2014-11-08 Nicholas OrmrodFix folly lint errors
2014-11-08 Misha ShneersonisDetachable for HHWheelTimer
2014-11-08 Dave WatsonMove SSL socket to folly
2014-11-08 Tom JacksonRemove volatile from MemoryMappingTest
2014-11-08 Daniel SommermannAdd some SocketAddress tests
2014-11-08 Dmitry PaninFix integer overflow in folly/Benchmark.cpp
2014-11-08 Philip ProninBMI1 support in EliasFanoCoding
2014-11-08 Hans Fugal(wangle) fix a race condition in Core::maybeCallback
2014-11-08 Brian WatlingRemove memory leak from readRandomDevice by using a...
2014-11-08 Brian WatlingFix crashes in readRandomDevice()
2014-11-08 Hans Fugal(wangle) fix a race in whenAll
2014-11-08 Lucian Grijincufolly: wangle: NamedThreadFactory: store of the thread...
2014-11-08 Nicholas OrmrodFix licenses
2014-11-08 Nicholas OrmrodFix global statics
2014-11-08 Nicholas Ormrodrm protected inheritance
2014-11-08 James Sedgwicknetty-like channels
2014-11-08 Daniel SommermannFix -Wsign-compare
2014-11-08 James SedgwickName prefix setter for NamedThreadFactory
2014-11-08 Dave WatsonFix bad rebase for SSLContext
2014-11-08 Nicholas OrmrodFix line too long lint errors
2014-11-08 Mark DraytonIncrease size of demangled symbol buffer
2014-11-08 Sachin KadloorUndo a local change
2014-11-08 Nicholas Ormrodvolatile override
2014-11-08 Dave Watsonfix build
2014-11-08 Tomislav NovakFix large size class category handling in folly::goodMa...
2014-11-08 Sachin KadloorSocketAddress logging
2014-11-08 Nicholas OrmrodFix/override bad symbol names
2014-11-08 Nicholas OrmrodComparing the same tokens
2014-11-08 Nicholas Ormrodthrow() specs deprecated
2014-11-08 Nicholas OrmrodFix folly lint errors
2014-11-08 Dave WatsonSSLContext
2014-11-08 Dave Watsonsave/restore request context in future
2014-11-08 Hans Fugal(wangle-test) fix double ifndef in thens.rb
2014-11-08 Nicholas Ormrodoperator::* needs implicit
2014-11-08 Nicholas OrmrodMake dynamic noexcept
2014-11-08 Daniel SommermannFix -Wsign-compare
2014-11-08 Nicholas OrmrodOverride #define of keyword
2014-11-08 Nicholas OrmrodOverride for include-guard
2014-11-08 Nicholas OrmrodAllow catch-int to be nolinted
2014-11-08 Nicholas OrmrodMove constructors should be noexcept
2014-11-08 James SedgwickFuture<T>::then([](T&&)), aka next()
2014-10-29 dcsommerBump version to 14:0
2014-10-29 Sean CannellaReally fix the clang warning in Format-inl.h
2014-10-29 Nicholas OrmrodFix spelling mistakes
2014-10-29 Nicholas OrmrodFix multiple includes
2014-10-29 Nicholas Ormrodoperator bool()
2014-10-29 Nicholas Ormrod__attribute__s need double underscore
2014-10-29 Hans Fugalmove clang disable of Thens.cpp to thens.rb
2014-10-29 Dave WatsonMove AsyncSocket to folly (try 2)
2014-10-29 Sean CannellaAddress clang sign warning in Format-inl.h
2014-10-29 Hans Fugalkill threadgate
2014-10-29 Dave WatsonAdd MemoryIdler suppot to IOThreadPoolExecutor
2014-10-29 Viswanath SivakumarRevert "D1587625 [thrift->folly] AsyncSocket"
2014-10-29 Adam Simpkinsimprove io::Appender functionality
2014-10-29 Dave WatsonAdd missing headers
2014-10-29 Dave WatsonAsyncSocket
2014-10-29 Hans Fugal(wangle) fix race in Core::detachOne()
2014-10-29 Hans Fugalunrevert "(wangle) express current Core functionality...
2014-10-29 Dave WatsonRemove some leftover apache paths
2014-10-29 Hans FugalRevert "(wangle) express current Core functionality...
2014-10-29 Hans Fugalfix Future<const T>::value()
2014-10-29 Dave Watsonmove asyncserversocket to folly
2014-10-29 James Sedgwickadd PortableSpinLock.h to Makefile, unbreak fbthrift...
2014-10-29 Andrii GrynenkoSchedule destroyInstances in registrationComplete
2014-10-29 Hans Fugal(wangle) fix after-delete assert
2014-10-29 Hans FugalwaitFor race workaround
2014-10-29 Hans Fugal(wangle) Fix a couple compilation issues
2014-10-29 Hans Fugal(wangle) Interrupts (and therefore, cancellation)
2014-10-29 Hans Fugal(wangle) express current Core functionality with a...
2014-10-29 Hans Fugal(wangle) Core cleanup
2014-10-29 Hans Fugal(wangle) deprecate Later and ThreadGate
2014-10-29 Hans Fugalremove fireAndForget
2014-10-29 Hans Fugal(wangle) dummy cpp files
2014-10-29 Hans Fugal(FSM) updateState with unprotected action
2014-10-29 James Sedgwicksync wangle to makefile
2014-10-29 Sean CannellaSupport NotificationQueue on iOS/Android
2014-10-17 dcsommerBump version to 13:0
2014-10-17 Pavlo KushnirFix mcrouter opensource build
2014-10-17 Max WangFix typo in folly::Optional
2014-10-17 Sean CannellaFix one missing conditional for Android
2014-10-17 Tom JacksonFixing broken bits test
2014-10-17 Max WangAllow Optional<T> {=,!}= T comparisons in folly::Optional
2014-10-17 Dave Watsonmove shutdown socket set
2014-10-17 Sean CannellaConditionals for iOS / Android compilation
2014-10-17 Andrii GrynenkoDon't throw in Singleton::get() if singleton is alive
2014-10-17 Subodh IyengarRemove global init of ThreadLocal in Random
2014-10-17 James Sedgwicksupport for move-only types
2014-10-17 James Sedgwickmerge wangle/Executor.h and experimental/wangle/concurr...
2014-10-17 Andrii GrynenkoSchedule destroyInstances only when first singleton...
2014-10-17 Sean CannellaFix clang test compilation failures
2014-10-17 Hans Fugal(wangle) Use MicroSpinLock
2014-10-17 Jun LIDefer query string parsing from ctor to getQueryParams()
2014-10-17 Pavlo KushnirFix opensource build
2014-10-17 Daniel SommermannFix thread local random number generator static issue
2014-10-17 Hans Fugalwangle::detail::FSM
2014-10-17 Hans Fugal(wangle) s/State/Core/
2014-10-15 Andrii GrynenkoBump version to 12:0
2014-10-15 Andrii GrynenkoDon't re-create singletons
2014-10-15 Yedidya FeldblumBasic tests for EventHandler.
2014-10-15 Soren LassenBetter estimateSpaceNeeded(double)