2017-04-04 Maxim GeorgievMake some AsyncTest methods virtual to allow mocking...
2017-04-04 Sven OverFunction.h: remove FOLLY_MSVC_DISABLE_WARNING
2017-04-04 Anirudh RamachandranSupport building with OpenSSL 1.1.0 and BoringSSL
2017-04-04 Anirudh RamachandranOpenSSL 1.1.0 compatibility
2017-04-04 Andrii GrynenkoDon't allow singleton use w/o registrationComplete()
2017-04-03 Nick TerrellRemove use of generic lambdas
2017-04-03 Harrison KlapermanFix broken ManualExecutor
2017-04-03 Christopher... Don't use macros for FBVector::insert
2017-04-03 Dan MelnicRemove/make private the default ***Holder constructor...
2017-04-03 Dave Watsonatomic_shared_ptr
2017-04-01 Giuseppe OttavianoOptimize JSON escaping of ASCII strings v2017.04.03.00
2017-04-01 Mainak Mandalfix memory leak in case of large number of retries
2017-03-31 Wez Furlongavoid UB in StringKeyedCommon for default constructed...
2017-03-31 Yedidya FeldblumSome constexpr symbols for whether sanitizers are enabled
2017-03-30 Yedidya FeldblumFix double-delete in Singleton::make_mock
2017-03-30 Eric NieblerRemove unneccessary test for &that==this in folly:...
2017-03-30 Eric NieblerProperly constrain folly::Function's generic conversion...
2017-03-30 Nick TerrellPath variants for get_(ref_)default()
2017-03-30 Igor SugakBacked out changeset d4e3fdfd5775
2017-03-29 Tom Jacksonuncurry
2017-03-29 Yedidya FeldblumCut extraneous typename in StringKeyedCommon.h
2017-03-29 Sven Overfix dead-lock in Future when executor discards function
2017-03-29 Nick TerrellAutomaticCodec
2017-03-29 Ondrej LeheckaCursor::read<T>() initializes return value
2017-03-28 Nick TerrellOptimize ZlibCodec::doUncompress()
2017-03-28 Christopher... Implement S_ISDIR()
2017-03-28 Maged MichaelChange trylock() to try_lock() in folly::SpinLock to...
2017-03-28 Dylan YudakenAllow custom sorting function for JSON serializer
2017-03-27 Nick TerrellGate LZ4Frame behind version check
2017-03-27 Nick TerrellDisallow temporary default values in get_ref_default()
2017-03-25 Arthur O'DwyerSeveral fixes to the "SWMRList" example in experimental... v2017.03.27.00
2017-03-25 Maged Michael(folly) Add lock holder interface to flat combining...
2017-03-25 Nick TerrellAdd tryRead() and endian variants
2017-03-24 Nick TerrellAvoid passing temporary to get_ref_default()
2017-03-24 Nick TerrellAllow decompresion without uncompressedSize
2017-03-24 Nick TerrellOptimize ZSTDCodec::doUncompress()
2017-03-24 Nick TerrellAdd LZ4_FRAME codec
2017-03-24 Phil WilloughbyExpand environment-handling in folly
2017-03-23 Ted PercivalRe-enable io tests
2017-03-23 Andrii GrynenkoMake sure singleton destructor is always called from...
2017-03-23 Maxim GeorgievRandomize the Unix socket name in AsyncSocketTest.SendM...
2017-03-23 Jim Meyeringchange EXPECT_EQ(false, ... to EXPECT_FALSE(...; ditto...
2017-03-23 Maged MichaelFlat Combining
2017-03-22 Giuseppe OttavianoFix typo in Singleton
2017-03-22 Christopher... Fix the nested command line app test helper
2017-03-22 Michael LeeAndroid should also use a relaxed Singleton
2017-03-22 Brian SmithAdd additional points to configure help output
2017-03-22 Christopher... Use the gflags portability header
2017-03-21 Nathan Bronsonfix sorted_vector_{set,map} insert with bad hint
2017-03-21 Nick TerrellAdd IOBuf::cloneCoalesced()
2017-03-21 Andrii GrynenkoDon't allow singleton use w/o registrationComplete()
2017-03-21 Christopher... Re-enable a couple of tests under MSVC
2017-03-21 Maxim GeorgievIn AsyncSocketTest.SendMessageFlags test use folly...
2017-03-20 Louis Brandycall static function directly
2017-03-20 Christopher... Give observer manager threads a name
2017-03-20 Jason FriedFolly Futures to Python Asyncio Futures Bridge
2017-03-19 Jim Meyeringfolly/test/TimeseriesTest.cpp: avoid shadowing warnings v2017.03.20.00
2017-03-18 Victor ZverovichMake EventBaseLocal::getOrCreate work with noncopyable...
2017-03-17 Brian SmithPut the full help before the options
2017-03-17 Andreas C.... Add hash and equal_to implementations to folly::Uri
2017-03-16 Michael SteinertAdd support for OpenSSL 1.0
2017-03-16 JiaJie YeAdd getPeerAddress/getLocalAddress folly::SocketAddress...
2017-03-15 Christopher... Backport std::index_sequence and friends
2017-03-15 Michael SteinertFix the pkg-config filter
2017-03-15 Felix HandteAdd String Support to Compression Codec
2017-03-14 Michael SteinertIgnore the generated file folly/libfolly.pc
2017-03-14 Michael SteinertFix the --disable-follytestmain option
2017-03-14 Dmitry Pleshkovsmall_vector should not require a copy-ctr from its...
2017-03-13 Christopher... Add a way to determine if a compression codec is suppor...
2017-03-13 Nick TerrellFill buffer before allocating more
2017-03-13 Tom Jacksonget_ptr(mapOfMaps, key, key...)
2017-03-13 Phil WilloughbyUpdate folly::Singleton documentation block
2017-03-11 Andrii GrynenkoMake EventBaseLoopController only support VirtualEventBase v2017.03.13.00
2017-03-10 Maged MichaelFix data race in IndexedMemPool
2017-03-10 Christopher... Fix problems with clock_gettime and OSX < 10.12 + XCode 8
2017-03-10 Andrii GrynenkoUse VirtualEventBase in mcrouter
2017-03-10 Kyle NekritzFix use after move in AsyncSSLSocket constructor.
2017-03-10 Maxim GeorgievImplementing a callback interface for folly::AsyncSocke...
2017-03-10 Andrii GrynenkoRemove runInLoop
2017-03-10 Adam Simpkinsteach gtest how to pretty-print StringPiece values
2017-03-09 Maged MichaelDetect data race in IndexedMemPool
2017-03-09 Kyle NekritzReplace MSG_PEEK with a pre-received data interface.
2017-03-08 Andrii GrynenkoFixes to always call Singleton's registrationComplete...
2017-03-08 Christopher... Mark non-captured constexpr variable as static
2017-03-08 Christopher... Don't define MALLOCX_* if building with JEMalloc
2017-03-08 Anirudh RamachandranFix mcrouter-oss build
2017-03-08 Jon Maltiel... std::make_unique -> folly::make_unique for older platforms
2017-03-08 Andrii GrynenkoDefault VirtualEventBase
2017-03-07 Alexander BlomDial EventBase loop time logging up to 11
2017-03-07 Anirudh RamachandranAdd a few more methods to OpenSSLCertUtils
2017-03-06 Johannes Kopffixing a compile error on windows v2017.03.06.00
2017-03-05 Jim Meyeringfolly/Foreach.h: avoid shadowing warnings
2017-03-05 Subodh IyengarAdd getTotalConnectTimeout method
2017-03-04 Marc CelaniRemove a RequestContext deadlock
2017-03-03 Yedidya FeldblumTweak size handling in Endian
2017-03-02 Christopher... Revert D4618623: Give observer manager threads a name
2017-03-02 Subodh IyengarAdd a method to AsyncSSLSocket to supply connect timeouts
2017-03-02 Yedidya FeldblumRefactor Endian
2017-03-01 Andrii GrynenkoFix ASAN integration with detect_stack_use_after_return...
2017-03-01 Andrii GrynenkoDisable MemoryIdler::unmapUnusedStack with ASAN