2016-07-27 Adam Simpkinsadd an unlock() method to Synchronized<T>::LockedPtr
2016-07-27 Christopher... Don't shift an int left while assigning it to a size_t
2016-07-27 Wez Furlongfolly: fix AtomicUnorderedMap compilation on macOS
2016-07-26 Christopher... Support PicoSpinLock on MSVC
2016-07-26 Christopher... Consistently reference an internal struct as a struct
2016-07-26 Christopher... Fix the weak linking of JEMalloc under MSVC
2016-07-26 Christopher... Don't run the thread local tests requiring dlopen on...
2016-07-26 Christopher... Get MSVC able to construct an Indestructible
2016-07-26 Christopher... Only try to use the membarrier on Linux
2016-07-26 Christopher... Add folly::assume_unreachable
2016-07-26 Christopher... Make RangeEnumerator C++17 compliant (Generalizing...
2016-07-26 Michael LeeAdd a dummy FlagSaver class.
2016-07-26 Andrii GrynenkoSupport custom loop runner for EventBaseLoopController
2016-07-26 Yang ChiA BufferCallback was created but never deleted in Async...
2016-07-26 Yang ChiNo need to go through the list when you just want the...
2016-07-26 Christopher... Handle MSVC's preprocessor oddities in the SharedMutex... 2016.07.26
2016-07-26 Christopher... Include sys/types.h portability header in Enumerate
2016-07-26 Neel GoyalRefactor socket peeker
2016-07-26 Misha ShneersonFix gcpu regression associated with 1ms tick in HHWheel...
2016-07-24 Giuseppe OttavianoFix typo in SharedMutex comment
2016-07-24 Giuseppe OttavianoFix a namespace issue
2016-07-24 Qinfan WuAdd helper functions for mallctl
2016-07-23 Yedidya FeldblumMove RequestContext definitions to source files
2016-07-22 Melanie SubbiahRequestContext changes to facilitate thread tracing
2016-07-22 Mark IsaacsonFix ASAN exposed heap-use-after-free
2016-07-22 Christopher... Rename GetTickCount to GetClockTickCount
2016-07-22 Christopher... Update FB_ONE_OR_NONE in Preproc.h to work with MSVC
2016-07-22 Christopher... Always use the 64-bit conversion function in ConvBenchm...
2016-07-22 Christopher... Include the Builtins portability header in Bits.h
2016-07-22 Christopher... Include the sys/types.h portability header
2016-07-22 Christopher... Use decltype to get the type of a non-static local
2016-07-22 Christopher... Don't typedef types to the same name in different names...
2016-07-22 Wez Furlongfolly: fixup folly::Random FixedSeed test expectations...
2016-07-22 Christopher... Don't use ?:
2016-07-21 Christopher... Support StlVectorTest for MSVC
2016-07-21 Christopher... Mark a couple of local constants as static constexpr
2016-07-21 Christopher... Disable a test of ThreadLocal across forks for Windows
2016-07-20 Yedidya Feldblumallocate_sys_buffer
2016-07-20 Mingtian YinRecord whether cached certificate was used
2016-07-20 Wez Furlongfolly: allow folly::init to build on systems without...
2016-07-19 Christopher... Wrappers folly::chrono::clock_gettime and clock_gettime_ns
2016-07-19 Steve MuirGenerate a pkg-config file for Folly
2016-07-19 Christopher... Handle small_vectors with 0 inline capacity correctly
2016-07-19 Elliott ClarkCorrectly use iters_ in ProducerConsumerQueueBenchmark
2016-07-19 Yedidya FeldblumMake the mprotect variant of asymmetricHeavyBarrier...
2016-07-19 Michael LeeFix macro check in SysMembarrier
2016-07-19 Wez Furlongfolly: unconditionally include boost mutex definitions...
2016-07-19 Christopher... Make sure to return from atomicHashArrayInsertRaceThread
2016-07-19 Andrii GrynenkoUse membarrier in TLRefCount
2016-07-18 Wez Furlongfolly: improve setThreadName for macOS
2016-07-18 Andrii GrynenkoFix mocking to support multiple overrides
2016-07-18 Christopher... Always pack small_vector
2016-07-18 Christopher... Make static analysis happy about the length of patternBuf
2016-07-18 Christopher... Add an Atomic portability header
2016-07-17 Wez Furlongfolly: fix initialization for CLOCK_PROCESS_CPUTIME_ID...
2016-07-16 Wez Furlongfolly: fix constexpr methods in RandomTest on macos
2016-07-16 Wez Furlongfolly: fixup CompressionTest compilation on macos
2016-07-16 Qinfan WuFix FBStringTest build failure and hash computation...
2016-07-16 Tom Jacksonget_or_throw(map, key) returns references
2016-07-15 Matthieu MartinFix compilation issue related to Fibers WhenN
2016-07-15 Eric NieblerMake Synchronized tests work with gtest-1.7
2016-07-15 Eric Nieblerout-line the SharedMutexImpl members that directly...
2016-07-15 Christopher... Assume GFlags isn't present if FOLLY_HAVE_LIBGFLAGS...
2016-07-15 Christopher... Fix the base gen test with GTest 1.7
2016-07-15 Michael LeeAdd a check for wchar support
2016-07-14 Saurabh SinghAdding std::unique_ptr definition for the ASN1_TIME...
2016-07-14 Vikas Kumars/PortabilityTimeTest.cpp/TimeTest.cpp
2016-07-14 Tavian Barnesfbstring: Fix std::hash specializations for non-char...
2016-07-14 zhangkehong2bradEnable GroupVarint on Arm64
2016-07-14 Christopher... Switch away from things that are removed in C++17
2016-07-14 Sven OverManualExecutor: add clear method
2016-07-13 Kyle NekritzMove DecoratedAsyncTransportWrapper and WriteChainAsync...
2016-07-12 Yedidya FeldblumFix Build: sorted_vector_types.h on GCC v4.8
2016-07-12 Christopher... Define TCPI_OPT_SYN_DATA if it isn't defined
2016-07-12 Kevin LewiAdding the ability to check for whether TCP fast open...
2016-07-12 Christopher... Improve folly/portability/Time.cpp OS X and Windows...
2016-07-12 Adam Simpkinsadd Synchronized::withLock() methods
2016-07-12 Adam Simpkinsimprove Synchronized LockedPtr class, and add new lock...
2016-07-12 Yedidya FeldblumInline the lower_bound and upper_bound callbacks in...
2016-07-09 Yedidya FeldblumMove IPAddress definitions to source files
2016-07-09 Shayan MohantyFolly::FutureDAG <-> Gossit
2016-07-08 Adam Simpkinsupdate LockTraitsBoost to handle arbitrary duration...
2016-07-07 Marcus Holland... Handle conversion from float in toDynamic()
2016-07-07 Jasmine ChenFix heading capitalization in docs/
2016-07-06 Giuseppe OttavianoPython-like enumerate()
2016-07-06 Adam Simpkinsvarious improvements to the Synchronized tests
2016-07-06 Adam SimpkinsRemove LockTraitsBoost from Synchronized.h
2016-07-06 Mohamed Amin... Remove extra ';' from used macros in Traits.h
2016-07-06 Michael LeeClean up int128_t macro gating
2016-07-06 Anirudh RamachandranCleanup of how we use BIO/BIO_METHODs
2016-07-06 Marcus Holland... Refactor folly::to<>
2016-07-06 Adam Simpkinsupdate Synchronized to use LockTraits
2016-07-06 Adam Simpkinsadd LockTraits
2016-07-05 Andrii GrynenkoDisable PthreadKeyUnregister on iOS and MSVC
2016-07-05 Adam Simpkinsfix flaky ConnectTFOTimeout and ConnectTFOFallbackTimeo...
2016-07-05 Subodh IyengarAdd sa_len for sockaddr conversions
2016-07-02 Jim Meyeringfolly:thread_local_test: avoid test failure due to...
2016-07-02 Christopher... Include the correct headers in various tests
2016-07-02 Christopher... Don't do #if in the middle of a parameter to a preproce...
2016-07-02 Christopher... Mark a few constants as constexpr so VLAs aren't required