2016-07-05 Adam Simpkinsfix flaky ConnectTFOTimeout and ConnectTFOFallbackTimeo...
2016-07-05 Subodh IyengarAdd sa_len for sockaddr conversions
2016-07-02 Jim Meyeringfolly:thread_local_test: avoid test failure due to...
2016-07-02 Christopher... Include the correct headers in various tests
2016-07-02 Christopher... Don't do #if in the middle of a parameter to a preproce...
2016-07-02 Christopher... Mark a few constants as constexpr so VLAs aren't required
2016-07-02 Christopher... Use a defined form of uniform_int_distribution
2016-07-02 Christopher... Don't use a VLA for the dest buffer when testing wide...
2016-07-02 Christopher... boost::filesystem::path is a wide string on Windows
2016-07-02 Aravind AnbuduraiMoved object destructor should not log
2016-07-01 Adam Simpkinsfix the ThreadLocal test in open source builds
2016-07-01 Aravind AnbuduraiMake AutoTimer work with std::chrono::duration instead...
2016-07-01 Christopher... ConstantRNG should implement UniformRandomBitGenerator
2016-07-01 Aravind Anbuduraiclang-format AutoTimer.h
2016-07-01 Christopher... Don't use named variadic macro parameters
2016-07-01 Christopher... Use asm_volatile_memory() for portable memory barriors...
2016-07-01 Christopher... Use UTF-8 strings for strings with multi-byte Unicode...
2016-07-01 Christopher... Use decltype rather than typeof
2016-07-01 Christopher... Rename SIZE to kSize
2016-07-01 Christopher... Use uint32_t rather than uint
2016-07-01 Christopher... Use std::vector in the CacheLocalityBenchmark rather...
2016-07-01 Christopher... Use float literals when initializing float values
2016-07-01 Christopher... Long is not long enough for a long long
2016-07-01 Christopher... Don't try and instantiate an invalid function in Discri...
2016-07-01 Christopher... Don't use stderr as an identifier name
2016-07-01 Misha Shneersonstop_watch is moved to folly
2016-06-30 Tianjiao Yinsuppress unused variable warnings
2016-06-30 Aravind AnbuduraiMake AutoTimer usable with Closures
2016-06-30 Scott MichelsonGive each eventbase a wheeltimer
2016-06-29 Eric Nieblergcc-4.8 is not decaying types correctly in lambda init...
2016-06-29 Mirek KlimosFix FiberManager.RequestContext unit test
2016-06-29 Eric Nieblerfix the open source ssl_test target
2016-06-29 Mirek KlimosReplace RequestContext::create with RequestContextScope...
2016-06-27 Marcus Holland... Allow unchecked conversion from floating point to bool
2016-06-27 Bo YouFolly parseJson doesn't handle minInt properly
2016-06-26 David Lamfix typo in documentation
2016-06-25 Eric Nieblerfolly: fix clang's -Wundefined-var-template
2016-06-24 Haocheng Zhangfix bug for negative shift value
2016-06-24 Marcus Holland... Fix uses of std::nextafter on Android
2016-06-24 Huapeng ZhouIOBuf: add a method to signal the underlying buffer...
2016-06-24 Christopher... std::aligned_storage<>::type is not a dependent type
2016-06-24 Christopher... Use FOLLY_TLS rather than __thread
2016-06-24 Christopher... Dear Elias Fano Bit Vector: You do not require GCC
2016-06-24 Marcus Holland... Fix code for anything-to-string space estimation
2016-06-24 Marcus Holland... Simplify unsigned-to-string conversion code and improve...
2016-06-24 Marcus Holland... Fix undefined behaviour in 128-bit integer-to-string...
2016-06-24 Marcus Holland... Add more benchmarks for integer-to-string conversion
2016-06-24 Marcus Holland... Fix conversion from bool to floating point value
2016-06-23 Marcus Holland... Clean up Conv.cpp / Conv.h
2016-06-23 Marcus Holland... Fix undefined behaviour in float<->int conversion
2016-06-22 Bruno GoncalvesAdded missing m4 file ax_boost_chrono
2016-06-22 Marcus Holland... Add more benchmarks for various conversions
2016-06-21 Lucian Grijincufolly:: singleton: ubsan: fix calling overriden method...
2016-06-20 Christopher... Adjust the way Future<Unit>'s constructor is defined
2016-06-17 Caren ThomasAdd very basic compatibility with folly locks for synch...
2016-06-17 Yedidya FeldblumWrappers for some of OpenSSL's crypto hash functions
2016-06-17 Christopher... Fix infinite recursion in sorted_vector_{set|map}:...
2016-06-16 Jinlong ZhouReverted commit D3270439
2016-06-16 Christopher... Use the standard intrinsics for crc32c
2016-06-16 Eric Nieblerfolly: fix clang's -Wundefined-var-template
2016-06-16 Blake LawsonAdded limited list of supported ciphers
2016-06-15 Haocheng Zhangfix bug for nullptr in qfind
2016-06-15 Caren ThomasAdd constructor for MultiLevelTimeSeries class that...
2016-06-14 Marcus Holland... Add conv_benchmark target to
2016-06-14 Michael LeeReverted commit D3427621
2016-06-14 Joseph GriegoEventBase keepAlive counter is not atomic
2016-06-14 Michael LeeTime.h portability for iOS 10.
2016-06-11 Alexey SpiridonovDCHECK on reentrant invocations of loop()
2016-06-10 Ben HamiltonMake Fibers library conditional on working Boost.Contex...
2016-06-10 Andrii GrynenkoFix folly::fibers on OSX with boost 1.60
2016-06-10 Maged MichaelAdded support for std::mutex in folly Deterministic...
2016-06-10 Marcus Holland... Get rid of circular dependency when including Exception...
2016-06-09 Christopher... Use intrinsics rather than inline assembly where possible
2016-06-09 Chad ParryAllow a timer with pending callbacks to be destroyed
2016-06-09 pravicFix typo in docs/
2016-06-09 Martin MartinFix a data race found by TSAN in folly::fibers::Baton
2016-06-09 David Callahanfix command line parsing
2016-06-09 Brett SimmersAllow const mapped types in folly::AtomicHash(Array...
2016-06-08 Adam Simpkinsmake Range::size() constexpr
2016-06-08 Christopher... Pack PackedSyncPtr
2016-06-08 Adam Simpkinsadd hexlify() and unhexlify() convenience methods
2016-06-08 Andrii GrynenkoDisable SIGSEGV signal handler if run in JVM
2016-06-07 Adam Radziwonczyk... Expose current observer from FiberManager
2016-06-07 Subodh IyengarAdd TFO support to AsyncSSLSocket
2016-06-06 Kenny Yufolly: define FOLLY_SANITIZE_THREAD convenience macro...
2016-06-04 Christopher... Allow constexpr construction of AtomicStruct under...
2016-06-04 Christopher... Deal with a couple of warnings from MSVC
2016-06-04 Christopher... Remove a couple of MSVC portability defines
2016-06-03 Andrii GrynenkoAdd a SIGSEGV signal handler which detects stack overflow
2016-06-03 Subodh IyengarAlways override write bio method
2016-06-02 Elliott ClarkUpdate folly OSS build to use 1y
2016-06-01 Christopher... Assert that MicroSpinLock is a POD type
2016-06-01 Christopher... PackedSyncPtr.data_ is private
2016-06-01 Ben HamiltonFix test/SynchronizedTest.cpp build break on Clang...
2016-06-01 Christopher... SingletonVault_c.cpp is always C++
2016-06-01 Subodh IyengarMethods to change cipher suite list
2016-05-31 Michael LeeSocketFastOpen should include <cerrno>
2016-05-31 Michael LeeSubprocessTest does not use dirent.h
2016-05-31 Subodh IyengarAdd support for TFO connections
2016-05-30 Christopher... Switch uses of networking headers to <folly/portability...