2015-08-25 Maxim GeorgievAdding a unit test for HHWheelTimer exercising the...
2015-08-24 Mark IsaacsonGive folly/symbolizer an explicit main function
2015-08-24 Peter GriessCreate MockAsyncUDPSocket
2015-08-23 Yedidya FeldblumRename fixup from TDelayedDestruction to DelayedDestruc...
2015-08-23 Yedidya FeldblumRename fixup from TNotificationQueue to NotificationQueue.
2015-08-21 Yedidya Feldblumstatic_function_deleter.
2015-08-21 Jim Meyeringfolly: update for newer Fedora
2015-08-21 Maxim GeorgievAdd a default timeout parameter to HHWheelTimer.
2015-08-21 Tom JacksonPrevent accidental moves in filter()
2015-08-21 Jason PradoRemove superfluous std::move calls
2015-08-20 Andrey ObraztsovReplace Singleton<T>::get() with Singleton<T>::try_get...
2015-08-19 Kristen PartonRevert "[folly::gen] Prevent accidental moves in filter()"
2015-08-18 Tom JacksonPrevent accidental moves in filter()
2015-08-18 Orvid KingAdjust Format-inl.h to work with MSVC
2015-08-18 Yedidya FeldblumEnvVarSaver.
2015-08-18 Subodh IyengarRefactor HandshakeHelper and add a peeking handshake...
2015-08-17 Sara GolemonBump version to 54:0 v0.54.0
2015-08-17 Daniel M. WeeksLimit use of hardware crc32 check to SSE 4.2
2015-08-17 Orvid KingRemove `unsigned char v = static_cast<unsigned char...
2015-08-17 Orvid KingImplement Random.cpp for MSVC
2015-08-17 Yedidya FeldblumExtract folly/io/async/test/RequestContextTest.cpp...
2015-08-15 Dhruv MataniMore descriptive message when we fail with a "Double...
2015-08-14 Naizhi LiAllow AysncUDPSocket to work without SO_REUSEADDR flag
2015-08-14 Dave WatsonRemove dep on boost_thread
2015-08-14 Yedidya FeldblumFix AtomicHashArray::defaultConfig SIOF.
2015-08-13 Peter GriessSet IPV6_V6ONLY in folly::AsyncUDPServerSocket
2015-08-13 Yang ChiDetect clang in folly/Portability.h
2015-08-12 Orvid KingDon't warn if pthread_atfork isn't avaliable on MSVC
2015-08-12 Orvid KingAdd MSVC support to MaxAlign
2015-08-12 Orvid KingHandle some scoping issues in Conv.h under MSVC
2015-08-12 Yedidya FeldblumCodeMod apache::thrift::transport::TSocketAddress to...
2015-08-12 Orvid KingDisable VDSO on MSVC
2015-08-12 Hannes Roth(Wangle) Use perfect forwarding for LambdaBufHelper
2015-08-11 Hannes Roth(Wangle) Align lambdaBuf_
2015-08-11 Yedidya FeldblumEmplacement in folly::padded::Adaptor, if the adapted...
2015-08-11 Noel SardanaAdded futures helpers times, when, and whileDo
2015-08-10 Sara GolemonBump version to 53:0 v0.53.0
2015-08-09 Brett SimmersSupport dynamic field width in folly::format()
2015-08-07 Yedidya FeldblumAvoid incorrect constexpr in folly/AtomicHashArray.h.
2015-08-06 Anton LikhtarovEasy: disable guard pages by default
2015-08-06 Alexander ShaposhnikovMake Core.size test portable
2015-08-05 Yedidya FeldblumScopedEventBaseThread should support an EventBaseManage...
2015-08-05 Yedidya FeldblumUse static const keys in AtomicHashArray::Config.
2015-08-05 Orvid KingUse .string() not .native() in TestUtil.cpp
2015-08-05 Orvid KingMake some types and constexprs public
2015-08-04 Nathan Bronsonmake RetryingTest more robust
2015-08-04 Yedidya FeldblumRefactor extract FOLLY_SYNCHRONIZED_HAVE_TIMED_MUTEX.
2015-08-04 Alexander ShaposhnikovFix a bad bug in folly::ThreadLocal (incorrect using...
2015-08-03 Orvid KingAdd MSVC support to futures/Deprecated.h
2015-08-02 Yedidya FeldblumFix ASAN failure in folly/io/async/test/NotificationQue...
2015-08-01 Brett SimmersRevert "Use constexpr initializers for AtomicHashArray...
2015-07-31 Michael LeeNot to use EventBaseLocal on mobile
2015-07-31 Michael LeeNo std::recursive_timed_mutex and std::timed_mutex.
2015-07-31 Orvid KingFix a parse error in detail/ThreadLocalDetail.h under...
2015-07-31 Orvid KingGeneralize FOLLY_SPIN_WAIT to use Portability methods
2015-07-31 Orvid KingUse constexpr initializers for AtomicHashArray Config
2015-07-31 Nick TerrellOverload on dynamic object reference type.
2015-07-31 Sophia WangDelayedDestruction cleanup
2015-07-31 Brian WatlingAdd accessor to estimate a FiberManager's run queue...
2015-07-31 Andrew Gallagherfolly: fix another test running under buck
2015-07-31 Andrew Gallagherfolly: fix tests running under buck (w/ clang and dynam...
2015-07-31 Yedidya Feldblumfutures::retrying.
2015-07-31 Ondrej LeheckaFix 'missing declarations' and 'unusued parameter'...
2015-07-30 Mark McDuffadd EventBase-local storage abstraction
2015-07-30 Nima AghdaiiFix Infinity
2015-07-30 Orvid KingRemoved an unneeded typename in dynamic.h
2015-07-29 Orvid KingAdd MSVC support to Singleton's fatalHelper
2015-07-29 Orvid KingUse strerror_s on MSVC
2015-07-29 Orvid KingHandle MSVC in FBString.h
2015-07-29 Orvid KingSwitch a couple of uses of __thread to FOLLY_TLS
2015-07-29 Orvid KingAdded asm_volatile_memory
2015-07-29 Orvid KingAdded FOLLY_ALIGNED(), to allow aligning on MSVC as...
2015-07-29 Orvid KingFix Random-inl.h under MSVC
2015-07-29 Orvid KingImplemented VersionCheck.h for MSVC
2015-07-29 Andrey GoderAdd space to error message
2015-07-29 Tudor BosmanAllow ProgramExit(0), add some comments
2015-07-29 Alexander ShaposhnikovAdd hasher specializations for enums, pairs and tuples
2015-07-29 Yedidya FeldblumFix Build: FOLLY_SSE and preprocessor floats.
2015-07-29 Alexander Shaposhnikov[folly] Enable support of applyTuple for const tuples
2015-07-29 Sara GolemonRegenerate from source
2015-07-29 Orvid KingMove various attributes before the declaration to be...
2015-07-28 Orvid KingUse fsync on MSVC, as fdatasync doesn't exist
2015-07-28 Orvid KingUse intrinsics for RWSpinLock when on MSVC.
2015-07-28 Orvid KingAdd MSVC support for FOLLY_DEPRECATED
2015-07-28 Orvid KingNormalize SSE support detection
2015-07-28 Orvid KingAdd MSVC support for FOLLY_FINAL and FOLLY_OVERRIDE
2015-07-28 Orvid KingAdd detection of MSVC RTTI
2015-07-28 Jason RahmanAllow for mutable lambdas with Future::ensure()
2015-07-28 Orvid KingAdd typename qualifiers to Singleton.h
2015-07-28 Orvid KingSupport GroupVarint.h under MSVC
2015-07-28 Orvid KingAdd support for MSVC in asm_pause in Portability.h
2015-07-27 Orvid KingAdjust a literal in AtomicHashMap.h to be correctly...
2015-07-27 Orvid KingFix the size of the enum in FBString.h under MSVC
2015-07-27 Sophia Wangfix clang ASAN error in DelayedDestructionBaseTest
2015-07-27 James Sedgwickdelete folly/wangle
2015-07-27 Sara GolemonBump version to 52:0 v0.52.0
2015-07-27 Alexey SpiridonovMake ProcessReturnCode default-constructible
2015-07-27 Alexey SpiridonovImprove waitpid error handling
2015-07-25 mwilliamsFix some warnings in folly
2015-07-24 Nathan Bronsonadded a missing hook to IndexedMemPool's testing harness