Bump Gradle version
[jpf-core.git] / build.gradle
2018-07-10 Jeanderson CandidoRemoved jacoco and builscan from regular build
2018-07-05 Jeanderson CandidoFixes #95 - Using 'git desribe --tags' rather than...
2018-07-05 Jeanderson CandidoIssue #95 - Updated ReporterResourcesTest
2018-07-02 Jeanderson CandidoAdded Eclipse support for gradle
2018-06-20 Jeanderson CandidoExtra - Added Jacoco for test coverage analysis
2018-06-20 Jeanderson CandidoMerge branch 'master' into gradle
2018-06-18 Jeanderson CandidoAdded missing version id
2018-06-18 Jeanderson CandidoAdded acceptance of scans.gradle.com terms of service
2018-06-18 Jeanderson CandidoReorganized task descriptions and removed IDE-related...
2018-06-18 Jeanderson CandidoUpdated build.gradle script file
2018-06-18 Jeanderson CandidoFixed task dependencies
2018-06-18 Jeanderson CandidoFixed missing properties files on build cycle
2018-06-18 Jeanderson CandidoIgnoring build.properties file
2018-06-18 Jeanderson CandidoRemoved build.properties and updated build.gradle
2018-06-15 Jeanderson Barros... Added missing packaging tasks on Gradle build (#84)
2018-06-07 cyrille-arthoMerge pull request #79 from jeandersonbc/issue78
2018-06-05 Jeanderson CandidoCreated buildinfo task (#78)
2018-06-05 Jeanderson Barros... Added tests to verify if resources exist in classpath...
2018-06-01 cyrille-arthoMerge pull request #74 from jeandersonbc/issue56
2018-05-31 Jeanderson CandidoAdded ignored tests (Fixes #56)
2018-05-31 Jeanderson Barros... Adds support to Jar tasks on Gradle build (#70)
2018-05-29 cyrille-arthoMerge pull request #65 from jeandersonbc/issue64
2018-05-28 Jeanderson CandidoCopying build.properties to output dir (fixes #64)
2018-05-23 Jeanderson Barros... Implemented log summary and updated log configurations...
2018-05-22 Jeanderson Barros... Added Java Plugin to the Gradle build (#52)
2018-05-16 Jeanderson Barros... Added minimal Gradle support to jpf-core (#45)