2015-03-16 khizmaxMajor merge from 'dev'
2015-03-15 khizmaxchanged BronsonAVLTreeMap test sequence
2015-03-15 khizmaxFixed the pool based on Vyukov's queue
2015-03-15 Max KhizhinskyMerge pull request #18 from krinkinmu/build-script
2015-03-14 khizmaxResolved false fullness state of the pools
2015-03-14 khizmaxAdded more checking
2015-03-14 khizmaxAdded more assertion
2015-03-14 khizmaxSmall refactoring, doc fix
2015-03-14 khizmaxReplaced C-style cast to static_cast
2015-03-14 Mike Krinkinfix build script warning message
2015-03-13 khizmaxsmall refactoring of pool monitor
2015-03-13 khizmaxFixed memory leak
2015-03-12 khizmaxBugfixing
2015-03-12 khizmaxRemoved ancient code
2015-03-10 khizmaxFix pool_monitor ctor
2015-03-10 khizmaxFormatting issues
2015-03-08 khizmaxAdded more measures to sync monitor statistics
2015-03-08 khizmaxadded CDS_USE_VLD for all DebugVLD win projects
2015-03-08 khizmaxAdded sync monitor statistics
2015-03-07 khizmaxDisable unused var warning
2015-03-07 khizmaxGCC-4.8 workaround for passing parameter pack to a...
2015-03-06 khizmaxRemoved travis-ci and coverity badges
2015-03-06 khizmaxTravis-ci: try gcc-4.9
2015-03-05 khizmaxFixe passing an argument pack to a lambda
2015-03-05 khizmaxDecreased number of job for travis-ci
2015-03-05 khizmaxChanged gcc-4.9 to 4.8 due internal compiler error
2015-03-05 khizmaxFix travis-ci script
2015-03-05 khizmaxRevert back to gcc-4.8 for travis-ci
2015-03-05 khizmaxusing gcc-4.9 for travis-ci
2015-03-05 khizmaxTried to fix gcc/clang problem like how to pass argumen...
2015-03-05 khizmaxAdded travis-ci badge
2015-03-05 khizmaxFixed passing parameter pack into lambda
2015-03-05 khizmaxImproved travis script
2015-03-05 khizmaxAdded boost download for travis-ci
2015-03-05 khizmaxFix build script
2015-03-05 khizmaxFix build script
2015-03-05 khizmaxFix build script
2015-03-05 khizmaxFix build script
2015-03-05 khizmaxAdd C++11 support to travis-ci
2015-03-05 khizmaxFixed travis-ci script
2015-03-05 khizmaxadd Travis-ci YAML
2015-03-05 khizmaxRevert "Added badge"
2015-03-05 khizmaxAdded badge
2015-03-04 khizmaxadded coverity badge
2015-03-04 khizmaxadd version badge
2015-03-04 khizmaxAdded tree consistency checking to the map unit test
2015-03-04 khizmaxfixed Bronson's AVL-tree unit test
2015-03-04 khizmaxChanged test for Bronson AVL-tree compatibility
2015-03-04 khizmaxChanged functor signature for erase( Key, Func )
2015-03-03 khizmaxFix doc
2015-03-02 khizmaxFixed Bronson AVL-Tree tests
2015-03-02 khizmaxChanged build script mode
2015-02-25 khizmaxMerge commit 'a9213ce45072f66144284647ccae242f91ca30af...
2015-02-25 khizmaxOn dev: bronson-unit-test
2015-02-25 khizmaxindex on dev: 042f5af Merge branch 'dev' of github...
2015-02-24 khizmaxImproved BronsonAVLTreeMap doc
2015-02-23 khizmaxMerge branch 'dev' of into dev
2015-02-22 khizmaxChanged docs
2015-02-22 khizmaxBronson AVL-tree: added check_consistency function
2015-02-17 khizmaxfixed doc typo
2015-02-17 khizmaxsimplified local types
2015-02-17 khizmaxFixed MSVC batch build script
2015-02-17 khizmaxFixed MinGW incompatibility
2015-02-17 khizmaxFixed comparing signed/unsigned int
2015-02-17 khizmaxFixed build script
2015-02-16 khizmaxFix typo
2015-02-16 khizmaxAdded Bronson AVL-tree header tests
2015-02-14 khizmaxBronson's AVL-tree impl
2015-02-14 khizmaxfix a lot of typo
2015-02-14 khizmaxfixed: memory is allocated but not initialized, add...
2015-02-13 khizmaxchanged std::unique_ptr to more restrictive cds::urcu...
2015-02-11 khizmaxAdded support for removing node's value via RCU disposi...
2015-02-10 khizmaxAdded possibility to remove node's value via RCU dispos...
2015-02-07 khizmaxBronson's AVL-tree: add extract_min/max
2015-02-07 khizmaxBronson's AVL-tree impl
2015-02-06 khizmaxBronson's AVL-tree impl
2015-02-06 khizmaxBronson's AVL-tree impl
2015-02-06 khizmaxAdd new statistics
2015-02-06 khizmaxAdd internal statistics
2015-02-06 khizmaxFix doc
2015-02-05 khizmaxChanged sync monitor internal interface from base hook...
2015-02-05 khizmaxBronson AVLtree impl
2015-02-05 khizmaxChanged MinGW build script sample for TDM-GCC 4.9
2015-02-05 khizmaxFix TDM-GCC incompatibility
2015-02-04 khizmaxBronson AVL-tree impl
2015-02-04 khizmaxBronson AVL-tree impl
2015-02-04 khizmaxBronson AVL-tree impl
2015-02-04 khizmaxFix extract() member function doc
2015-02-04 khizmaxBronson AVL-tree impl
2015-02-03 khizmaxAdded sync monitor for pool of mutexes
2015-02-02 khizmaxAdded sync_monitor option
2015-02-02 khizmaxChanged VC 2015 projects
2015-02-02 khizmaxRenamed sync::injected_monitor to sync::injecting_monitor
2015-02-02 khizmaxAdded sync::Monitor concept
2015-02-02 khizmaxBronson AVL-tree impl
2015-02-01 khizmaxUpdated MS VC 14 CTP projects
2015-01-31 khizmaxAdded warnings for deprecated .h files
2015-01-31 khizmaxAdded warnings for deprecated .h files
2015-01-31 khizmaxAdded sync::injected_monitor
2015-01-31 khizmaxRenamed cds::lock::array to cds::sync::lock_array,...