2015-12-10 Barney MossUnit test showing array assignment problem on gcc 4.9
2015-12-10 Andrii GrynenkoAdd ReadMostlySharedPtr and TLRefCount to
2015-12-10 Arjen RoodselaarFix automake build
2015-12-10 Neel GoyalUpdate SSLContext to use discrete_distribution
2015-12-09 Andrii GrynenkoSwitch folly::Singleton to ReadMostlySharedPtr
2015-12-09 Alan FrindellAdd support for ALPN
2015-12-09 Shijin Kongnotification queue read -> readNoInt
2015-12-08 Chad ParryAvoid cost of cancelAll
2015-12-08 Andrii GrynenkoFix TLRefCount race around thread local destruction...
2015-12-08 Chip TurnerUpdate zstd to 0.4.2
2015-12-08 Neel GoyalMark some methods virtual on SSL Context.
2015-12-07 John Sherwoodadd type info to broken promise what()
2015-12-07 Kyle NekritzFix segfaults in AsyncSSLSocket when used in unencrypte...
2015-12-06 Bartek Ryniecjson: Add option to parse numbers as strings
2015-12-06 Kyle NekritzMake getWrappedTransport/getUnderlyingTransport const.
2015-12-06 Kyle NekritzRemove getBytesRead and getBytesWritten from folly...
2015-12-06 Alexey SpiridonovAdd an "after fork, before exec" callback
2015-12-06 Umair Sadiqfix for negative delay in runAfterDelay
2015-12-03 Steve O'BrienThreadLocalDetail: OSX fixes
2015-12-02 Steve O'BrienThreadLocalDetail: fix bug just introduced w/ recent...
2015-12-02 Tudor BosmanAdd Optional::value_type
2015-12-02 Steve O'Brienfolly: ThreadLocalDetail: make PthreadKeyUnregister...
2015-12-02 Chad ParryRecommend a different exception_handler idiom
2015-12-02 Andrii GrynenkoProperly init collectDone_
2015-12-01 Yedidya FeldblumAvoid requiring a suppression (unevaluated-expression)
2015-12-01 Daniel AnderssonEnable find/emplace for key types other than KeyT.
2015-12-01 Jim Meyeringfolly/Conv.h: suppress -Wfloat-conversion warnings
2015-12-01 Yedidya FeldblumCodeMod: Use the ExceptionWrapper::with_exception varia...
2015-12-01 Jim Meyeringfolly/Conv.h: estimateSpaceNeeded: avoid undefined...
2015-12-01 Yedidya FeldblumAvoid deprecated Singleton<T>::get() in folly/futures
2015-11-26 Andrii GrynenkoDeprecate get_weak()
2015-11-26 Yedidya FeldblumFix ExceptionWrapper::with_exception to support lvalue...
2015-11-26 Andrii GrynenkoNew ReadMostlySharedPtr implementation
2015-11-25 Mark IsaacsonFix proxygen OSS build
2015-11-25 Giuseppe OttavianoUpdate symlinks
2015-11-25 Giuseppe OttavianoSkip reallocation in shrink_to_fit for empty fbvector
2015-11-25 Mark IsaacsonMake folly's T_CHECK_TIMEOUT/T_CHECK_TIME_LT use SKIP...
2015-11-25 Jim Meyeringfolly/detail/ThreadLocalDetail.h: avoid UBSAN-detected...
2015-11-25 Adrien ConrathRemove undefined behavior in goodMallocSize()
2015-11-25 Giuseppe OttavianoMake goodMallocSize always use nallocx
2015-11-25 Yedidya FeldblumA well-known instance of folly::Unit
2015-11-25 Yedidya FeldblumExceptionWrapper::with_exception variant, deducing...
2015-11-24 Qinfan WuAdd sdallocx for jemalloc
2015-11-24 Yedidya FeldblumFix Build: folly/test/ThreadLocalTest
2015-11-23 Haijun ZhuFix HHWheelTimerTest.AtMostEveryN
2015-11-23 Chad ParrySimplify an exception handler
2015-11-23 Michael OliverBenchmark std::to_string vs. folly::to<std::string>
2015-11-23 Sara GolemonAdd missing header files to folly-automake
2015-11-23 Sara GolemonFix minor typo in folly/Conv.h
2015-11-21 Andrii GrynenkoFix folly/ThreadLocal with clang after PthreadKeyUnregi...
2015-11-20 Lucian GrijincuRevert "Fix folly::ThreadLocal to work in a shared...
2015-11-20 Haijun Zhuget back AsyncServerSocket's setMaxNumMessagesInQueue
2015-11-20 Anirudh RamachandranRemove unnecessary resetClientHelloParsing callback...
2015-11-20 Alexander ShaposhnikovRemove busy wait and support multiple wait
2015-11-20 Delyan KratunovExpose move result from LockFreeRingBuffer::Cursor
2015-11-19 Giuseppe OttavianoFix usingJEMalloc with Clang
2015-11-19 Anton LikhtarovFix invalid DCHECK
2015-11-19 Andrii GrynenkoFix folly::ThreadLocal to work in a shared library
2015-11-18 Kyle NekritzAdd getUnderlyingTransport to AsyncTransportWrapper.
2015-11-17 Tom JacksonUTF8StringPiece, wrapping boost::u8_to_u32
2015-11-16 Yedidya FeldblumSimplify some checks by using __CLANG_PREREQ
2015-11-15 Yedidya FeldblumSimplify some checks by using __CLANG_PREREQ
2015-11-13 Andrii GrynenkoMake collect work for types with no default constructors
2015-11-13 Yang ChiAllow a AsyncSocket to be corked the whole time
2015-11-12 Giuseppe OttavianoMake Malloc.h self-contained
2015-11-12 Giuseppe OttavianoDisable assertions in FBString when used as std::string
2015-11-12 Chad ParryRestore the definition of HHWheelTimer::UniquePtr
2015-11-11 Stepan PalamarchukMake Optional nothrow_default_constructible
2015-11-11 Yang ChiAdd a buffer callback to AsyncSocket
2015-11-11 Chad ParryImprove the DelayedDestruction smart pointer
2015-11-11 Shaft WuUNSYNCHRONIZED does NOT unlock the mutex
2015-11-11 Alexander ShaposhnikovRevert my change (which broke down the cont build)
2015-11-11 Alexander ShaposhnikovRemove busy wait
2015-11-10 Shijin Kongchange log error back to check when pipe read fail...
2015-11-10 Steve O'BrienFBString: fix constructors so it compiles with newer...
2015-11-09 Shijin Kongchange CHECK to LOG(ERROR) when pipe read error on...
2015-11-09 Alexey SpiridonovAdd a tag type for in-place construction
2015-11-09 Chad ParryMake sure there are no outstanding timers in the destructor
2015-11-08 Igor Sugakfolly/portability: add clang version check
2015-11-06 Chad ParryCallbacks should ref the HHWheelTimer
2015-11-06 Jon Maltiel... Cancel timeout only if not run
2015-11-05 Haijun Zhucodemod setMaxNumMessagesInQueue to setMaxNumPendingCon...
2015-11-05 Jon Maltiel... Activate server timeout after write success
2015-11-05 Viswanath SivakumarSet interrupt handler correctly on SharedPromise
2015-11-04 Subodh IyengarAdd ability to get application protocol from AsyncTrans...
2015-11-04 Zhen (Growth) Liswitch the IndexType and Allocator in AtomicUnorderedIn...
2015-11-04 Subodh IyengarAllow underlying transport to be accessible from AsyncT...
2015-11-04 Louis Brandymake folly slightly more c++-modules friendly
2015-11-03 Louis Brandyqualify std::move in StringKeyedTest
2015-11-03 Anton LikhtarovDisallow nullptr literal in StringPiece constructor
2015-10-31 Andrew GallagherFix multi-line comment warnings
2015-10-30 Delyan KratunovAdd writeAndGetCursor to LockFreeRingBuffer
2015-10-30 Jon Maltiel... Periodically reclaim unnecessary fibers from free pool
2015-10-29 Justin GibbsPrefer template aliases to classes in IntrusiveList
2015-10-29 Andrii GrynenkoRemove DFATAL from folly::Singleton::try_get()
2015-10-29 Xiaofan Yangadd config to allow using quadratic probing
2015-10-29 Pavlo KushnirDo not set startWork_ in EventBase if time measurement...
2015-10-28 Blake MathenySuppress -Wshadow for SYNCHRONIZED
2015-10-28 Beny LuoFix clang issue on NotificationQueue::size
2015-10-27 Shaft WuTrack callback life cycle for HHWheelTimer and EventBase