ReleaseNotes: new Win EH instructions; by David Majnemer
[oota-llvm.git] / .gitignore
2015-07-07 Chris BienemanMinor updates to gitignore so that symlinks are ignored...
2015-06-29 Duncan P. N. Exon... Simplify .gitignore: projects/* => projects/*/
2015-06-26 Sergey DmitroukDo not ignore projects/LLVMBuild.txt in git repo
2015-03-26 Paul RobinsonIgnore compile_commands.json only at the root of the...
2015-01-30 Michael LiaoAdd one more vim swap file pattern
2015-01-10 Ramkumar Ramachandra.gitignore: add some rules for tagging programs
2015-01-07 Chandler Carruth[git] Mark the llgo directory in the LLVM gitignore.
2014-10-16 Peter CollingbourneInitial version of Go bindings.
2014-06-25 Chandler CarruthAdd Polly to the ignored trees.
2014-03-12 Rafael EspindolaRemove projects/sample.
2014-01-25 Rafael EspindolaAdded .DS_Store entry in .gitignore for ignoring .DS_St...
2012-10-09 Michael LiaoAdd extra vim swap file pattern
2012-08-21 David BlaikieIgnore the documentation-suggested location for compile...
2012-05-02 Michael J. SpencerAdd tools/lld to .gitignore.
2012-04-19 Daniel Dunbar[docs] Stub out structure for Sphinx-based docs.
2011-11-10 Daniel Dunbargit: Add tools/lldb to the ignore list.
2011-10-24 NAKAMURA TakumiRevert "Test commit"
2011-10-24 NAKAMURA TakumiTest commit
2011-09-24 Akira HatanakaRevert change made in .gitignore.
2011-09-24 Akira HatanakaPreparation for adding simple Mips64 instructions.
2011-08-12 NAKAMURA Takumi.gitignore: Ignore /autom4te.cache. We can execute...
2011-05-31 Jakob Stoklund OlesenIgnore Vim swap files
2010-12-17 Michael J. SpencerCleanup and document .gitignore.
2010-12-16 Daniel DunbarOops, didn't mean to ignore .gitignore.
2010-12-16 Daniel DunbarAdd some more .gitignore entries.
2010-12-16 Michael J. SpencerAdd .gitignore. I chose not to dump the svn ignore...