Uses different pass count for different parallel queue test cases
[libcds.git] / cds / opt / compare.h
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2017-01-16 khizmaxMerge branch 'flat_combinig_add_stress_and_unint_tests...
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2015-11-21 khizmaxSome minor changes in options doc
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2015-08-23 khizmaxRemoved trailing whitespaces
2015-07-21 khizmaxFixed make_comparator metafunction
2015-07-21 khizmaxFixed make_comparator metafunction
2015-07-20 khizmaxStart implementing MultiLevelHashSet
2015-03-30 khizmaxRefactored LazyList<nogc> with ordering option
2015-03-30 khizmaxMerge branch 'integration' into dev
2015-03-30 Max KhizhinskyMerge pull request #24 from krinkinmu/unordered-list-wip
2015-03-28 Mike KrinkinDerive equal_to from compare/less functors.
2015-03-16 khizmaxMajor merge from 'dev'
2015-01-22 khizmaxissue#11: cds: changed __CDS_ guard prefix to CDSLIB_...
2014-09-24 khizmaxRemove CDS_OPTIONS macro
2014-09-24 khizmaxReplace variadic template emulation for option list...
2014-09-19 khizmaxRemove cds/details/std/type_traits.h, use STL <type_tra...
2014-09-18 khizmaxMove libcds 1.6.0 from SVN