2015-12-20 khizmaxMerge branch 'integration' of
2015-12-20 Max KhizhinskyMerge pull request #47 from eugenyk/master
2015-12-20 Eugeny KalishenkoUseful warnings for gcc added
2015-12-20 khizmaxRebuilt threaded uRCU logic
2015-12-20 khizmaxFixed false assert
2015-12-19 Eugeny KalishenkoFixed files encoding (#46)
2015-12-19 Eugeny KalishenkoAdded compiler flags for test coverage, active when...
2015-12-18 khizmaxAdded missing hazard ptr to FeldmanHashSet<HP> insert...
2015-12-17 khizmaxMinor changes induced by improvements of Vyukov queue
2015-12-17 khizmaxMake Vyukov queue linearizable
2015-12-14 khizmaxLazyList refactoring
2015-12-14 khizmaxFixed Set_InsDel_string test
2015-12-11 khizmaxFixed Cppcheck warnings
2015-12-11 khizmaxformatting
2015-12-11 khizmaxFixed noexcept args
2015-12-10 khizmaxFixed noexcept spec
2015-12-10 khizmaxFixed Map_find_string test
2015-12-10 khizmaxFixed issues found by Cppcheck
2015-12-09 khizmaxAdded missing header
2015-12-09 khizmaxTune FeldmanHashMap tests
2015-12-09 khizmaxTest tuning
2015-12-09 khizmaxRemoved std::map w/o sync from map_insfind_int test
2015-12-09 khizmaxFixed BronsonAVLTreeMap nullptr access
2015-12-08 khizmaxAdjust member padding
2015-12-07 khizmaxFix Map_InsDel_func test for FeldmanHashMap
2015-12-05 khizmaxDoc fix
2015-12-04 khizmaxFixed an error in Map_InsDel_func test for FeldmanHahMap
2015-12-02 khizmaxFixed assertion in threaded uRCU
2015-12-01 khizmaxRemoved consume semantics from all tests
2015-12-01 khizmaxRemoved consume semantics from some atomic tests
2015-11-30 khizmaxFixed description.txt
2015-11-29 Max KhizhinskyMerge pull request #44 from eugenyk/master
2015-11-29 khizmaxChanged VC project properties
2015-11-29 Eugeny KalishenkoAdded readme adout cmake build system using
2015-11-29 Eugeny KalishenkoTest working directory set to the binary output directo...
2015-11-29 Eugeny KalishenkoAdded option to activate use of boost::atomic (WITH_BOO...
2015-11-29 Eugeny Kalishenko/usr/sbin/ldconfig changed to ldconfig call after libra...
2015-11-29 Eugeny KalishenkoAtivating debian components building in cmake
2015-11-29 Eugeny KalishenkoSome debian specific for package generation added ...
2015-11-29 Eugeny KalishenkoAdded possibility to build NSYS packages in Windows
2015-11-29 Eugeny KalishenkoAdded static library construction
2015-11-29 Eugeny KalishenkoDescription and pre/post install scripts added for...
2015-11-29 khizmaxFixed MSVC 14 incompatibility
2015-11-29 khizmaxFixed memory leaks in flat-combining algo
2015-11-28 khizmaxSmall improvements in TsigasCycleQueue
2015-11-28 khizmaxFixed rare double-free in DHP SMR
2015-11-22 khizmaxRearranged queue tests
2015-11-22 khizmaxAdded new test for bounded queues
2015-11-22 khizmaxFixed memory-use-after-free bug in BasketQueue
2015-11-21 khizmaxFixed typo
2015-11-21 khizmaxSome minor changes in options doc
2015-11-21 khizmaxRearranged options.h to generate correct doxygen doc
2015-11-21 khizmaxEllenBinTree doc fixed
2015-11-20 khizmaxFixed a bug in EllenBinTree<RCU>
2015-11-20 khizmaxFixed memory leaks in threaded URCU (general_threaded...
2015-11-17 khizmaxAdded tree view to doxygen doc
2015-11-16 khizmaxFixed memory-use-after-free bug in EllenBinTree<HP>
2015-11-13 khizmaxFixed doc typo, reformatting
2015-11-08 khizmaxRenoved MD5 MT-test
2015-11-06 khizmaxAdded short description of new algorithms implemented...
2015-11-06 khizmaxChangelog
2015-11-05 khizmax[BronsonAVLTree] Fixed bug of counting of inserted...
2015-11-01 khizmaxChanged test parameters
2015-11-01 khizmaxFormatting
2015-11-01 khizmaxFixed bug in MichaelLit<RCU>
2015-10-31 khizmaxAdded epoch count as constructor parameter for DHP GC
2015-10-27 khizmaxRemoved sha-256 hash from test
2015-10-26 khizmaxFixed an error in EllenBinTreeMap ST-test
2015-10-25 khizmaxchangelog
2015-10-25 khizmaxMerge branch 'dev' of into dev
2015-10-25 khizmaxCommon base class added for FeldmanHashSet/Map
2015-10-23 khizmaxAdded one more badge
2015-10-23 khizmaxMerge branch 'dev' of into dev
2015-10-22 khizmaxFeldmanHashSet/Map: added level statistics
2015-10-22 khizmaxAdded project stats badge
2015-10-22 khizmaxAdded OpenHub badge
2015-10-22 khizmaxModified
2015-10-22 khizmaxModified
2015-10-22 khizmaxRemoved unused files
2015-10-21 khizmaxMerge branch 'dev' of into dev
2015-10-20 khizmaxRenamed MultiLevelHashSet/Map to FeldmanHashSet/Map
2015-10-18 khizmaxMultiLevelHashSet test, bugfixing
2015-10-09 khizmaxMerge branch 'dev' of into dev
2015-10-08 khizmaxIncorporated MultiLevelHashMap<RCU> into map MT-test
2015-10-08 khizmaxSome small optimizations
2015-10-06 khizmaxAdded MultiLevelHashSet<RCU> to the set MT tests
2015-10-04 khizmaxAdded container::MultiLevelHashMap<RCU> specialization
2015-10-04 khizmaxAdded container::MultiLevelHashSet<RCU> specialization
2015-10-02 khizmaxMerge branch 'dev' of into dev
2015-09-30 khizmaxAdded intrusive::MultiLevelHashSet<RCU> implementation
2015-09-26 khizmaxModified Makefile
2015-09-26 khizmaxAdded -list option to test framework
2015-09-25 khizmaxFixed: CityHash is supported only in 64bit mode
2015-09-20 khizmaxBugfix
2015-09-17 khizmaxFixed a bug in map MT-test
2015-09-16 khizmaxAdded preliminary support for CLang-3.7 to MSVC projects
2015-09-16 khizmaxFixed a typo
2015-09-16 khizmaxAdded preliminary support for CLang-3.7 to MSVC projects
2015-09-16 khizmaxFixed a typo
2015-09-16 khizmaxFixed cityhash build