Fix snapshot code
[model-checker.git] / test /
2015-09-09 Peizhao Ouedits
2013-08-14 Brian Norristest: silence some unused-value warnings
2013-07-17 Brian Norristest: insanesync: consolidate lines oopsla2013-final
2013-07-17 Brian Norristest: insanesync: remove unnecessary casting
2013-07-17 Brian Norristest: insanesync: convert to C++
2013-07-16 Brian Norristest: addr-satcycle: add new address-based sat. cycle...
2013-07-10 Brian Norristest: mo-satcycle: add new MO satisfaction cycle example
2013-07-10 Brian Norristest: uninit: typo
2013-06-04 Brian NorrisMerge branch 'markdown'
2013-06-03 Brian DemskyAdd example from java showing legit satisfaction cycle
2013-05-29 Brian NorrisMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
2013-05-29 Brian Norristests: Makefile: add dependency information
2013-05-29 Brian Norristests: Makefile: eliminate (some) recursive make
2013-05-03 Brian NorrisMerge demsky's SC analysis fixup
2013-04-26 Brian Norristest: sctest: fix warnings
2013-04-26 Brian DemskyFix bug that prevents graph generation from compiling.
2013-04-04 Brian Norristest: insanesync: pointer types
2013-04-03 Brian Norristest: mutextest: add thread yield point
2013-03-22 Brian Demskycorrect comment typo
2013-03-22 Brian Demskycheck in insane test case...
2013-03-22 Brian NorrisMerge branch 'master' of ssh://
2013-03-21 Brian Demskyadd test case...
2013-03-18 Brian DemskyMerge branch 'master' of ssh://
2013-03-15 Brian Norristest: rmwprog: add MODEL_ASSERT
2013-03-09 Brian Norrislitmus: wrc: add macro for memory ordering
2013-03-09 Brian Norrislitmus: seq-lock: add MODEL_ASSERT() for the important...
2013-03-06 Brian Norrislinuxrwlocksyield: refactor
2013-03-06 Brian NorrisMerge remote 'yield' work
2013-03-06 Brian Demskyadd yield support
2013-02-22 Brian Norristest: fences: add simple, semi-useful fence tests
2013-02-22 Brian Norristest: add double-read-fv
2013-02-12 Brian NorrisMerge branch 'fences'
2013-01-22 Brian Norristest: rmwprog: support command-line argument
2013-01-16 Brian Norrislitmus: iriw: allow command-line switch 's' for seq_cst
2013-01-16 Brian Norrislitmus: iriw: use release/acquire, not release/relaxed
2013-01-16 Brian Norristests: litmus: link up Makefile properly
2013-01-15 Brian Norristest: litmus: add litmus tests from Nitpicking C++
2013-01-15 Brian Norristest: Makefile: add $(BASE) variable
2013-01-08 Brian Demskynew test case
2012-12-19 Brian Norristest: don't relay on thrd_current() returning an int
2012-12-13 Brian Norristest: uninit: remove @todo (bug fixed)
2012-12-12 Brian Norristest/uninit: add an "uninit" test
2012-11-15 Brian DemskyMerge branch 'master' of /home/git/model-checker
2012-11-14 Brian Norristest: add AB/BA deadlock test
2012-11-07 Brian Norristest: add AB/BA deadlock test
2012-10-29 Brian Norristests: add thinair test
2012-10-29 Brian Norristests: use signed printf format
2012-10-25 Brian Demskycheck in test
2012-10-25 Brian Demskyadd test from nitpick paper...
2012-10-12 Brian Norriscondition_variable: move header
2012-10-12 Brian Demskyadd two test cases
2012-10-09 Brian Norristests: use <stdatomic.h>
2012-10-09 Brian Norrismove libthreads.h -> include/threads.h
2012-10-09 Brian Norrisuser_main: pass remaining arguments to the user program
2012-10-08 Brian Norristest: linuxrwlocks: fixup spacing
2012-10-08 Brian Demskymerge massive speedup with release sequence support...
2012-10-08 Brian Norristest: add "double release sequence" test
2012-10-08 Brian NorrisMerge branch 'norris'
2012-10-08 Brian Norristests: add some normal loads/stores to test data races
2012-10-03 Brian Norristest: add a "pending release sequences" test
2012-09-20 Brian NorrisMakefile: move common Mac flags to
2012-09-20 Brian Demskychanges
2012-09-20 Brian Demskypush changes
2012-09-19 Brian Demskyfix
2012-09-19 Brian Demskymerge in master
2012-09-18 Brian Norristests: add releaseseq test
2012-09-14 Brian NorrisMerge branch 'norris'
2012-09-14 Brian Demskyadd support for dumping cyclegraphs as dot files.....
2012-09-13 Brian NorrisMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/makefile'
2012-09-13 Brian Norriscleanup style
2012-09-13 Brian Demskycommit new test case
2012-09-12 Brian NorrisMerge branch 'demsky'
2012-09-11 Brian Demskylinuxrwlocks: two bug fixes; guess the model checker...
2012-09-07 Brian Demskychanges
2012-09-06 Brian NorrisMerge branch 'norris'
2012-09-05 Brian Demskyanother example
2012-08-20 Brian Norristest/Makefile: remove pointless variable
2012-08-02 Brian NorrisMerge branch 'brian'
2012-08-02 Brian NorrisMakefile: wire up test/ directory for compilation
2012-08-02 Brian Norrisuserprog: move to 'test/' directory