Disabling -g for ocaml builds; it's not downwards compatible.
[oota-llvm.git] / configure
2007-12-13 Nate BegemanDo not build CBackend and MSIL regardless of configured...
2007-12-12 Duncan SandsRemove host endianness info from TargetData and
2007-12-10 Duncan SandsFix PR1836: in the interpreter, read and write apints
2007-12-05 Scott MichelRegenerated configure after autoconf/configure.ac change.
2007-12-04 Devang PatelAdd --with-llvmgcc= and --with-llvmgxx= configure options.
2007-12-01 Eric ChristopherAdd target triple to include/llvm/Config/config.h.in...
2007-10-03 Gordon HenriksenRegenerate.
2007-10-02 Gordon HenriksenRegenerate.
2007-10-02 Gordon HenriksenRegenerate.
2007-10-02 Gordon HenriksenRegenerate.
2007-09-29 Gordon HenriksenRegenerate.
2007-09-22 Gordon HenriksenRegenerate.
2007-09-20 Gordon HenriksenRegenerate.
2007-09-18 Gordon HenriksenRegenerate.
2007-09-17 Tanya LattnerFix broken default help strings for enable-shared,...
2007-09-14 Tanya LattnerChange to 2.2svn.
2007-08-29 Tanya LattnerUpdating configure script to enable MIPS.
2007-08-17 Reid SpencerRegenerate.
2007-07-30 Reid SpencerRegenerate for __dso_handle, per Anton's request.
2007-07-17 Andrew Lenharthsupport poolalloc as checked out from svn
2007-07-13 Reid SpencerRegenerate to pick up Gabor's changes.
2007-07-09 Reid SpencerRegenerate.
2007-07-03 Anton KorobeynikovRevert last change until issue reported by Owen, won...
2007-07-03 Anton KorobeynikovRename llvm-test => test-suite. By Dave Greene.
2007-06-28 David GreeneAdd support for building with _GLIBCXX_DEBUG. New...
2007-05-17 Reid SpencerRegenerate.
2007-05-08 Tanya LattnerBumping cvs version number
2007-04-21 Reid SpencerRegenerate for detection of llvm-gcc supported languages
2007-04-11 Reid SpencerHopefully fix LTDL_SHLIB_EXT on Darwin
2007-04-02 Reid SpencerRegenerate.
2007-03-29 Reid SpencerRegenerate for PR1283 fix.
2007-03-21 Anton KorobeynikovLet the new backend begin!
2007-02-16 Reid SpencerRegenerate for getrlimit/setrlimit.
2007-01-21 Reid SpencerRegenerate.
2007-01-21 Reid SpencerFor PR1128:
2007-01-20 Reid SpencerFor PR808:
2007-01-20 Reid SpencerRegenerate for Anton Korobeynikov.
2007-01-19 Reid SpencerAdd the check for udis86 to support disassembly.
2007-01-17 Reid SpencerFor PR1074:
2007-01-12 Jeff Cohen'==' is not a legal test operator on BSD. Use '='.
2006-12-21 Reid SpencerAdd a new variable, LLVMGCCLIBEXEC to get the libexec...
2006-12-16 Reid SpencerAllow an --enable-pic option to turn on -fPIC compiler...
2006-12-10 Reid SpencerRegenerate.
2006-12-08 Reid SpencerRegenerate.
2006-12-01 Reid SpencerFor PR1019:
2006-11-17 Reid SpencerUndo removal of the runtime libraries. While this may...
2006-11-16 Reid SpencerIn LLVM 2.0 we won't use the runtime libraries as llvm...
2006-11-14 Tanya LattnerUpdating configure script for 2.0
2006-11-05 Reid SpencerAdd a -disable-cbe-printf-a option so that the output...
2006-11-03 Reid SpencerMake the huge_val test run a C++ program not C
2006-11-03 Reid SpencerAdd a check to see if HUGE_VAL is sane or not.
2006-10-02 Chris Lattnerfix misleading warning
2006-09-14 Reid SpencerAdd a HAVE_MACH_MACH_H #define to detect the presence...
2006-08-24 Reid SpencerFor PR738:
2006-08-22 Reid SpencerAdd irix as a (potential) new platform so that Timothy...
2006-08-16 Reid SpencerAdd llvm.spec to the list of files to be configured.
2006-08-09 Evan ChengRecover the lost diff between 1.221 and 1.222.
2006-08-04 Reid SpencerUpdate the auto* tools: autoconf 2.60, libtool 1.5...
2006-07-28 Reid SpencerFix the --with-extra-options to use the correct variable.
2006-07-28 Reid SpencerFor PR848:
2006-07-27 Reid SpencerChanges to support cross-compiling LLVM. The GenLibDeps...
2006-07-26 Reid SpencerFor PR814:
2006-07-06 Evan ChengFixed a typo.
2006-06-20 Evan ChengAdded --with-extra-options=opts to specify additional...
2006-06-20 John CriswellAdded the privbracket project to the list of projects...
2006-06-05 Reid SpencerFor PR633:
2006-06-05 Reid SpencerSome enhancements for gv/graphviz/dot/dotty support...
2006-06-02 Reid SpencerFor PR798:
2006-06-01 Reid SpencerProvide configuration support and usage for MINGW32...
2006-06-01 Reid SpencerMake sure windows.h is #included first.
2006-06-01 Reid SpencerMake sure that when checking for MINGW32 libraries...
2006-06-01 Reid SpencerProvide support for detecting if the Win32 imaghlp...
2006-05-21 Reid SpencerFor PR784:
2006-05-16 Reid SpencerMake sure to default ${prefix} to /usr/local if the...
2006-05-14 Rafael Espindolaadded a skeleton of the ARM backend
2006-05-09 Reid SpencerUse the -dumpversion option to llvm-gcc which gives...
2006-04-27 Reid SpencerFor PR747:
2006-04-20 Reid SpencerConfigure llvm-config in tools, not utils.
2006-04-20 Chris LattnerNever build SparcV9
2006-04-19 Reid SpencerAllow OpenBSD to be recognized as a UNIX platform.
2006-04-19 Chris LattnerRegenerate
2006-04-14 Reid SpencerAhem. HEAD -> 1.8cvs not 1.7 (I'm an idiot).
2006-04-14 Reid Spencerremove the "cvs" part of the version number for the...
2006-04-09 Reid SpencerChange the assertions defaults:
2006-04-08 Reid SpencerEnsure that the automatic "CVS build" detection works...
2006-04-07 Reid SpencerFor PR723:
2006-04-06 Reid SpencerFor support of new GCC v4, obtain the full and major...
2006-03-23 Reid SpencerUpdate to llvm-config tool, by Erik Kidd:
2006-03-22 Reid SpencerThese changes are necessary to support the new llvm...
2006-02-27 Chris LattnerUse -emit-llvm -S to get .ll file output from llvm-gcc
2006-02-16 Chris Lattnerremove skeleton target
2006-02-15 Duraid Madinareverting previous change, will add support for other...
2006-02-15 Duraid Madinazap
2006-02-05 Chris LattnerSparcV8 -> Sparc
2006-01-23 Reid SpencerUpdate for including additional function tests.
2006-01-19 Reid SpencerMake sure that libm is used during config tests so...
2006-01-19 Reid SpencerFor PR696:
2005-12-21 Reid SpencerImplement fix for PR471:
2005-12-19 John CriswellAdded the llvm-kernel project to the list of automatica...
2005-11-14 Chris Lattnerregenearte