2015-04-27 Nicholas OrmrodREADME: Fixed typo, formatted code, and linked to docs
2015-04-27 James SedgwickManage handlers with shared_ptrs, introduce StaticPipeline
2015-04-27 Hans Fugalrearrange Future.h
2015-04-27 James Sedgwickstrip Channel from all class names
2015-04-27 Andre PintoFix oss build
2015-04-27 Hans FugalIntroducing Unit!
2015-04-27 Yedidya FeldblumIPAddressV6::kToFullyQualifiedSize.
2015-04-27 James SedgwickmakeFutureTry -> makeFutureWith
2015-04-27 Dave WatsonChange ThreadManager interface to Executor
2015-04-27 Hans FugalCleanup Future(Value) ctor
2015-04-27 James Sedgwicktake collections by reference
2015-04-27 Jun LiMake MIN_WRITE_SIZE configurable for AsyncSSLSocket.
2015-04-27 Naizhi LiAdd support for creating SocketAddress directly from...
2015-04-27 Dave Watsonfuture / fiber integration
2015-04-27 James Sedgwickwhen* -> collect*
2015-04-27 James Sedgwickfix collect() for move-only types
2015-04-27 Hans Fugalthen-with-Executor
2015-04-27 James Sedgwickfix collect for non-default-constructible types, for...
2015-04-27 James Sedgwickmap()
2015-04-27 Hans FugalAssume exception when Executor::add throws
2015-04-27 James Sedgwickrevert D1985475, clang still borked
2015-04-27 Dave Watsontest failure conditions in LengthFieldBasedFrameDecoder
2015-04-27 Nicholas OrmrodRevert "Revert "Deprecating folly::is_complete""
2015-04-27 Nicholas OrmrodRevert "Deprecating folly::is_complete"
2015-04-27 Hans Fugalthen-with-Executor
2015-04-27 James Sedgwickfix collect for non-default-constructible types
2015-04-27 Nicholas OrmrodREADME: Fixed typo, formatted code, and linked to docs
2015-04-27 Nicholas OrmrodRemove unused variables
2015-04-27 Nicholas OrmrodAdds x64 arch-specific test
2015-04-27 Nicholas OrmrodUpdate Copyright 2014 -> 2015
2015-04-27 Marcelo JuchemDeprecating folly::is_complete
2015-04-27 Nicholas OrmrodWe might avoid some temporaries in putMessagesImpl
2015-04-27 James Sedgwickfix build
2015-04-27 Dave WatsonrunImmediatly fix
2015-04-27 James Sedgwickcollect()
2015-04-27 James Sedgwickfulfil -> setWith, fulfilTry -> setTry
2015-04-27 Andre PintoInstrument fibers execution
2015-04-27 Andrii GrynenkoMake sure we can't access LocalData when destroying it
2015-04-27 James SedgwickonError(exception_wrapper)
2015-04-27 James Sedgwickremove unnecessary & deprecated activate() call
2015-04-27 Brian WatlingEnsure the loop callback is scheduled when the ready...
2015-04-27 Louis Brandyfix race in ~ThreadWheelTimekeeper
2015-04-27 Louis Brandyparse flags in unit tests
2015-04-27 Hans Fugal(rx) Include types.h first
2015-04-10 Viswanath SivakumarBump version to 35:0 v0.35.0
2015-04-10 Nathan BronsonSharedMutex potential lost wakeup with exactly 3 or...
2015-04-10 Dave WatsonMove StringHandler to its own file
2015-04-10 Dave WatsonLineBasedFrameDecoder
2015-04-10 Dave WatsonPipeline OutputBufferingHandler
2015-04-10 Lucian Grijincufolly: MemoryMapping: add offset/size params to advise
2015-04-10 Lucian Grijincufolly: MemoryMapping: respect writable when opening...
2015-04-10 Dave WatsonAsyncSocketHandler cacheChainLength
2015-04-10 Andrii GrynenkoRemove FiberManager move-constructor
2015-04-10 Dave WatsonAsyncUDPServerSocket passes socket in callback
2015-04-10 Brian WatlingAdd ability to yield execution of the currently running...
2015-04-10 Andrii GrynenkoFix open-source Makefiles after fibers were moved to...
2015-04-10 Hans FugalGlobalExecutor.h include Executor.h and IOExecutor.h
2015-04-10 Andrii GrynenkoAdd FiberManager local type
2015-04-10 Pavlo KushnirOption to record precise stack on every N fiber
2015-04-10 Dave Watsonshared ptr vector sockets
2015-04-10 Andrii GrynenkoUse Fiber locals for TAO Fiber-locals
2015-04-10 Andrii GrynenkoFiber-local context
2015-04-10 Joel GoguenAdd static method to skip SSL init
2015-04-02 afrindBump version to 34:0 v0.34.0
2015-04-02 Alan FrindellUpdate for AsyncSignalHandler
2015-04-02 Rushi DesaiMove mcrouter/lib/fibers to folly/experimental/fibers
2015-04-02 afrindBump version to 33:0 v0.33.0
2015-04-02 Dave WatsonUDP bind via port or address
2015-04-02 Alan FrindellMove TAsyncSignalHandler into folly
2015-04-02 Alan FrindellAdd socket mocks
2015-04-02 Alan FrindellMove AsyncSocket tests from thrift to folly
2015-04-02 Rushi DesaiMove AtomicLinkedList to folly
2015-04-02 Hannes Roth(Wangle) Swap order of Try<T> and T matching
2015-04-02 Naizhi LiAdd support for writev for AsyncUDPSocket
2015-04-02 Tom JacksonMinor fixes from documentation
2015-04-02 Mark McDuffimprove split() docs
2015-04-02 Hannes Roth(Wangle) Allocate lambda space inside Core instead...
2015-04-02 Dave Watsonstop in same thread
2015-04-02 Joel GoguenMove OpenSSL uninitialization to a separate function
2015-04-02 Yuri PutivskyGet access to EventBaseManager object
2015-04-02 Daniel PittmanMPMCQueue - FPE to invalid_argument for 0 capacity
2015-04-02 Dave WatsonDefault accept function in Acceptor
2015-04-02 Yedidya FeldblumEventBase::runImediatelyOrRunInEventBaseThreadAndWait.
2015-04-02 Yuri PutivskyFixing predicate inlining
2015-04-02 Yuri PutivskyExtend IO pool with external optional event_base_manager
2015-04-02 Dave Watsonasyncudpserversocket reuse port
2015-04-02 Hans FugalFuture::filter(A => bool)
2015-04-02 Alexey SpiridonovAdd CaptureFD for log testing (and some glog patterns)
2015-04-02 Alexey SpiridonovAdd EXPECT_{NO_,}_PCRE_MATCH macros
2015-04-02 Adam SimpkinsTemporaryFile and TemporaryDirectory
2015-04-02 Hannes Roth(Wangle) Reduce
2015-03-25 Noam LernerBump version to 32:0 v0.32.0
2015-03-25 Ben MaurerAdd a pretty macro for deprecation
2015-03-25 Sarang MastiRelax CHECK condition in stringAppendfImpl
2015-03-25 Dave Watsonhttpserver on serverbootstrap (2)
2015-03-25 Alexey SpiridonovAdd ChangeToTempDir to TestUtil
2015-03-25 Andrii GrynenkoMake folly::Singleton DFATAL as late as possible
2015-03-25 Dave WatsonUdp Acceptor
2015-03-25 Dave Watsonfix service memory leak
2015-03-25 Alexey SpiridonovAdd comment about djb2 hash