2015-03-18 Nathan Bronsonfix formatting
2015-03-18 Nathan BronsonSharedMutex - a small fast scalable reader-writer lock
2015-03-18 Adrian HamzaAdd null check to avoid crash in unit tests that use...
2015-03-18 Andrey GoderAdd JSON Schema Validator
2015-03-06 Viswanath SivakumarBump version to 30:0 v0.30.0
2015-03-06 Mark IsaacsonRemove unnecessary includes from FBVector
2015-03-05 Nicholas OrmrodBump version to 29:0 v0.29.0
2015-03-05 Dave Watsonhttpserver on serverbootstrap
2015-03-05 Sara GolemonBump version to 28:0 v0.28.0
2015-03-05 Ram Kumar RengaswamyBugfix uriEscapeTable generate.
2015-03-05 Nicholas OrmrodAdd FunctionScheduler to
2015-03-05 Hans FugalMoveWrapper::move()
2015-03-03 Alecs KingBump version to 27:0 v0.27.0
2015-03-03 Subodh IyengarAdd test for running after terminate
2015-03-03 Hans FugalmakeMoveWrapper(lvalue)
2015-03-03 Sara GolemonMacOS doesn't have malloc_usable_size()
2015-03-03 Dor GrossCreating a flatten() method to get the inner Future...
2015-03-03 zhaokaiAdd const to the variable: needle
2015-03-03 zhaokaiUpdate UnitTest of MapUtilTest.cpp
2015-03-03 zhaokaiFix comment of Benchmark.h
2015-03-03 Dave Watsonattempt at putting thrift2 on ChannelPipeline
2015-03-03 Monica LeeAdd willEqual to C++ Futures Code
2015-03-03 Nathan Bronsonsupport IndexedMemPool for types without default constr...
2015-03-03 Nicholas OrmrodCopyright 2014->2015
2015-03-03 Haim GrosmanEventBase::runAfterDelay to throw an exception
2015-03-03 John EhrhardtUpdating Folly Formatting's use of separators for Decim...
2015-03-03 Sean CannellaReduce AsyncSocket code size
2015-03-03 Hans FugalFuture::ensure
2015-03-03 Sven Overfolly/FileUtil.h: fix compiler warning signed/unsigned...
2015-03-03 Nicholas OrmrodImprovement fbvector.computePushBackCapacity
2015-03-03 Andrei AlexandrescuRemoving call to google::setThreadName from FunctionSch...
2015-03-03 Praveen KumarEmulatedFutexAtomic doesn't copy or move
2015-03-03 Beny Luoadd preprocessor to hide unused functions
2015-03-03 Andrii GrynenkoFix folly::Singleton DFATAL
2015-03-03 Andre PintoOptimize perf of EventBase with new option.
2015-03-03 Andrey GoderAdd AutoTimer to folly
2015-03-03 Hans Fugal(folly/futures) Fix get() bug
2015-03-03 Ranjeeth Dasinenirevert D1471958. ParseError is not intended to be caught
2015-03-03 Hans Fugal(futures) Make executors sticky
2015-03-03 Hannes RothRevert: (Wangle) Clean up move constructors
2015-03-03 Hannes Roth(Wangle) Clean up move constructors
2015-03-03 Michael LeeRemove @/folly dependency from folly/io:compression
2015-03-03 Dave Watsonuse ServerBootstrap
2015-03-03 Dave Watsonsome moar unittests
2015-03-03 Dave WatsonUse folly's async udp socket
2015-03-03 Andrii GrynenkoKill get_fast/get_weak_fast Singletonn API
2015-03-03 Andrei AlexandrescuMigrate FunctionScheduler from common/concurrency/...
2015-03-03 Sara GolemonReformat comment for readability, 80-col rule, and...
2015-03-03 Hannes Roth(Wangle) Shrink Core to 128 bytes
2015-03-03 Jim MeyeringExceptionWrapperTest.cpp vs clang's new warning about...
2015-03-03 Jim Meyeringwangle: make new pragma use portable to older clang
2015-03-03 Jim Meyeringfolly: OptionalTest.cpp: suppress a -Wself-move warning
2015-03-03 Jim Meyeringfolly/ExceptionWrapper.h: avoid warning about typeid...
2015-03-03 Yedidya Feldblumclang:dev rejects vector<atomic<T>> in EventBaseTest...
2015-03-03 Jim Meyeringfolly: move side effects out of EXPECT_EQ args
2015-03-03 Jim Meyeringfolly: avoid new warnings from -Winconsistent-missing...
2015-03-03 Hannes Roth(Wangle) Have Core own an FSM instead of inheriting
2015-03-03 Jonathan FrankBe able to access proxy client IP (including Lua)
2015-03-03 Giuseppe OttavianoFix EliasFanoReader position() when past-the-end
2015-03-03 Keith Adamsstd::atomicize MicroSpinLock.
2015-03-03 Giuseppe OttavianoElias-Fano micro-optimizations
2015-03-03 Hannes Roth(Wangle) Catch all exceptions in `then() -> Future`
2015-02-12 Sara GolemonBump version to 26:0 v0.26.0
2015-02-12 Tom JacksonMaking 'just()' reference arguments like 'from()' ...
2015-02-12 Sara GolemonRemove unsed header from singleton-inl.h
2015-02-12 Nathan BronsonRevert "[folly] TLS cache for AccessSpreader"
2015-02-12 Andrii GrynenkoMake Singleton dependency on Symbolizer Facebook-only
2015-02-11 Sara GolemonBump version to 25:0 v0.25.0
2015-02-11 Sara GolemonAutodetect pthread_atfork() support
2015-02-11 Ranjeeth Dasineniremove stray / in include path
2015-02-11 Hans Fugalswitch order of method/object in Future::then to match...
2015-02-11 Hans Fugalfutures::chain
2015-02-11 Andrii Grynenkofolly::Singleton leak diagnostics utils
2015-02-11 Andrii GrynenkoMaking each SingletonEntry a singleton
2015-02-11 Philip Proninmake decodeVarint accept StringPiece
2015-02-11 Andre Pintotypo
2015-02-11 Marcin Pawlowskifix open source build
2015-02-11 Andrii GrynenkoRevert "Revert "Using type-tags for test SingletonVaults""
2015-02-11 Nathan BronsonTLS cache for AccessSpreader
2015-02-11 Nicholas OrmrodRevert "Using type-tags for test SingletonVaults"
2015-02-11 Yedidya FeldblumDedupe the implementations of EventBase::runInEventBase...
2015-02-11 Andrii GrynenkoUsing type-tags for test SingletonVaults
2015-02-11 Hans Fugalmake wait() and friends return reference to self instea...
2015-02-11 Andrei AlexandrescuAdd StringKeyed(Unordered){Set,Map} to folly
2015-02-11 Andrei AlexandrescuDisallow assignment to rvalue Range objects (and String...
2015-02-11 Darren MoSubprocess Process Group Improvements
2015-02-11 Yedidya FeldblumAvoid EventBase depending on Baton (mutex/condvar variant).
2015-02-11 Hans FugalFix comment
2015-02-11 Hans FugalFuture<T>::onTimeout(Duration, function<T()>, Timekeepe...
2015-02-11 Hans FugalFix another comment
2015-02-11 Tom JacksonFixing find_first_of O(n) case
2015-02-11 Sara GolemonRevert "fix configure script to check pthread_atfork...
2015-02-09 MarcinMerge pull request #125 from 0mok/fix-configure-pthread...
2015-02-09 Brad KimMerge commit '64f2f2734ad853784bdd260bcf31e065c47c0741...
2015-02-04 Andrew CoxBump version to 24:0 v0.24.0
2015-02-04 Andrii GrynenkoFix folly::Singleton error message
2015-02-04 Dave WatsonFuture constructor
2015-02-04 Tom JacksonAdding demonstrative test of O(n^2) string split case
2015-02-04 Philip Proninfix AsyncServerSocket::bind issue
2015-02-04 Tianjiao Yinprint better error message