Refactors lock test cases backoff values
[libcds.git] / projects / Win /
2017-09-22 khizmaxRemoved MSVC 14 (VC 2015) projects
2017-09-22 khizmax[MSVC] Added /permissive- settings
2017-09-12 khizmaxChanged library name for MSVC++
2017-05-31 khizmaxRefactoring exponential and delay back-off strategies...
2017-05-30 khizmaxFixed ambiguity in casting size_t to one of unsigned...
2017-05-30 khizmaxFixed MSVC project dependencies
2017-05-27 khizmax[AIX] Added missing byteswap.h
2017-05-21 khizmaxAdded SPSC queue stress tests
2017-05-13 khizmaxMerged VC 14.1 projects to VC14
2017-05-12 khizmaxWrapped gtest/gtest.h into cds_test/ext_gtest.h to...
2017-05-09 khizmaxAdded WeakRingBuffer - a single-producer/single-consume...
2017-04-22 khizmax[SkipList] Added random-lvel generators for max height...
2017-03-25 khizmaxSplit stress-queue test
2017-03-18 khizmaxRemoved signal_threaded uRCU
2017-03-15 khizmaxAdded new files to VC 2015 projects
2017-03-15 khizmaxAdded several bit reversal algo
2017-03-13 khizmaxAdded erase_at( iterator ) function to MichaelHashSet...
2017-03-12 khizmaxAdded stress-map-iter-erase test for erase_at()
2017-03-11 khizmaxAdded stress-set-iter-erase test for testing erase_at...
2017-03-08 khizmaxFixed VC++ project dependencies
2017-03-08 khizmaxRevised processor-specific hints for back-off
2017-03-08 khizmaxAdded MSVC 2017 solution
2017-03-05 khizmax[UBsan] Fixed int overflow
2017-03-05 khizmaxRemoved asan_errors.cpp from build
2017-02-27 khizmaxAdded ASan simple test to setup Jenkins report
2017-02-26 khizmaxSplit stress-set-insdelfind to HP and RCU part
2017-02-26 khizmaxSplit stress-map-insdelfind test to HP and RCU part
2017-02-06 khizmaxFixed bug in BronsonAVLTreeMap::extract_min()/extract_m...
2017-01-22 khizmaxFixed win32 dll-export
2017-01-21 khizmaxAdded map/set del3 stress-test
2017-01-21 khizmaxRemoved unused header
2017-01-21 khizmaxAdded HP/DHP internal stats to test
2017-01-17 khizmaxRenamed HP/DHP header files
2017-01-16 khizmaxMerged branch 'master' of
2017-01-16 khizmaxMerge branch 'flat_combinig_add_stress_and_unint_tests...
2017-01-15 khizmaxHP and DHP SMR totally refactored
2017-01-02 khizmaxRemoved Michael's allocator
2016-11-25 khizmaxMinor changes in VC auto-build scripts
2016-11-20 khizmaxMerge branch 'integration' into dev
2016-11-19 khizmaxOrganized VC solution
2016-11-15 khizmaxMerge commit 'c3352315d3563a201433837b0932bba249344f67...
2016-11-15 khizmaxOn dev: vc
2016-11-14 khizmaxMSVC: fixed project dependencies
2016-11-14 khizmaxSplitted some unit test to reduce memory consumption...
2016-11-14 khizmaxSplitted some unit tests to reduce memory consumption...
2016-11-10 khizmaxFixed key size in map-delodd stress test
2016-11-01 khizmaxRemoved TsigasCycleQueue (undecidable ABA problem)
2016-10-29 khizmaxAdded stress test for SplitListSet/Map based on Iterabl...
2016-10-27 khizmaxAdded SplitListMap<HP> based on IterableList
2016-10-27 khizmaxAdded container::SlitListSet<HP> based on IterableList
2016-10-24 khizmaxChanged algorithm of IterableList detecting
2016-10-23 khizmaxAdded intrusive SplitListSet based on IterableList
2016-10-06 khizmaxImproved test conditions
2016-10-03 khizmaxFixed internal statistics printing for map/set stress...
2016-10-03 khizmaxMerge branch 'dev' of into dev
2016-10-03 khizmaxSplitted unit-list test
2016-09-29 khizmaxFixed Clang 3.7 + libc++ issues
2016-09-26 khizmaxFixed minor gcc warnings
2016-09-26 khizmaxFixed minor gcc warnings
2016-09-25 khizmaxFixed minor gcc warnings
2016-09-20 khizmaxFixed spplit-list bucket allocation function
2016-09-16 khizmaxFIxed aux node operations in SplitListSet
2016-09-13 khizmaxImproved management of SkipList auxiliary nodes: now...
2016-08-24 khizmaxMerge branch 'dev' into integration
2016-08-24 khizmaxAdded internal statistics to MichaelSet/Map
2016-08-21 khizmaxAdded MichaelMap<HP> based on IterableList to map stres...
2016-08-21 khizmaxAdded MichaelMap<HP> based on IterableList
2016-08-21 khizmaxFixed iteration set stress test under 32bit architecture
2016-08-20 khizmaxHP refactoring:
2016-08-14 Max KhizhinskyMerge pull request #63 from mgalimullin/cmake-update
2016-08-05 khizmaxAdded stress test for thread-safe iterable sets
2016-08-05 khizmaxIntegrated MichaelSet<HP> + IterableList into stress...
2016-08-05 khizmaxMichaelSet<RCU>: added support for internal statistics
2016-08-04 khizmaxAdded IterableList<HP> support to MichaelSet
2016-08-02 khizmaxAdded unit tests for IterableKVList<HP>
2016-08-02 khizmaxMerge branch 'integration' into dev
2016-08-01 khizmaxAdded container::IterableKVList<HP>
2016-08-01 khizmaxAdded container::IterableList<HP>
2016-08-01 khizmaxMerge branch 'dev' into integration
2016-07-27 khizmaxExtending intrusive MichaelSet<HP> to IterableList
2016-07-25 khizmaxAdded internal statistics to MichaelList, IterableList
2016-07-19 khizmaxMerge branch 'dev' of into dev
2016-07-19 khizmaxAdded intrusive IterableList
2016-06-22 khizmaxAdded stripped uRCU to all unit tests
2016-06-13 khizmaxAdded wait strategies to flat combining technique
2016-06-05 khizmaxMerge branch 'dev' of into dev
2016-06-05 khizmaxAdded: stress test detail level for minimizing runtime
2016-06-02 khizmaxAdded generation of string dictionary.txt for stress...
2016-06-01 khizmaxMerge branch 'master' into dev
2016-06-01 khizmaxAdded CDSTEST_CFG envvar for stress test.
2016-05-30 khizmaxMerge branch 'dev'
2016-05-30 khizmaxRemoved old projects
2016-05-30 khizmaxMigrated map-insfind-int stress test to gtest
2016-05-30 khizmaxMigrated map-ins-del-find stress test to gtest
2016-05-26 khizmaxMigrated map-inddel-item-int stress test to gtest
2016-05-25 khizmaxMigrated map-insdel-string stress test to gtest
2016-05-25 khizmaxMigrated map-insdel-int stress test to gtest
2016-05-23 khizmaxMigrated map-insdel-func stress test to gtest
2016-05-22 khizmaxMigrated map-find-string stress test to gtest
2016-05-21 khizmaxMigrated map_find_int stress test to gtest