2017-02-19 khizmaxFixed compiler error
2017-02-19 khizmax[FeldmanHashSet/Map]: hash splitter algo can be specifi...
2017-02-18 khizmaxStress tests: removed command line parameter --detail...
2017-02-17 khizmaxTuning stress test parameters
2017-02-17 khizmaxTuning stress test parameters
2017-02-16 khizmaxChanged: call throw_exception() function instead of...
2017-02-16 khizmaxFixed some minor compiler warnings
2017-02-13 khizmaxMerge branch 'dev' of into dev
2017-02-13 khizmaxDocfix
2017-02-08 khizmaxFixed compiler error
2017-02-07 khizmaxFixed map-minmax stress test for HP
2017-02-07 khizmaxRemoved cds::OS::is_thread_alive() function. This funct...
2017-02-06 khizmaxFixed bug in BronsonAVLTreeMap::extract_min()/extract_m...
2017-02-03 khizmaxBronsonAVLTreeMap: docfix
2017-02-03 khizmaxBronsonAVLTreeMap: fixed extract_min/max functions
2017-01-24 khizmaxRemoved old test configs
2017-01-23 khizmaxTuned config for debug stress-test
2017-01-22 khizmaxFixed win32 dll-export
2017-01-21 khizmaxAdded map/set del3 stress-test
2017-01-21 khizmaxRemoved unused header
2017-01-21 khizmaxFixed missing stat measuring in DHP
2017-01-21 khizmaxdocfix
2017-01-21 khizmaxAdded HP/DHP internal stats to test
2017-01-19 khizmaxAdded internal statistics to gc::DHP
2017-01-19 khizmaxFixed minor compiler warnings
2017-01-18 khizmaxFixed minor compiler warning
2017-01-18 khizmaxFixed minor compiler warnings
2017-01-18 khizmaxFixed minor compiler warnings
2017-01-18 khizmaxdocfix
2017-01-18 khizmaxFixed .h file
2017-01-18 khizmaxdocfix
2017-01-17 khizmaxAdded missing #include
2017-01-17 khizmaxFixed doxygen comments
2017-01-17 khizmaxRenamed HP/DHP header files
2017-01-17 khizmaxImproved HP/DHP doc
2017-01-17 khizmaxAdded more test output
2017-01-17 khizmaxFixed HP/DHP thread data initialization
2017-01-16 khizmaxFixed FCQueue tests
2017-01-16 khizmaxFixed scripts for old cmake < 3.0
2017-01-16 khizmaxchangelog
2017-01-16 khizmaxchangelog
2017-01-16 khizmaxRemoved -Wdocumentation compiler flag for clang
2017-01-16 khizmaxchangelog
2017-01-16 khizmaxMerged branch 'master' of
2017-01-16 khizmaxMerge branch 'flat_combinig_add_stress_and_unint_tests...
2017-01-16 khizmaxAdded -Wdocumentation flag for Clang
2017-01-16 khizmaxFixed some CppCheck warnings in new HP and DHP implemen...
2017-01-15 khizmaxHP and DHP SMR totally refactored
2017-01-12 Mikhail KomarovImplemented support for ARMv8 (64 bit arm)
2017-01-12 Mikhail KomarovCrosscompilation target architecture made required...
2017-01-12 Mikhail KomarovThreads package made totally optional. Would be found...
2017-01-12 Mikhail KomarovBuggy CMake try_compile when crosscompiling hacked...
2017-01-04 khizmaxChanged lib version
2017-01-04 khizmaxFixed make-distrib script
2017-01-04 khizmaxchangelog v2.2.0
2017-01-03 khizmaxReplaced deprecated throw() function specifier with...
2017-01-03 khizmaxDisabled markdown support because it corrupts the doc
2017-01-03 khizmaxFixed doxygen markup
2017-01-03 khizmaxRemoved trailing spaces
2017-01-03 khizmaxDocfix
2017-01-02 khizmaxUpdated readme and changelog
2017-01-02 khizmaxDocfix
2017-01-02 khizmaxRemoved Michael's allocator
2017-01-02 khizmaxSkipList: fixed infinite loop when one thread inserts...
2017-01-02 Mikhail KomarovCMake-fied boost integration support implemented. macOS...
2016-12-31 khizmaxUpdated readme
2016-12-31 khizmaxUpdated copyright
2016-12-30 khizmaxSkipList: fixed memory leaks
2016-12-27 khizmaxFixed a memory leak in flat-combining algorithm
2016-12-27 khizmaxFlatCombining: fixed a race
2016-12-26 khizmaxRemoved redundant assertion
2016-12-26 khizmaxdocfix: minimum Clang version is 3.6
2016-12-25 khizmaxSkipList: added a statistical measure
2016-12-25 khizmaxMerge branch 'dev' of into dev
2016-12-24 khizmaxSkipList: improved dtor
2016-12-22 khizmaxchangelog
2016-12-20 khizmaxSkipList: fixed erase() and find_fastpath() bugs
2016-12-17 khizmaxOn dev: SkipList: remove node state
2016-12-17 khizmaxindex on dev: 08415a2 [TSan] Fixed data race (?) to...
2016-12-12 khizmax[TSan] Fixed data race (?) to satisfy TSan
2016-12-05 Marsel Galimullindeleted tabs
2016-12-05 Marsel Galimullinuncommented files in CMakeLists.txt
2016-12-05 Marsel Galimullinsimple changes
2016-12-05 Marsel GalimullinMade stress-test for flat combining queue container.
2016-12-05 Marsel GalimullinFixed test stress-queue
2016-12-05 Marsel Galimullinchange queue-stress
2016-12-05 Marsel Galimullinadded fc_heavy_value tests to stress-queue test
2016-12-05 Marsel Galimullinadded unit tests fcqueue with heavyvalue
2016-12-01 khizmaxFixed typo
2016-12-01 khizmax[TSan] Tuning memory order
2016-12-01 khizmax[TSan] Fixed data race: added compiler barriers, tuned...
2016-12-01 khizmaxFixed update desc sequencer
2016-11-30 khizmaxSuppressing some test case
2016-11-30 khizmax[TSan] Fixed memory ordering
2016-11-29 khizmaxFixed type casting
2016-11-29 khizmaxFixed a typo
2016-11-29 khizmaxFixed a typo
2016-11-29 khizmax[TSan] added annotation for suspicious (in terms of...
2016-11-29 khizmax[TSan] Fixed a race
2016-11-29 khizmaxFixed TSan annotation for spin-lock