Uses different pass count for different parallel queue test cases
[libcds.git] / cds / intrusive /
2017-09-22 khizmaxAdded CDS_VERIFY_EQ debug macro
2017-09-22 khizmaxFixed -Wshadow warning
2017-09-12 khizmaxFixed -Wshadow warnings
2017-08-20 khizmaxMerge branch 'master' into dev
2017-08-19 khizmaxMerge branch 'ldionne-ldionne-cmake' into dev
2017-07-31 khizmaxRemoved trailing spaces
2017-07-08 khizmax[TSan] Fixed data races
2017-07-08 khizmax[TSan] Added annotation for std::shared_ptr::~shared_pt...
2017-06-27 khizmax[TSan] Fixed data race
2017-06-03 khizmaxFixed memory ordering
2017-05-30 khizmaxFixed ambiguity in casting size_t to one of unsigned...
2017-05-10 khizmaxissue #76: added cds::atomicity::cache_friendly_item_co...
2017-05-08 khizmaxDocfix
2017-05-07 khizmaxDocfix
2017-05-06 khizmax[SplitList] Fixed TSan warnings
2017-04-23 khizmaxRemoved constexpr from node ctor
2017-04-22 khizmax[SkipList] Added random-lvel generators for max height...
2017-04-22 khizmax[TSan] Fixed memory order
2017-04-17 khizmaxFixed memory ordering (by TSan reports)
2017-04-16 khizmaxRemooved constespr from ctor
2017-04-16 khizmaxMerge branch 'dev' of into dev
2017-04-16 khizmaxFixed missing acquire read in Flat-Combining algorithm...
2017-04-15 khizmaxFixed atomic initialization, ordering optimization
2017-04-05 khizmaxFixed memory ordering constraints
2017-03-26 khizmaxDocfix
2017-03-15 khizmaxAdded several bit reversal algo
2017-03-13 khizmaxAdded erase_at( iterator ) function to MichaelHashSet...
2017-03-09 khizmaxRemoved signal-handled RCU from daily stress-testing
2017-03-08 khizmaxChanged default back-off strategy
2017-03-08 khizmax[UBsan] fixed UB
2017-03-07 khizmaxFixed UBsan warning "call to function through pointer...
2017-03-06 khizmaxFixed UBsan warning "call to function through pointer...
2017-03-05 khizmax[UBsan] Added proper alignment for EllenBinTree node
2017-03-05 khizmaxFixed minor compiler warning
2017-03-05 khizmaxFixed minor compiler warning
2017-03-05 khizmaxFeldmanHashSet: added checking if a slot can be expanded
2017-02-19 khizmax[FeldmanHashSet/Map]: hash splitter algo can be specifi...
2017-02-16 khizmaxFixed some minor compiler warnings
2017-02-13 khizmaxMerge branch 'dev' of into dev
2017-02-13 khizmaxDocfix
2017-01-18 khizmaxFixed minor compiler warnings
2017-01-18 khizmaxdocfix
2017-01-18 khizmaxdocfix
2017-01-16 khizmaxMerged branch 'master' of
2017-01-16 khizmaxMerge branch 'flat_combinig_add_stress_and_unint_tests...
2017-01-03 khizmaxRemoved trailing spaces
2017-01-02 khizmaxDocfix
2017-01-02 khizmaxSkipList: fixed infinite loop when one thread inserts...
2016-12-31 khizmaxUpdated copyright
2016-12-30 khizmaxSkipList: fixed memory leaks
2016-12-25 khizmaxSkipList: added a statistical measure
2016-12-25 khizmaxMerge branch 'dev' of into dev
2016-12-24 khizmaxSkipList: improved dtor
2016-12-20 khizmaxSkipList: fixed erase() and find_fastpath() bugs
2016-12-17 khizmaxOn dev: SkipList: remove node state
2016-12-01 khizmax[TSan] Fixed data race: added compiler barriers, tuned...
2016-12-01 khizmaxFixed update desc sequencer
2016-11-30 khizmax[TSan] Fixed memory ordering
2016-11-28 khizmaxPrecising internal statistics
2016-11-28 khizmaxFixed memory leak in SplitList expandable bucket table
2016-11-28 khizmaxFixed gcc-4.8 incompatibility
2016-11-27 khizmaxFixed use-after-free bug in SkipList<HP>
2016-11-20 khizmaxMerge branch 'integration' into dev
2016-11-19 khizmaxReformatted SkipList, added memory barrier after tower...
2016-11-14 khizmaxFixed FeldmanHashSet/Map: use delete[] operator for...
2016-11-13 khizmaxFixed gcc warning
2016-11-12 khizmaxDocfix
2016-11-12 khizmaxRemoved trailing spaces
2016-11-11 khizmaxAdded new option hash_size for FeldmanHashSet
2016-11-10 khizmaxFixed indentation
2016-11-01 khizmaxRemoved TsigasCycleQueue (undecidable ABA problem)
2016-10-30 khizmaxIterableList: fixed a complex bug that can be called...
2016-10-29 khizmaxRemoved redundant spaces
2016-10-29 khizmaxRemoved redundant spaces
2016-10-29 khizmaxFixed formatting
2016-10-29 khizmaxRemoved trailing spaces
2016-10-24 khizmaxChanged algorithm of IterableList detecting
2016-10-23 khizmaxAdded intrusive SplitListSet based on IterableList
2016-10-17 khizmaxMerge branch 'dev' of
2016-10-17 khizmaxIterableList: fixed memory ordering bugs found by TSan
2016-10-11 khizmaxDocfix
2016-10-10 khizmaxImproved searching/removing paths
2016-10-10 khizmaxRefactored IterableList to prevent violation of the...
2016-10-06 khizmaxIterableList: renamed some internal methods
2016-10-04 khizmaxIterableList: fixed case of sequence breaking when...
2016-10-03 khizmaxRenamed internal stat events
2016-10-03 khizmaxFixed IterableList's node reusing
2016-10-03 khizmaxMerge branch 'dev' of into dev
2016-10-03 khizmaxFixed IterableList ordering violation
2016-09-29 khizmaxFixed Clang 3.7 + libc++ issues
2016-09-28 khizmaxAdded free-list option
2016-09-27 khizmaxFixed Clang build
2016-09-26 khizmaxFixed minor gcc warnings
2016-09-25 khizmaxFixed minor gcc warnings
2016-09-20 khizmaxFixed spplit-list bucket allocation function
2016-09-16 khizmaxDocfix
2016-09-16 khizmaxFIxed aux node operations in SplitListSet
2016-09-14 khizmaxFixed SplitList destroying sequence
2016-09-14 khizmaxFixed incorrect free-list usage in SplitList
2016-09-13 khizmaxImproved management of SkipList auxiliary nodes: now...