ms-queue: finally, the correct (?) memory orderings
[model-checker-benchmarks.git] / chase-lev-deque /
2013-03-07 Brian Norrisdeque: re-insert deleted MODEL_ASSERT()
2013-03-07 Brian Norrisdeque: #include's
2013-03-07 Brian NorrisMerge branch 'master' of ssh://
2013-03-07 Brian Demskydo merge...push right code
2013-03-07 Brian Demskydeque: fix bugs in assertion code and move up 3 variabl...
2013-03-07 Brian Norrisdeque: add MODEL_ASSERT(), fixup #include's
2013-03-07 Brian Demskydeque: wrong bug fix the correct one
2013-03-07 Brian Demskydeque: bug fix...method could return empty
2013-03-07 Brian Demskydeque: add test driver, add print messages for now...
2013-03-07 Brian Demskyfix bug
2013-03-06 Brian Demskyadd make file, header, and extra code to deque
2013-03-05 Brian Norrisdeque: use atomic_uintptr_t
2013-03-05 Brian Norrisdeque: improve compile-ability
2013-03-05 Brian Norrisdeque: add "proven correct" work-stealing Chase-Lev...