Preparing for tracking the object creation etc.
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2019-06-13 rtrimanaFirst attempt to add getGenericParameterTypes() and...
2019-06-13 rtrimanaCleaning up for the real fixes.
2019-06-10 rtrimanaStarting our own version of JPF with support for generics.
2019-03-31 YahyaUpdated documentation (#184)
2019-03-30 JentschAdd Peer for java.util.concurrent.atomic.AtomicReferenc...
2019-03-25 YahyaRefined and expanded the javadoc for SearchListener...
2019-01-03 Cyrille ArthoFix: else-if block was missing code, so the "user"...
2018-12-12 ngocpq[fix-bug]: checking attrs is not null in method StackFr...
2018-11-24 Cyrille ArthoFIX: java.lang.Object should be java/lang/Object.
2018-11-23 Cyrille ArthoFIX: "java.lang.Char" should be "java.lang.Character...
2018-11-23 Cyrille ArthoFixed behavior of division by 0 on doubles (should...
2018-10-19 Cyrille ArthoMerge branch 'sv-comp-run-script' of git://
2018-09-07 jtomanImproves annotation support (#161)
2018-09-02 cyrille-arthoMerge pull request #157 from uwplse/set_throwable_cause
2018-09-01 jtomanFixes default method resolution (#159)
2018-09-01 cyrille-arthoMerge pull request #156 from uwplse/null_lambda_capture
2018-09-01 cyrille-arthoMerge pull request #155 from uwplse/array_setget
2018-08-31 John TomanFixes null captured parameters
2018-08-31 John TomanFix get/setShort for field and array reflection
2018-06-20 Jeanderson CandidoMerge branch 'master' into gradle
2018-05-17 Dan SmithFix incorrect IncompatibleClassChangeError in ClassInfo...
2018-04-26 cyrille-arthoMerge pull request #4 from gayanW/3
2018-04-17 Willem VisserMerge pull request #6 from gayanW/travis
2018-03-07 Nastaran ShafieiIncluded a missing import to GenPeer.
2018-01-24 Vaibhav SharmaMerge branch 'master' of
2018-01-23 Quoc-Sang Phanfix bug: check division by zero
2017-05-31 Nastaran ShafieiInitial import