2017-05-20 Christopher... Fix the linking of various tests against GMock
2017-05-20 Christopher... Make a few adjustments to the compile config for the...
2017-05-20 Christopher... Mark constexpr values needed within non-implicitly...
2017-05-20 Christopher... Work around a compiler crash in VS 2017.3 Preview 1
2017-05-19 Christopher... Fix the header being included when trying to specialize...
2017-05-19 Shoaib MeenaiRemove FOLLY_SKIP_LIBCPP_4000_THROW_BACKPORTS
2017-05-19 Xiao ShiStampedPtr: use async-signal-safe assert
2017-05-17 Alexey SpiridonovThreadedRepeatingFunctionRunner: Name all the threads
2017-05-17 Phil WilloughbyTweak basic_fbstring construction from std types
2017-05-16 Alexey SpiridonovSimplify ThreadedRepeatingFunctionRunner by requiring...
2017-05-16 Stephen Chengate sse42 implementation of checksum for x86 only
2017-05-16 Yedidya FeldblumFix violations of unused-lambda-capture
2017-05-16 Christopher... Switch implicit references of folly::make_unique to...
2017-05-15 Yedidya FeldblumDrop support for deprecated associative containers
2017-05-15 Nathan BronsonStampedPtr
2017-05-15 Maxim GeorgievIn AsyncSocket::handleErrMessages() inside the loop...
2017-05-15 Yedidya FeldblumList the new GCC 4.9 and C++14 minimum requirement
2017-05-15 Arkady ShapkinFix compilation ChecksumDetail.cpp with MSVC
2017-05-13 Koen De KeyserFix compilation on Linux systems without vDSO support v2017.05.15.00
2017-05-12 Philip Proninreturn range from AsyncIO::cancel(), fix test
2017-05-12 Yedidya Feldblumexception_wrapper::get_object<>
2017-05-12 Yinghai LuFix broken promise error in folly::retrying
2017-05-12 James Sedgwickinclude folly/portability/Sockets.h instead of netinet...
2017-05-12 James Sedgwickadd FOLLY_FALLTHROUGH throughout to satisfy internal...
2017-05-12 James Sedgwickinclude folly/portability/OpenSSL.h instead of openssl/*.h
2017-05-12 Eric NieblerCopying a non-const FunctionRef lvalue should be a...
2017-05-11 Nick TerrellSwitch uncompressedLength to an Optional<uint64_t>
2017-05-11 Ashwin BharambeOutline `Optional::require_value()`
2017-05-11 Philip ProninAsyncIO::cancel
2017-05-11 Victor ZverovichFix a race on destruction of ScopedEventBaseThread
2017-05-11 Yedidya Feldblumhasher instances for 8-bit and 16-bit integral types
2017-05-11 Kevin ChenAdd writable() to AsyncTransport
2017-05-11 Mathieu Baudetadd missing const to fix `folly::toDynamic` on `std...
2017-05-10 Victor LohAdd pollWithRusage to Subprocess
2017-05-10 Anton LunovRevert D4982969: [Folly] Destroy promise/future callbac...
2017-05-09 Arkadiy ShapkinFix FBString with MSVC
2017-05-09 Eric NieblerAdd folly::Identity function object to Utility.h; repla...
2017-05-09 Arkady ShapkinSupport static gflags library
2017-05-09 Yedidya FeldblumDestroy promise/future callback functions before waking...
2017-05-09 Philipp Unterbrunnerback_emplace_iterator and related classes and utility...
2017-05-09 Christopher... Codemod folly::make_unique to std::make_unique
2017-05-08 Jim Meyeringchange EXPECT_EQ(false, ... to EXPECT_FALSE(...; ditto...
2017-05-08 Anirudh RamachandranMove OpenSSLPtrTypes.h from folly/io/async/ssl to folly/ssl
2017-05-08 Dave WatsonAdd hardware crc impl
2017-05-06 Andrii GrynenkoFix folly::call_once v2017.05.08.00
2017-05-06 Yedidya FeldblumMark future-core get-state members as const noexcept
2017-05-06 Yedidya FeldblumStop trying to setrlimit(RLIMIT_AS) in ASAN builds
2017-05-05 Eric NieblerFixedString gets comparisons with folly::Range and...
2017-05-05 Christopher... Fix getCurrentThreadName() on OSX
2017-05-05 Yedidya FeldblumControl the number of threads in TestExecutor
2017-05-05 Sven OverFuture: improve test with task discarding executors
2017-05-05 Yedidya FeldblumAdd full noexcept annotations to Indestructible
2017-05-05 Christopher... Delete operator=(std::string&&) from StringPiece
2017-05-04 Christopher... Support naming a ScopedEventBaseThread
2017-05-04 Christopher... Add support for getting the current thread's name
2017-05-04 Maged MichaelAdd thread-safe priority queue with arbitrary prioritie...
2017-05-04 Eric Nieblertest the typeid of the exception before it is potential...
2017-05-03 Aravind AnbuduraiHelper utility to construct, returns an Expected<..>
2017-05-03 Giuseppe OttavianoStore pointers in EliasFanoReader and BitVectorReader...
2017-05-03 Giuseppe OttavianoTemplate EliasFanoReader on size type
2017-05-03 Giuseppe OttavianoDo not store inner_ in EliasFanoReader and BitVectorReader
2017-05-03 Giuseppe OttavianoDo not store the lower bits mask in EliasFanoReader
2017-05-03 Dave WatsonDomain destruction fixes
2017-05-03 Christopher... Fix a couple of issues with the CMake script
2017-05-03 Christopher... Fix compiling with PThread support on Windows... Again...
2017-05-03 Christopher... Fix ExceptionWrapper under MSVC 2015 Update 3
2017-05-02 Christopher... Fix FBString in MSVC 2015
2017-05-02 Christopher... Fix the CMake build on Windows when using PThreads
2017-05-02 Christopher... Fix FBString under MSVC
2017-05-01 Andrii GrynenkoFix a race in Observable context destruction
2017-05-01 Anirudh RamachandranMore OpenSSL 1.1.0 compatibility fixes
2017-04-30 Ted PercivalRemove unused `constexpr strlen` check v2017.05.01.00
2017-04-28 Alexey SpiridonovSimplify BackgroundThreads, move them to folly/experime...
2017-04-27 Giuseppe OttavianoFix a comment
2017-04-27 Philipp Unterbrunnerfolly::rvalue_reference_wrapper for store&forward of...
2017-04-27 Philip Proninfix silent eax clobbering in CpuId ctor
2017-04-27 Otto EbelingDon't return a nullptr from IOBufQueue::split(0)
2017-04-27 Maged MichaelFlat combining: Add lock holder with deferred option...
2017-04-27 Yedidya FeldblumCasing consistency for exception_wrapper::throw_exception
2017-04-26 Pavel Aslanovfolly::overload and folly::variant_match
2017-04-26 Nick Terrellsmall_vector improvements
2017-04-26 Dave WatsonMake folly pass TSAN checks
2017-04-26 Dave WatsonFix virtual struct bug
2017-04-26 Christopher... Delete the non-char integeral forms of fbstring::operator=
2017-04-25 Neel GoyalGuard SSLContext lock checks with init mutex and add...
2017-04-25 Andrii GrynenkoRemove thread-safety comment from EventBaseLocal
2017-04-25 Christopher... Shift the implementation of setThreadName out of the...
2017-04-24 Michael LeeProperly gate the wchar tests in FBStringTest
2017-04-22 Neel GoyalIgnore setSSLLockTypes() calls after SSLContext is... v2017.04.24.00
2017-04-22 Michael LeeAlso exclude the wstring test
2017-04-21 Michael LeeTurn off failing FBString test for Android
2017-04-21 Christopher... Use std::nullptr_t in dynamic
2017-04-21 Cameron PickettFix issue where compiler cannot determine address of...
2017-04-20 Andrii GrynenkoEventBaseLocal cleanup
2017-04-20 Nicholas OrmrodRemove unpackHack from smallVector
2017-04-19 MaximAdded pkg-config as required dependency
2017-04-19 Phil WilloughbyImprove string comparisons
2017-04-19 Andrew KriegerInclude <strings.h> in portability/String.h
2017-04-18 Marc HorowitzFail on implicit convert from BOOL on ObjC in folly...
2017-04-18 Angelo FaillaFix ASAN reported bug