAdd note about setting up linux systems to directly...
2004-03-19 Chris LattnerAdd a dose of reality into the release notes
2004-03-19 Chris LattnerPerhaps the last bugfix before the release? HOPEFULLY...
2004-03-18 Chris LattnerFix a minor wording bug in the manual
2004-03-17 Chris LattnerFix a tag-o
2004-03-17 Chris LattnerRewrite the second on AnalysisUsage usage. This docume...
2004-03-17 Chris Lattnerupdate release notes for 1.2
2004-03-16 Chris LattnerBug fixed
2004-03-16 Chris LattnerBug not fixed after all
2004-03-16 Chris LattnerFix bug in bug name. It must be the painkillers that...
2004-03-16 Chris LattnerImplement a new feature in the CFE, moving a GCC extens...
2004-03-16 Chris Lattnerboog fixed
2004-03-16 Chris LattnerBug fixed
2004-03-14 Chris LattnerDocument stuff that is known to be broken
2004-03-13 Chris LattnerOption no more
2004-03-12 John CriswellPerformed some updates on the new options to these...
2004-03-12 John CriswellFixed grammar typo.
2004-03-12 John CriswellFixed grammar typo.
2004-03-12 John CriswellAdded minor information on C++.
2004-03-12 John CriswellUpdated to LLVM 1.2.
2004-03-12 John CriswellPoint to the new license (includes year 2004).
2004-03-12 John CriswellAdded a header indicating that the Linux and MacOS...
2004-03-12 Chris LattnerThis is no longer an open project
2004-03-12 Chris LattnerCleanup the cast section, add the select instruction
2004-03-11 Misha BrukmanMiscellaneous additions are a separate section.
2004-03-11 Alkis EvlogimenosFix spelling.
2004-03-11 Alkis EvlogimenosEmbed a floating frame of the bugzilla query in the...
2004-03-11 Chris LattnerMinor additions and cleanups
2004-03-10 Chris LattnerBugz fixed
2004-03-10 Alkis EvlogimenosAdd link to bugzilla query of unassigned enhancements...
2004-03-10 Misha BrukmanWe need a logo.
2004-03-10 Brian GaekeAdd brainstorm for a random test vector generator
2004-03-10 Brian GaekeRecommend using install-bytecode target
2004-03-09 Brian GaekeNow that I read it again, this part in particular strik...
2004-03-09 Brian Gaekeb00g fixed
2004-03-09 Chris LattnerBug fixed
2004-03-09 Chris LattnerJohn fixed this bug
2004-03-08 Misha BrukmanFix some spelling and grammar.
2004-03-08 Chris LattnerUpdate the profiling section
2004-03-08 Misha BrukmanFix link to license: point to current version in CVS.
2004-03-08 Chris LattnerRemove the comment "Constants must always have an initi...
2004-03-08 Chris LattnerBug fixed
2004-03-06 Alkis EvlogimenosAdd simple spiller.
2004-03-06 Alkis EvlogimenosThe default register allocator is local not simple.
2004-03-02 Alkis EvlogimenosMake <di> into <dt> (definition list term).
2004-03-01 Alkis EvlogimenosFix <p> missing <p> tag
2004-03-01 Alkis EvlogimenosAdd a spiller option to llc. A simple spiller will...
2004-03-01 Misha Brukman* HTML 4.01 Strict compliance
2004-03-01 Misha BrukmanHTML 4.01 Strict compliance.
2004-02-27 Chris LattnerUpdates from Reid
2004-02-27 Chris LattnerInitial checkin of document, contributed by Reid Spencer.
2004-02-27 Alkis EvlogimenosAdd improvements to the code generator.
2004-02-26 John CriswellAdded PR258 and 259.
2004-02-26 Chris Lattneradd note
2004-02-26 Brian GaekeOne B00g fixed.
2004-02-25 Chris LattnerSubstantial improvements and cleanups for the release...
2004-02-24 John CriswellFixed minor typos.
2004-02-24 Chris LattnerWow, the description of the 'switch' instruction was...
2004-02-24 Chris LattnerNow that's a new feature!
2004-02-23 Chris LattnerUpdate the 'new features' section
2004-02-23 Chris LattnerBug fixed
2004-02-22 Chris LattnerLink to most recent "LLVM document"
2004-02-20 Chris LattnerBug fixed
2004-02-18 Chris LattnerDocument the code generator debugger.
2004-02-18 Chris Lattnerdocument the -march=c option
2004-02-18 Chris LattnerExtract has new options
2004-02-17 Chris LattnerBug fixed
2004-02-16 Misha BrukmanPreSelection isn't optional and so there's no way to...
2004-02-15 Chris LattnerDocument bug 240
2004-02-15 Chris LattnerQOI bug fixed
2004-02-15 Chris LattnerBug fixed
2004-02-15 Chris LattnerNew code quality fix
2004-02-14 Chris Lattnerfix typeo
2004-02-14 Chris LattnerThese should be mentioned
2004-02-14 Chris LattnerDocument new intrinsics