Update documentation for Synchronized
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2016-08-08 Adam SimpkinsUpdate documentation for Synchronized
2016-08-08 Michael LeeInclude sys/syscall.h to SysMembarrier
2016-08-08 Maged MichaelMethodology for using DeterministicSchedule support...
2016-08-05 Christopher DykesUse the socket portability layer when needed. v2016.08.08.00
2016-08-05 Dave WatsonUpper level tests
2016-08-05 Dave Watsonremove catchupEveryN
2016-08-05 Christopher DykesHandle creating the default crypto context if it doesn...
2016-08-05 Christopher DykesDon't throw in the Watchdog destructor
2016-08-05 Aaryaman SagarAdding policies for all the upgrade and downgrade mutex...
2016-08-05 Aaryaman SagarAdding support for upgradable mutexes to LockTraits
2016-08-04 Christopher DykesUse std::max_align_t rather than __attribute__((__align...
2016-08-04 Melanie SubbiahCreate trace points for thread events
2016-08-04 Christopher DykesDon't attempt to mmap an anonymous shared piece of...
2016-08-04 Christopher DykesUse std::thread rather than pthreads in AtomicHashMapTest
2016-08-04 Christopher DykesFix compilation errors when attempting to compile Folly...
2016-08-04 Christopher DykesAdd a couple more things to the socket portability...
2016-08-04 Christopher DykesDisable the use of direct TLS in ThreadLocalDetail...
2016-08-04 Christopher DykesFix a pair of non-ascii quotes that made their way...
2016-08-04 Christopher DykesEliminate the atomic porability header's dependence...
2016-08-04 Christopher DykesDon't assume boost::path contains narrow characters
2016-08-04 Christopher DykesDon't try to ignore the SIGPIPE signal if it isn't...
2016-08-04 Christopher DykesAssume p is not nullptr in storeUnaligned
2016-08-04 Mirek KlimosRequestContext::create should call onUnset callback
2016-08-04 Christopher DykesInclude the fcntl.h portability header where it's needed
2016-08-04 Christopher DykesSupport TimeUtil under MSVC
2016-08-04 Christopher DykesFix the Windows portability implementations of mmap...
2016-08-04 Nick TerrellFix Enumerate C++17 Support
2016-08-04 Christopher DykesDon't use a macro for no reason
2016-08-04 Christopher DykesDon't name a member small
2016-08-03 Christopher DykesFix the mode being used in the implementation of open...
2016-08-03 Christopher DykesForce the overflow in BitVectorCoding::skipTo to be...
2016-08-03 Mirek KlimosUnset RequestContext properly in EventBase::runLoopCall...
2016-08-03 lpathyAdded DiscriminatedPtr support to arm64
2016-08-03 Christopher DykesFix a typo in PicoSpinLock
2016-08-03 Alexander StockoAdd libfollytestmain.la to mallctl's LDADD
2016-08-03 Yuri Putivskyfolly AsyncPipeReader supports IOBuf
2016-08-03 Maged MichaelTest of DeterministicSchedule support for global invari...
2016-08-03 Gustavo Serra ScaletFix compiler warnings
2016-08-02 Maged MichaelDeterministicSchedule support for global invariants...
2016-08-02 Sahil JainUpdate folly/futures README
2016-08-02 Dave WatsonEnsure getVia(eventbase) does not busy wait
2016-08-02 Aravind AnbuduraireadFile to take in fd
2016-08-02 Igor Sugakfolly: remove template argument to std::abs to fix...
2016-08-01 Yedidya FeldblumRemove the glog header include from Assume.h
2016-08-01 Christopher DykesFix the ffs builtins under MSVC
2016-08-01 Christopher DykesDon't disable the shadowing warning just for a paramete...
2016-08-01 Christopher DykesFix nextPowTwo for 64-bit values under MSVC
2016-08-01 Christopher DykesSwitch some assertions to std::thread rather than pthread
2016-08-01 David Wilemskifix HHWheelTimer comment typo v2016.08.01.00
2016-07-30 Aaryaman SagarAdded initlist_construct_t tag for explicit initializer...
2016-07-29 Dave WatsonMore tests
2016-07-29 Giuseppe OttavianoLimit symbol length in demangle()
2016-07-29 Anirudh RamachandranAdd a const getter for X509 used in handshake (server... v2016.07.29.00
2016-07-29 Dave Watsonfix hhwheeltimertest
2016-07-29 Sven Overfutures: fix behaviour when executors don't exec callback
2016-07-29 Jim Meyeringfolly/experimental/test/FutureDAGTest.cpp: fix ASAN...
2016-07-29 Yuri PutivskytakeOwnershipOfPipes method releases memory
2016-07-27 Adam Simpkinsadd an unlock() method to Synchronized<T>::LockedPtr
2016-07-27 Christopher DykesDon't shift an int left while assigning it to a size_t
2016-07-27 Wez Furlongfolly: fix AtomicUnorderedMap compilation on macOS
2016-07-26 Christopher DykesSupport PicoSpinLock on MSVC
2016-07-26 Christopher DykesConsistently reference an internal struct as a struct
2016-07-26 Christopher DykesFix the weak linking of JEMalloc under MSVC
2016-07-26 Christopher DykesDon't run the thread local tests requiring dlopen on...
2016-07-26 Christopher DykesGet MSVC able to construct an Indestructible
2016-07-26 Christopher DykesOnly try to use the membarrier on Linux
2016-07-26 Christopher DykesAdd folly::assume_unreachable
2016-07-26 Christopher DykesMake RangeEnumerator C++17 compliant (Generalizing...
2016-07-26 Michael LeeAdd a dummy FlagSaver class.
2016-07-26 Andrii GrynenkoSupport custom loop runner for EventBaseLoopController
2016-07-26 Yang ChiA BufferCallback was created but never deleted in Async...
2016-07-26 Yang ChiNo need to go through the list when you just want the...
2016-07-26 Christopher DykesHandle MSVC's preprocessor oddities in the SharedMutex... 2016.07.26
2016-07-26 Christopher DykesInclude sys/types.h portability header in Enumerate
2016-07-26 Neel GoyalRefactor socket peeker
2016-07-26 Misha ShneersonFix gcpu regression associated with 1ms tick in HHWheel...
2016-07-24 Giuseppe OttavianoFix typo in SharedMutex comment
2016-07-24 Giuseppe OttavianoFix a namespace issue
2016-07-24 Qinfan WuAdd helper functions for mallctl
2016-07-23 Yedidya FeldblumMove RequestContext definitions to source files
2016-07-22 Melanie SubbiahRequestContext changes to facilitate thread tracing
2016-07-22 Mark IsaacsonFix ASAN exposed heap-use-after-free
2016-07-22 Christopher DykesRename GetTickCount to GetClockTickCount
2016-07-22 Christopher DykesUpdate FB_ONE_OR_NONE in Preproc.h to work with MSVC
2016-07-22 Christopher DykesAlways use the 64-bit conversion function in ConvBenchm...
2016-07-22 Christopher DykesInclude the Builtins portability header in Bits.h
2016-07-22 Christopher DykesInclude the sys/types.h portability header
2016-07-22 Christopher DykesUse decltype to get the type of a non-static local
2016-07-22 Christopher DykesDon't typedef types to the same name in different names...
2016-07-22 Wez Furlongfolly: fixup folly::Random FixedSeed test expectations...
2016-07-22 Christopher DykesDon't use ?:
2016-07-21 Christopher DykesSupport StlVectorTest for MSVC
2016-07-21 Christopher DykesMark a couple of local constants as static constexpr
2016-07-21 Christopher DykesDisable a test of ThreadLocal across forks for Windows
2016-07-20 Yedidya Feldblumallocate_sys_buffer
2016-07-20 Mingtian YinRecord whether cached certificate was used
2016-07-20 Wez Furlongfolly: allow folly::init to build on systems without...
2016-07-19 Christopher DykesWrappers folly::chrono::clock_gettime and clock_gettime_ns
2016-07-19 Steve MuirGenerate a pkg-config file for Folly
2016-07-19 Christopher DykesHandle small_vectors with 0 inline capacity correctly