Refactors test cases to use gtest framework
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2017-12-30 Jeff PreshingFix #31: Entries can disappear when deleted key is...
2017-01-17 Jeff PreshingMerge pull request #23 from mdw55189/issue-19
2017-01-16 Matt WeissFixes #19. Add destructor to ConditionBank.
2016-05-18 Jeff PreshingFixes for C++98
2016-03-14 Jeff PreshingRename set() to assign()
2016-02-29 Jeff PreshingAdd SingleMap_Leapfrog
2016-02-29 Jeff PreshingRename LeapFrog to Leapfrog
2016-02-21 Jeff PreshingRename insert() to set() to avoid confusion with std...
2016-02-18 Jeff PreshingRename SimpleRelaxed to Crude
2016-02-16 Jeff PreshingFix compile error in SimpleRelaxed using C++11 atomics
2016-02-16 Jeff PreshingAdd ConcurrentMap_SimpleRelaxed
2016-02-16 Jeff PreshingEliminate redundant load in insert constructors
2016-02-15 Jeff PreshingCheck that Redirect is not passed to exchange()
2016-02-15 Jeff PreshingRevert unneeded changes to LeapFrog and Grampa
2016-02-11 Jeff PreshingFix possible infinite loop
2016-02-11 Jeff PreshingImprove ConcurrentMap_Linear scalability
2016-02-10 Jeff PreshingFix MSVC warnings with u64 keys
2016-02-09 Jeff PreshingFixes for clang without -std=c++11
2016-02-06 Jeff PreshingRun clang-format
2016-02-02 Jeff PreshingAdd libcuckoo to test suite
2016-02-02 Jeff PreshingDelete unused junction/Averager.h
2016-02-01 Jeff PreshingInitial commit