2016-12-09 David GoldblattFix SimpleBarrier
2016-12-09 Dave Watsonupdate small locks benchmark
2016-12-09 Qinfan WuFix sorted_vector_set::erase
2016-12-07 David LamFix documentation to use correct condit...
2016-12-07 Christopher... Fix some implicit truncations in the interaction with...
2016-12-07 Yedidya FeldblumCut some includes from Executor.h
2016-12-07 Wez FurlongUSE_JEMALLOC in the OSS build if we have jemalloc
2016-12-07 Eric Niebleradd folly::FixedString, a constexpr-usable string with...
2016-12-07 Christopher... Rename stdin, etc. in Subprocess to work with MSVC
2016-12-07 Nathan Bronsonfix FutureTest/RequestContext
2016-12-07 Nathan Bronsonincrease writeLen for tests that want to trigger buffering
2016-12-07 Dan SchatzbergAdd EvictingCacheMap MoveConstructor
2016-12-06 Andrii GrynenkoIncrease fiber stack size if UBSAN is enabled
2016-12-06 Michael LeeRemove unecessary iostream include
2016-12-06 Michael LeeMore iostream removal.
2016-12-06 Christopher... Make bm_min_iters a 32-bit flag
2016-12-06 Misha Shneersonfix gbd debugging script
2016-12-05 Eric Nieblerconstexpr_strlen works for types other than char. Remov...
2016-12-05 Eric NieblerReformulate constexpr_min and constexpr_max to achieve...
2016-12-04 Amir ShalemFix potential double close() on exception v2016.12.05.00
2016-12-03 Christopher... Get ConcurrentSkipList functional
2016-12-02 Christopher... Begin making folly compile cleanly with a few of MSVC...
2016-12-02 Scott Michelsonsupport getting timer from eventbase
2016-12-01 Adam Simpkinsadd a new writeFileAtomic() function
2016-12-01 Yedidya FeldblumFuture<typename>::getTryVia
2016-12-01 Subodh IyengarFix assertion in unit test
2016-12-01 Andrii GrynenkoUse singleton EventBasePool in ServiceRouter
2016-12-01 Andrii GrynenkoUse SingletonThreadLocal in folly::Random
2016-11-30 Christopher... Start fixing implicit truncations
2016-11-30 Teng QinAdd optional Tracepoint for RequestContext switch
2016-11-30 Eric NieblerAdd constexpr to the simple folly::Range accessors...
2016-11-29 Tiho TarnavskiFix incorrect bytesWritten computation in AsyncSocket
2016-11-29 Andrii GrynenkoDisallow folly::Singletons before main()
2016-11-29 Guo XiaoEscape backticks in shell script
2016-11-29 Nick TerrellSupport old LZ4 versions
2016-11-29 Christopher... Use std::terminate rather than throwing in a noexcept...
2016-11-28 r8kfix bootstrap on osx
2016-11-28 Yedidya FeldblumCanonicalize some aspects of the folly/experimental... v2016.11.28.00
2016-11-27 Phil WilloughbyFix termination output on GCC
2016-11-25 Christopher... Allow the use of an emulated futex for EventCount
2016-11-25 Christopher... Revert D4214296: [Folly] Include init/Init.cpp
2016-11-25 Subodh IyengarFix TFO refused case
2016-11-24 Yedidya FeldblumSuppress deprecation warnings in related tests
2016-11-23 Christopher... Don't expect .native() to return a string
2016-11-23 Teng QinAdd USDT header file to folly
2016-11-23 Christopher... Close sockets properly in the portability headers
2016-11-23 Christopher... Suppress some aborts in debug mode when using already...
2016-11-22 Stepan PalamarchukFix fibers gdb utils script
2016-11-22 Lovro PuzarTweak zstd autoconf check so the build works with older...
2016-11-22 Christopher... Correctly bind to the wildcard address in AsyncServerSo...
2016-11-21 Christopher... Work around an MSVC expression SFINAE bug in DynamicParser
2016-11-21 Christopher... Disable the DoubleRegistrationLogging singleton test...
2016-11-21 Zach AmsdenInclude init/Init.cpp
2016-11-19 Christopher... Workaround a bug resolving decltype'd locals in lambdas v2016.11.21.00
2016-11-19 Christopher... Don't explicitly alias dynamic after using the entire...
2016-11-19 Christopher... Use the GTest portability header in shell_test
2016-11-19 Christopher... Don't attempt to separately close the underlying file...
2016-11-19 Christopher... Use structs rather than type aliases for Unit::Lift...
2016-11-19 Maxime BoucherSynchronized: disable operator= when the type isn't...
2016-11-18 Christopher... Disable a range test under MSVC
2016-11-18 Martin MartinExpose folly::symbolizer::dumpStackTrace().
2016-11-18 Phil WilloughbyExplain crash when exception is thrown from Scope Guard
2016-11-18 Nathan Bronsonforce read for doNotOptimizeAway(*ptr_to_small_trivial)
2016-11-18 Yedidya FeldblumFix Build: folly with -Wmissing-braces
2016-11-18 Andrew Gallagherfolly/portability: move some macro definitions to ...
2016-11-18 Tom JacksonFaster unhexlify
2016-11-18 Christopher... Don't rely on implicit lookup of member names in depend...
2016-11-18 Christopher... Include atomic in SingletonTestStructs.cpp
2016-11-18 Christopher... Mark a couple more local constexpr values as static
2016-11-17 Srinivas \... Update
2016-11-17 Nick TerrellReplace deprecated LZ4 functions
2016-11-17 Andrii GrynenkoVirtualEventBase
2016-11-17 Lucian Grijincufolly: ExceptionWrapper: remove <iostream> from header
2016-11-17 Christopher... Add folly::getCurrentThreadID()
2016-11-17 Delyan KratunovRemove unneeded iostream include
2016-11-17 Christopher... Adjust the Function::NonCopyableLambda test to use...
2016-11-16 Geert Van LaethemBroken link to gtest 1.7.0 zip replaced with correct one
2016-11-16 Christopher... Disable the CArray RangeFunc tests under MSVC
2016-11-16 Nathan Bronsonfolly: fbvector: ubsan: avoid memset(nullptr, 0, 0)
2016-11-16 Christopher... Mark a few constexpr locals in ThreadLocalTest as static
2016-11-16 Christopher... Hint that the port is numeric when binding an AsyncServ...
2016-11-16 Lucian Grijincufolly: MemoryMapping: less verbose warning on TRY_LOCK...
2016-11-16 Christopher... Qualify a field name in NotificationQueueTest
2016-11-16 Christopher... Don't assume standard library types are relocatable
2016-11-15 Andrii GrynenkoThread-safe version of loopKeepAlive()
2016-11-15 Christopher... Mark FingerprintPolynomial.size() constexpr
2016-11-15 Lucian Grijincufolly: MemoryMapping: isolate _MSC_VER-related changes
2016-11-15 Andrii GrynenkoMove runAfterDelay/tryRunAfterDelay into TimeoutManager
2016-11-15 Andrii GrynenkoMake Observer stress test pass a stress run
2016-11-15 yizhirencorrect the description about the thread to run
2016-11-14 Alejandro PeláezRevert D4164236: [EventBase] Move runAfterDelay/tryRunA... v2016.11.14.00
2016-11-13 Subodh IyengarAdd ecdsa smart ptr
2016-11-12 Andrii GrynenkoMove runAfterDelay/tryRunAfterDelay into TimeoutManager
2016-11-12 Marcin Pawlowskitry to improve folly/io/async/test:async_test - AsyncSo...
2016-11-12 Mirek KlimosRevert DLOG_INFO warnings about RequestContext being...
2016-11-12 Andrii GrynenkoMake Observer.Stress test not fail under load
2016-11-12 Martin MartinWhen you read from a default-constructed MPMCQueue...
2016-11-11 Mirek KlimosAdd warnings when overriding RequestContext
2016-11-11 Andrew Gallagherfolly/test/SingletonTestStructs: move inlined function...
2016-11-11 Yedidya FeldblumLet folly::range(const std::array<...>&) be constexpr