2018-01-26 Peizhao OuAdds RigtorpSPSC test case
2018-01-26 Peizhao OuUses clean main file for misc benchmarks
2018-01-26 Peizhao OuFixes RigtorpMPMC test case
2018-01-26 Peizhao OuReorgs added benchmarks (put them in misc folder)
2018-01-25 Peizhao OuOnly run map test cases with max load factor
2018-01-25 Peizhao OuAdds parameter for both RCU and HP based map test cases
2018-01-25 Peizhao OuAdds check for sequential map test case
2018-01-25 Peizhao OuRemoves randomness in sequential map test case
2018-01-24 Peizhao OuRemoves BronsonAVLTree from sequential map
2018-01-24 Peizhao OuSplits deque take & steal into 2 test caess
2018-01-23 Peizhao OuRefactors deq
2018-01-22 Peizhao OuRemoves gpt related benchmarks
2018-01-18 Peizhao OuAdds sequential misc test cases
2018-01-18 Peizhao OuAdjusts sequential map test cases
2018-01-17 Peizhao OuOnly activates insdelfind for sequential set test case
2018-01-17 Peizhao OuAdjusts pass counts for some sequential map test cases
2018-01-16 Peizhao OuAdds sequential map test cases
2018-01-04 Peizhao OuModifies more sequential test cases for sets
2018-01-03 Peizhao OuDisables running some stat analysis for benchmarks...
2017-12-15 Peizhao OuAdds a few single-threaded test cases for queue, stack...
2017-12-09 Peizhao OuUses unique_ptr for Threads
2017-12-09 Peizhao OuFixes misc test cases
2017-12-09 Peizhao OuRefactors misc test cases
2017-12-08 Peizhao OuMerge branch 'master' of /scratch/mine/libcds
2017-12-08 Peizhao OuAdds misc benchmarks
2017-12-01 Peizhao OuDisable compiling benchmarks-drivers for now
2017-11-30 Peizhao OuRemoves unnecessary test cases for maps
2017-11-30 Peizhao OuTrims down unnecessary set cases
2017-11-29 Peizhao OuTrims down unnecessary pqueue test cases
2017-11-29 Peizhao OuTrims down unnecessary queue test casese
2017-11-29 Peizhao OuOnly runs standard stack test cases
2017-11-29 Peizhao OuTrims down unnecessary test cases for Stacks
2017-11-29 Peizhao OuCross compile works
2017-09-22 khizmaxAdded CDS_VERIFY_EQ debug macro
2017-09-22 khizmaxRemoved MSVC 14 (VC 2015) projects
2017-09-22 khizmaxRemoved -fno-strict-aliasing requirement
2017-09-22 khizmax[MSVC] Added /permissive- settings
2017-09-22 khizmaxFixed -Wshadow warning
2017-09-19 khizmaxTry to suppress -Wshadow warnings for googletest
2017-09-17 khizmaxRemoved -fno-strict-aliasing flag (experimental)
2017-09-14 khizmaxFixed -Wshadow warnings
2017-09-13 khizmaxChanged library name for MSVC++
2017-09-12 khizmaxChanged library name for MSVC++
2017-09-12 khizmaxFixed -Wshadow warnings
2017-09-08 khizmaxCI: added clang-5
2017-09-02 khizmaxreformatting
2017-09-02 khizmaxadd missing '"'
2017-09-01 khizmaxversion 2.4.0
2017-08-29 khizmaxformatting v2.3.1
2017-08-29 khizmaxmaintenance release 2.3.1
2017-08-24 khizmaxModified travis script
2017-08-24 khizmaxchanged travis script
2017-08-24 khizmaxChanged target name
2017-08-24 khizmaxModified travis script
2017-08-24 khizmaxAdded badge
2017-08-23 Max KhizhinskyMerge pull request #86 from mgalimullin/try_add_travis...
2017-08-23 Marsel Galimullinupdated .travis.yml
2017-08-23 UnknownMerge remote-tracking branch 'khizmax/master'
2017-08-21 Max KhizhinskyMerge pull request #85 from mgalimullin/fix_cmakelists
2017-08-20 Marsel Galimullinfixed add_custom_target() in intrusice-set and set
2017-08-20 khizmaxchangelog
2017-08-20 khizmaxMerge branch 'master' into dev
2017-08-20 khizmaxchangelog
2017-08-20 Max KhizhinskyMerge pull request #84 from ldionne/patch-1
2017-08-19 Louis DionneFix mis-rendered markdown link in the README
2017-08-19 khizmaxMerge branch 'ldionne-ldionne-cmake' into dev
2017-08-19 Louis Dionne[CMake] Create a real library instead of an object...
2017-08-18 Louis Dionne[CMake] Install a CMake config file
2017-08-14 khizmaxdoc formatting
2017-08-14 khizmaxissue #82: added doc about DCAS support
2017-08-12 khizmax[uRCU] Removed redundant atomic_thread_fence
2017-08-10 khizmaxIssue #81: fixed extending thread's retired array in...
2017-07-31 khizmaxchanged version to 2.4.0
2017-07-31 khizmaxRemoved trailing spaces
2017-07-31 khizmaxver 2.4.0
2017-07-31 khizmaxFinal changelog ver 2.3 v2.3.0
2017-07-23 khizmaxFixed compiler error
2017-07-22 khizmax[TSan] Fixed data race in std container wrappers
2017-07-18 khizmaxTuning stress-tests for GCCFarm
2017-07-08 khizmax[TSan] Fixed data races
2017-07-08 khizmax[TSan] Added annotation for std::shared_ptr::~shared_pt...
2017-07-08 khizmaxFixed memory ordering
2017-06-27 khizmax[TSan] Fixed data race
2017-06-03 khizmaxAdded TSan happens-before annotations (TSan don't under...
2017-06-03 khizmaxFixed memory ordering
2017-05-31 khizmaxRefactoring exponential and delay back-off strategies...
2017-05-30 khizmaxFixed ambiguity in casting size_t to one of unsigned...
2017-05-30 khizmaxFixed ambiguous ceil2() call in 32bit target
2017-05-30 khizmaxFixed MSVC project dependencies
2017-05-28 khizmaxFixed memory ordering
2017-05-27 khizmax[AIX] Added missing byteswap.h
2017-05-26 khizmaxAdded a comment
2017-05-26 khizmax[ARM] Added memory fences for strict modification order...
2017-05-24 khizmaxFixed memory order
2017-05-24 khizmaxFixed memory ordering
2017-05-23 khizmaxFixed clang "unused-function" warning
2017-05-23 khizmax[WeakRingBuffer] to prevent integer overflow, used...
2017-05-23 khizmaxTuning parameters for spsc-queue stress tests
2017-05-23 khizmaxTuning parameters of insdel-string map/set stress tests
2017-05-23 khizmaxTuning parameters of map_insdel_item_int stress test