Fix srcdir <> objdir builds with ocaml 2.10. Downrev versions don't care whether
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2007-09-18 Bill WendlingUpdate my entry.
2007-09-17 Gordon HenriksenAdding myself to credits.
2007-09-09 Daniel BerlinAdd SparseBitVector implementation
2007-08-29 Raul HerbsterAlphabetize Raul's entry.
2007-08-29 Raul HerbsterNew contributor added
2007-08-25 Neil BoothTest
2007-08-25 Neil BoothAdd self
2007-08-10 Christopher LambUse subregs to improve any_extend code generation when...
2007-07-05 Dale JohannesenRecord my recent work.
2007-07-05 Duncan SandsTest commit.
2007-07-03 Owen AndersonTest commit.
2007-07-02 Tanya LattnerTesting commit.
2007-06-30 Duraid Madinatake blame for bigblock RA (test SVN commit)
2007-06-30 Reid SpencerBe slightly more explanatory about the work I've done...
2007-06-30 Chris Lattnertest commit
2007-06-29 John CriswellUpdated my entry as a test commit.
2007-06-08 David GreeneAdd entry to CREDITS.
2007-05-31 Bill WendlingAlphabetize Bruno's entry.
2007-05-31 Bruno Cardoso LopesNew contributor added!
2007-05-20 Bill WendlingUpdate
2007-05-07 Evan ChengUpdate.
2007-05-06 Anton KorobeynikovUpdate fields
2007-05-06 Reid SpencerMake my credits refer to my wiki page.
2007-05-06 Lauro Ramos VenancioAdd myself.
2007-04-25 Dale Johannesenfix typo
2007-04-24 Dale JohannesenAdd me
2007-04-24 Devang PatelAdd myself.
2007-04-21 Christopher Lambadd support for alignment attributes on load/store...
2007-03-21 Anton KorobeynikovAdd Roman to credits
2007-03-05 Duncan SandsCredit self for Ada front-end.
2007-02-27 Nicolas GeoffrayAdded myself
2007-02-15 Evan ChengUpdate
2007-02-15 Dan GohmanAdd myself to the credits.
2007-01-08 Chandler CarruthTesting commit, and adding an entry to CREDITS.TXT
2006-08-29 Nick LewyckyThe list is sorted by name.
2006-08-28 Nick LewyckyAdd PredicateSimplifier pass. Collapses equal variables...
2006-08-16 Bill WendlingAdded my home web page.
2006-08-13 Reid SpencerAdd llvm2cpp.
2006-08-09 Tanya LattnerUpdate credits and fix sorting issue.
2006-08-01 Reid SpencerUpdate my entry.
2006-08-01 Chris LattnerUpdate Bil's entry
2006-08-01 Jim LaskeyAdding to credibility.
2006-08-01 Anton KorobeynikovAdded myself to credits.
2006-07-05 Patrick JenkinsAdding Patrick Jenkins' information to CREDITS.TXT
2006-06-29 Owen AndersonDescribe my newest work.
2006-05-31 Owen AndersonAdd my most recent work.
2006-05-16 Vladimir PrusAdd my homepage, as a test that commit access works
2006-05-15 Owen AndersonAdd myself to the credits.
2006-05-14 Rafael Espindolaadded myself to CREDITS.TXT
2006-04-13 Andrew Lenharthquick update
2006-04-12 Evan ChengUpdate my credits. Can I add "Build breaker" to my...
2006-04-11 Jim LaskeyUpdate credibility.
2006-04-11 Reid SpencerUpdate my entry.
2006-04-11 Nate Begemanupdate my credits entry per clattner's request!
2006-03-23 Reid SpencerUpdate to llvm-config tool, by Erik Kidd:
2006-01-08 Chris LattnerAdd an entry
2005-12-22 Chris Lattnercredit where credit is due
2005-11-29 Chris Lattneradd Evan and Jim. Please edit your entries as desired.
2005-08-02 Chris LattnerAdd a note, people are responsible for requesting that...
2005-05-15 Chris LattnerImprove statement
2005-05-08 Jeff CohenUpdate my info
2005-03-22 Tanya LattnerUpdating my entry.
2005-03-17 Duraid Madinanow the angry bug reports have somewhere to go!
2005-02-19 Chris LattnerNew entry.
2005-02-14 Misha BrukmanGive props to Andrew for the Alpha backend
2005-02-10 Misha BrukmanGive props to Brian for V8 backend
2004-11-18 Chris LattnerAdd MMC
2004-10-27 Chris LattnerGive sumant credit too!
2004-10-26 Misha Brukman* Thanks to Morten Ofstad for the Visual C++ compatibil...
2004-09-23 Alkis EvlogimenosUpdate email address
2004-09-23 Chris LattnerGrrr... I shouldn't have to do this one :)
2004-09-23 Chris LattnerUpdate credits
2004-09-21 Misha BrukmanThanks to Brad Jones for packed type support!
2004-08-24 Reid SpencerActually get the URL to my notes page correct.
2004-08-24 Reid SpencerCorrect my home page. Shorten my entry. Reference home...
2004-08-05 Misha BrukmanWe now have the PowerPC backend, thanks to Nate Begeman...
2004-08-03 Reid SpencerAdded llvmcs to my list.
2004-08-03 Brian GaekeTesting... One more time...
2004-08-03 Brian GaekeJust testing
2004-08-03 Brian Gaeketesting
2004-08-03 Brian GaekeTesting
2004-08-01 Reid SpencerUpdate.
2004-07-22 Misha BrukmanLet's not get carried away here, please.
2004-07-22 John CriswellGive some credit to Oscar. Should help to address...
2004-06-25 Chris LattnerAdd credits entry
2004-06-25 Misha BrukmanVladimir Prus also contributed the LowerConstantExprs...
2004-05-06 Reid SpencerJust testing the "Reid has CVS commit access" system
2004-05-06 Misha BrukmanGive props to Vladimir Prus for the inst_iterator patch.
2003-12-17 John CriswellAdded Stacker to Reid Spencer's list of contributions.
2003-11-14 Misha BrukmanGive props to Reid Spencer for the namespacification...
2003-11-10 Brian Gaekeadd Reid Spencer
2003-10-20 Misha Brukman* Fixed grammar in header
2003-10-17 Misha Brukman* Give credit where credit's due
2003-10-07 Chris LattnerAdd more credits
2003-09-23 Chris LattnerUpdate email addr
2003-09-22 Misha BrukmanKeep all the contributors in one place, instead of...