[OCaml] Avoid embedding absolute paths into executables.
[oota-llvm.git] / bindings / ocaml /
2014-11-03 Peter Zotov[OCaml] Avoid embedding absolute paths into executables.
2014-11-03 Peter Zotov[OCaml] Don't build stub libraries twice.
2014-11-03 Peter Zotov[OCaml] META: remove exists_if(toplevel).
2014-11-03 Peter Zotov[OCaml] ExecutionEngine package should not depend on...
2014-10-31 Peter Zotov[OCaml] Ensure consistent naming.
2014-10-31 Peter Zotov[OCaml] Rework Llvm_executionengine using ctypes.
2014-10-30 Peter Zotov[OCaml] Expose LLVMCloneModule.
2014-10-30 Peter Zotov[OCaml] Expose LLVM{Get,Set}DLLStorageClass.
2014-10-30 Peter Zotov[OCaml] [autoconf] Migrate to ocamlfind.
2014-10-30 Peter Zotov[OCaml] De-duplicate llvm_raise and llvm_string_of_message.
2014-10-29 Peter Zotov[OCaml] Expose Llvm.parse_command_line_options.
2014-10-29 Peter Zotov[OCaml] Expose Llvm_target.TargetMachine.add_analysis_p...
2014-10-29 Peter Zotov[OCaml] If compiled without --enable-shared, hide packa...
2014-10-29 Peter Zotov[OCaml] Expose Llvm_bitwriter.write_bitcode_to_memory_b...
2014-10-29 Peter Zotov[OCaml] Drop support for 3.12.1 and earlier.
2014-10-29 Peter Zotov[OCaml] Synchronize transformations with LLVM-C.
2014-10-28 Peter Zotov[OCaml] PR19859: Add functions to query and modify...
2014-10-28 Peter Zotov[OCaml] PR19859: Add Llvm.{fcmp_predicate,float_of_const}.
2014-10-28 Peter Zotov[OCaml] Enable -g for debug builds.
2014-10-28 Peter Zotov[OCaml] Fix whitespace.
2014-10-26 Peter Zotov[OCaml] Expose existing documentation in ocamldoc.
2014-10-25 Peter Zotov[OCaml] Unbreak Llvm_executionengine.initialize_native_...
2014-10-25 Peter Zotov[OCaml] Expose Llvm_executionengine.ExecutionEngine...
2014-10-22 Peter Zotov[OCaml] Fix a typo in documentation.
2014-10-17 Peter Zotov[OCaml] Add Llvm.instr_clone.
2014-09-02 Eric ChristopherReinstate "Nuke the old JIT."
2014-08-12 Peter Zotov[OCaml] Expose Llvm.get_operand_use.
2014-08-07 Eric ChristopherTemporarily Revert "Nuke the old JIT." as it's not...
2014-08-07 Rafael EspindolaFix the ocaml bindings.
2014-08-03 Peter Zotov[OCaml] Add Llvm.{string_of_const,const_element}.
2014-07-22 Peter Zotov[OCaml] Don't truncate constants over 32 bits in Llvm...
2014-07-18 Gerolf HoflehnerMergedLoadStoreMotion pass
2014-07-02 Peter Zotov[OCaml] Documentation improvements.
2014-06-30 Peter Zotov[OCaml] Documentation improvements.
2014-06-09 Peter Zotov[OCaml] Unbreak Llvm_target.TargetMachine.set_verbose_asm
2014-06-07 Peter Zotov[OCaml] Commit missing parts of r210395
2014-06-07 Peter Zotov[OCaml] Introduce an llmdkind abstract type.
2014-05-01 Peter Zotov[OCaml] Add an ocamlfind package llvm.all_backends.
2013-12-20 NAKAMURA TakumiMakefile.ocaml: Tweak to use --system-libs.
2013-12-20 Alp TokerFix documentation typos
2013-11-28 Peter Zotov[OCaml] Add a slash accidentally omitted from Makefile
2013-11-27 Peter Zotov[OCaml] Embed rpath into stub libraries and native...
2013-11-26 Peter Zotov[OCaml] Embed the flags necessary for linking with...
2013-11-21 Peter Zotov[OCaml] Unbreak make install by providing ocamldoc...
2013-11-15 Peter Zotov[OCaml] Add Target and TargetMachine bindings to Llvm_t...
2013-11-15 Peter Zotov[OCaml] Refactor Llvm_target interface
2013-11-15 Peter Zotov[OCaml] Fix building of stub libraries
2013-11-14 Peter Zotov[OCaml] Build stub OCaml libraries for all configured...
2013-11-14 Peter Zotov[OCaml] Expose LLVM's fatal error and stacktrace APIs
2013-11-12 Peter Zotov[OCaml] Dynamically link LLVM on --enable-shared builds
2013-11-12 Peter Zotov[OCaml] Fix a typo
2013-11-11 Peter Zotov[OCaml] Add missing Llvm_target functions
2013-11-11 Peter Zotov[OCaml] Accept context explicitly in Llvm_target functions
2013-11-11 Peter Zotov[OCaml] Make Llvm_target.DataLayout.t automatically...
2013-11-06 Peter Zotov[OCaml] Impement Llvm_irreader, bindings to LLVM assemb...
2013-11-06 Peter Zotov[OCaml] Implement Llvm.string_of_llvalue
2013-11-05 Peter Zotov[OCaml] (PR16190) Add ValueKinds for ConstantDataSequen...
2013-11-05 Peter Zotov[OCaml] (PR16318) Add missing argument to Llvm.const_in...
2013-11-05 Peter Zotov[OCaml] (PR11717) Make declare_qualified_global respect...
2013-11-05 Peter Zotov[OCaml] Properly tag the custom operations of Llvm...
2013-11-05 Peter Zotov[OCaml] Llvm_linker: do not use external in module...
2013-11-04 Peter Zotov[OCaml] implement Llvm_passmgr_builder, bindings for...
2013-11-04 Peter Zotov[OCaml] Documentation
2013-11-04 Peter Zotov[OCaml] Implement missing LLVMCore APIs
2013-11-04 Peter Zotov[OCaml] Formatting
2013-11-03 Peter Zotov[OCaml] Implement Llvm.MemoryBuffer.{of_string,as_string}
2013-11-03 Peter Zotov[OCaml] Fix ABI incompatibility
2013-11-03 Peter Zotov[OCaml] Implement Llvm_linker, bindings for the IR...
2013-11-03 Peter Zotov[OCaml] Implement Llvm_vectorize bindings
2013-11-03 Peter Zotov[OCaml] Llvm_target: fix typo (Int_val instead of Int64...
2013-11-03 Peter Zotov[OCaml] Llvm_scalar_opts: add missing transforms
2013-11-03 Peter Zotov[OCaml] Llvm_ipo: add missing transforms
2013-11-01 Sylvestre LedruOCaml bindings: fix typo
2013-11-01 Sylvestre LedruOCaml bindings: remove unused DONT_BUILD_RELINKED from...
2013-11-01 Sylvestre LedruOCaml bindings: fix typo
2013-11-01 Sylvestre LedruOCaml bindings: fix typo in documentation
2013-11-01 Sylvestre LedruOCaml bindings: formatting
2013-04-29 Andrew KaylorExposing MCJIT through C API
2013-04-25 Andrew KaylorFixing OCAML bindings for MCJIT
2012-10-19 Micah VillmowFix a build error for ocaml bindings that was introduce...
2012-10-08 Micah VillmowFix the ocaml binding breakage from TargetData -> DataL...
2012-10-08 Micah VillmowMove TargetData to DataLayout.
2012-09-02 Nuno Lopesadd support for ocaml 3.12
2012-07-19 Bill WendlingRemove tabs.
2012-02-07 Benjamin Kramerocaml bindings: landing pad is now the last opcode.
2012-01-25 Jim GrosbachTidy up. s/Low Level Virtual Machine/LLVM/.
2011-12-28 Bob WilsonUpdate OCaml bindings for the new half float type.
2011-12-22 Dylan Noblesmithdrop unneeded config.h includes
2011-11-09 Wojciech MatyjewiczMinor fixes in Makefiles for the OCaml bindings:
2011-10-14 Torok EdwinOCaml bindings: add some missing functions and testcases.
2011-10-14 Torok EdwinOCaml bindings: fix attributes to use all 32 bits
2011-10-14 Torok EdwinOCaml bindings: add icmp_predicate
2011-10-14 Torok EdwinOCaml bindings: fix infinite recursion on string_of_lltype
2011-10-14 Torok Edwinbindings: named struct support
2011-10-14 Torok Edwinocaml bindings: add findlib META support
2011-10-14 Torok Edwinocaml bindings: introduce classify_value
2011-10-14 Torok Edwinocaml bindings: add getopcode for constant and instruct...
2011-10-14 Torok Edwinbindings: tab and indentation fixes of my previous...
2011-10-06 Torok Edwinocaml/C bindings: type->isSized()
2011-10-06 Torok Edwinadd binding to read icmp predicate