Adding helper functions for server part; cleaning up
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2016-07-12 rtrimanaAdding helper functions for server part; cleaning up
2016-07-11 rtrimanaCleaning up PutSlot function
2016-07-11 bdemskyedits
2016-07-11 rtrimanaRenaming Get and Put into GetSlot and PutSlot; Cleaning...
2016-07-11 bdemskyclean up some definitions plus get function
2016-07-11 rtrimanaServer algorithm revised - two basic functions, e.g...
2016-07-07 rtrimanaAdding client algorithm; modifying some parts of server...
2016-07-06 rtrimanaAdding server algorithm
2016-07-05 bdemskymore comments
2016-07-05 bdemskyadd notes
2016-07-05 rtrimanaCompleting login and key management (part 1.1)
2016-06-30 rtrimanaGive more explanations on data entries, add a few punct...
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