Adding a feature to read all keys and their respective values (Java side).
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2018-04-17 rtrimanaAdding a feature to read all keys and their respective...
2018-03-15 bdemskyedits
2018-02-15 bdemskyedits
2017-10-03 Ali YounisChanged AES to CTR mode
2017-05-18 Ali YounisChanges
2017-05-16 Ali YounisChanges
2017-05-16 Ali YounisFixes
2017-05-16 Ali YounisChanges
2017-02-14 Ali YounisTiming, Attacks
2017-02-08 Ali YounisFixed bug
2017-02-03 Ali YounisFixed Rejected Messages, Calculating correct size
2017-01-31 Ali YounisFixed bugs, local communication HMAC added in
2017-01-25 Ali YounisEdits
2017-01-15 Ali YounisLocal communication working
2017-01-12 Ali YounisLocal communication support
2017-01-07 Ali YounisBlock Chain Transactions, Commits multiple parts version
2017-01-04 Ali YounisAdded mutex for thread safety
2017-01-04 Ali YounisUpdates
2017-01-03 Ali YounisAPI Changes
2017-01-01 Ali YounisOffline support added
2016-12-31 Ali YounisChanged way Guard works, Sped up code
2016-12-28 Ali YounisSquashed Last bugs
2016-12-27 Ali YounisFixing Bugs
2016-12-25 Ali YounisCommits working, Transactions Working, Arbitrations...
2016-12-21 Ali YounisCleaned up git