Fixed ambiguity in casting size_t to one of unsigned type (found in AIX 32bit target)
[libcds.git] / cds / intrusive / details / split_list_base.h
2017-05-30 khizmaxFixed ambiguity in casting size_t to one of unsigned...
2017-05-10 khizmaxissue #76: added cds::atomicity::cache_friendly_item_co...
2017-05-06 khizmax[SplitList] Fixed TSan warnings
2017-03-15 khizmaxAdded several bit reversal algo
2017-03-13 khizmaxAdded erase_at( iterator ) function to MichaelHashSet...
2017-02-16 khizmaxFixed some minor compiler warnings
2017-01-16 khizmaxMerged branch 'master' of
2017-01-16 khizmaxMerge branch 'flat_combinig_add_stress_and_unint_tests...
2016-12-31 khizmaxUpdated copyright
2016-12-01 khizmax[TSan] Fixed data race: added compiler barriers, tuned...
2016-11-28 khizmaxFixed memory leak in SplitList expandable bucket table
2016-11-12 khizmaxRemoved trailing spaces
2016-10-30 khizmaxIterableList: fixed a complex bug that can be called...
2016-10-29 khizmaxRemoved redundant spaces
2016-10-29 khizmaxFixed formatting
2016-10-29 khizmaxRemoved trailing spaces
2016-10-23 khizmaxAdded intrusive SplitListSet based on IterableList
2016-09-16 khizmaxFIxed aux node operations in SplitListSet
2016-09-14 khizmaxFixed incorrect free-list usage in SplitList
2016-09-13 khizmaxImproved management of SkipList auxiliary nodes: now...
2016-08-14 Max KhizhinskyMerge pull request #63 from mgalimullin/cmake-update
2016-07-05 khizmaxDocfix
2016-05-30 khizmaxMerge branch 'dev'
2016-05-03 khizmaxRenamed "ensure" to "update" in statistics
2016-03-13 khizmaxAdded clear() to SplitList<nogc>
2016-01-05 khizmaxAdded copyright and license
2015-12-05 khizmaxDoc fix
2015-10-02 khizmaxMerge branch 'dev' of into dev
2015-09-13 khizmaxRemoved unused implementation_tag typedef
2015-06-04 khizmaxFixed split-list hash functor requirements in the doc
2015-06-02 khizmaxAdded missing header, doc fixed
2015-05-21 khizmaxRemoved TSan annotations, tuned memory ordering
2015-05-12 khizmaxMerge branch 'dev'
2015-04-28 khizmaxFixed TSan warnings in SplitList
2015-04-21 Mike KrinkinFix spelling and spaces.
2015-04-19 khizmaxMerge branch 'integration' into dev
2015-04-19 Max KhizhinskyMerge pull request #28 from Rapotkinnik/upstream
2015-04-19 Max KhizhinskyMerge pull request #27 from krinkinmu/fastpath-opt
2015-04-18 Mike KrinkinFix spelling and spaces.
2015-04-12 khizmaxMerge branch 'integration' into dev
2015-04-06 khizmaxSplit up set2 unit test to reduce compiling time and...
2015-03-16 khizmaxMajor merge from 'dev'
2015-01-22 khizmaxissue#11: cds: changed __CDS_ guard prefix to CDSLIB_...
2014-11-29 khizmaxRenaming cds/cxx11_atomic.h to cds/algo/atomic.h
2014-11-01 khizmaxRemove trailing spaces
2014-10-31 khizmaxFixed iterator issues in set/map
2014-10-28 khizmaxintrusive::SplitListSet refactoring
2014-10-27 khizmaxintrusive::SplitListSet refactoring
2014-09-30 khizmaxRemove cds/detail/functor_wrapper.h
2014-09-27 khizmaxMove split_list_base.h from cds/intrusive to cds/intrus...