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2016-10-29 khizmaxRemoved redundant spaces
2016-10-29 khizmaxRemoved trailing spaces
2016-09-07 khizmaxRemoved trailing spaces
2016-08-24 khizmaxMerge branch 'dev' into integration
2016-08-20 khizmaxHP refactoring:
2016-01-05 khizmaxAdded copyright and license
2015-12-30 khizmaxAdd epoch_count parameter in cds::gc::DHP constructor
2015-11-29 Max KhizhinskyMerge pull request #44 from eugenyk/master
2015-11-28 khizmaxFixed rare double-free in DHP SMR
2015-11-01 khizmaxFormatting
2015-10-31 khizmaxAdded epoch count as constructor parameter for DHP GC
2015-10-02 khizmaxMerge branch 'dev' of github.com:khizmax/libcds into dev
2015-09-16 khizmaxAdded preliminary support for CLang-3.7 to MSVC projects
2015-08-23 khizmaxRemoved trailing whitespaces
2015-08-13 khizmaxImproving intrusive MultiLevelHashSet<HP>:
2015-06-07 khizmaxModified Hazard Pointer SMR to conform C++11 memory...
2015-06-04 khizmaxFixed DHP GC initialization order
2015-05-12 khizmaxMerge branch 'dev'
2015-04-29 khizmaxTSan exam: fixed flat combining data race; eliminated...
2015-04-27 khizmaxMerge branch 'integration' into dev
2015-04-27 khizmaxMerge branch 'integration' into dev
2015-04-19 khizmaxMerge branch 'integration' into dev
2015-04-19 khizmaxFixed memor orderding (tsan)
2015-04-19 Eugeny KalishenkoCMake build system introduced (issue #9)
2015-04-19 Eugeny KalishenkoBuilding only library with cmake
2015-03-16 khizmaxMajor merge from 'dev'
2015-02-23 khizmaxMerge branch 'dev' of github.com:khizmax/libcds into dev
2015-02-17 khizmaxFixed MinGW incompatibility
2015-02-05 khizmaxFix TDM-GCC incompatibility
2015-01-31 khizmaxissue #11: replace _CDS_ header guard prefix with CDSLIB_
2015-01-31 khizmaxissue #11: replace _CDS_ header guard prefix with CDSLIB_
2015-01-22 khizmaxFix issue#10: removed unnecessary null pointer checks
2014-12-05 khizmaxMerge branch 'dev'
2014-12-04 khizmaxImprove cds::gc::DHP scan() performance
2014-11-29 khizmaxRenaming cds/cxx11_atomic.h to cds/algo/atomic.h
2014-11-29 khizmaxRenamed isThreadAlive to is_thread_alive
2014-11-29 khizmaxRenamed getCurrentThreadId to get_current_thread_id
2014-11-28 khizmaxHazard Pointer:
2014-11-17 khizmaxRemove ugly reinterpret_cast from HP GC
2014-11-16 khizmaxSmall changes in HP GC
2014-11-15 khizmaxDynamic Hazard Pointer GC refactoring
2014-11-15 khizmaxHazard Pointer GC refactoring
2014-11-15 khizmaxHazard Pointer refactoring
2014-11-15 khizmaxMerge commit '31e19cdf3dbe980510725ff20e281798f48f36f9...
2014-11-14 khizmaxRename class cds::gc::PTB to cds::gc::DHP
2014-11-14 khizmaxrename cds::gc::ptb namespace to cds::gc::dhp
2014-11-14 khizmaxrename cds::gc::hzp namespace to cds::gc::hp
2014-11-14 khizmaxrename GC sources
2014-11-14 khizmaxrearrange cds/gc content
2014-11-14 khizmaxrearrange cds/gc contents
2014-11-10 khizmaxcds::gc::HRC has been removed
2014-09-25 khizmaxRemove hash_functor_selector.h, use only std::hash
2014-09-24 khizmaxReplace CDS_DEBUG_DO with CDS_DEBUG_ONLY
2014-09-20 khizmaxReplace CDS_ATOMIC with namespace atomics
2014-09-20 khizmaxReplace NULL with nullptr
2014-09-19 khizmaxRevert "Replace cds::OS::ThreadId with std::thread...
2014-09-19 khizmaxReplace cds::OS::ThreadId with std::thread::id, cds...
2014-09-18 khizmaxMove cds/int_algo.h to cds/algo/int_algo.h
2014-09-18 khizmaxMove cds/bitop.h to cds/algo/bitop.h
2014-09-18 khizmaxreplace null_ptr<>() with nullptr
2014-09-18 khizmaxMove libcds 1.6.0 from SVN